Writespiration #31


I took this photo in Nepal, the children playing with tyres on the uneven road still moves me. If you’re inspired by the photo write a few words, a poem, or a story and I will post them with my next writespiration.

The last writespiration #30 had some submissions, first up:


Geoff Le Pard – Thank you Geoff you made my week 🙂

You can see his Haiku below and I also recommend visiting his fantastic blog.

It snapped; the beast froze.

A predator or a prey?

Not the rabbit’s day.


Next Rachel posted a Haiku too.

It snapped very loud.
No one knows where it came from.
Everybody run!

Next Charli Mills posted a flash piece.

Snapped by Charli Mills

Syd sat up in bed. That sound? Again. Like a twig snapping in the woods. She grabbed her fuzzy plaid robe and slid each foot into frayed slippers. Downstairs she felt the coolness of the night. The front door was open and another twig snapped. Her father was sitting on the front porch in his work clothes; his legs swung over the planks. A branch that had fallen from the backyard pine earlier that spring was draped over his lap. Snap. He broke off a smaller limb. Snap. Snap. He broke it in half and half again.

“Dad. What are doing home? Why aren’t you at work?”

Snap. “Turned fifty last month, you know.”

“I know, Dad.” Syd had returned home after college to figure out what to do next. Her Dad worked graveyards at the machining plant. A good job to have in the hard times of a small town.

Snap. “Shift manager says he can’t afford to pay health insurance on an older worker.”

“Dad, that’s discrimination.”

“I snapped. I punched him. Grounds for instant termination.”


Thanks to all for the brilliant submissions made my week that you posted 🙂


  1. Dust

    No pavement this
    A line of dust
    Trod hard by toil.
    Sifting grains held
    Till the rains come.
    Or tears and sweat.
    Or blood.

    Only children now touch
    With curiosity,
    Wiggling toes,
    Questioning fingers,
    Filtering grit,
    Sizing each piece,
    Testing for abrasion
    On soft untroubled skin.

    Only children have time
    To explore.
    Lives not yet
    Trammelled by toil
    And sweat
    And blood.

    Soon enough the rains will come.

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    1. Wow, I love it 😊 I love the linkage of liquids- rain with sweat and blood throughout the poem and the children’s innocence that disappears by the end with the rains imminent arrival – two dark poems – clearly it’s an emotive poem, I’m still drafting my piece will post with next weeks – am doing something every week now to join in 🙂

      Thanks for participating though Geoff really makes my day 😄

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  2. The dog sat, waiting.
    He looked at his surroundings.
    His family was gone.

    I think that’s the most depressing Haiku I’ve ever written. 😦 However, the moment I looked at the picture, I instantly saw the dog and imagined him looking for something.

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    1. Oh my gosh I actually thought I might cry how beautifully awful, and wonderfully evocative. When I was there there were so many homeless strays so this haiku really took me back thank you Rachel I shall post this with next weeks 😄

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  3. Little Towns by Charli Mills

    I lagged behind our guide, tugging at my daughter’s sleeve.

    “Rose, this is like a scene from my childhood.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “Mom, you grew up in North Dakota. This is Nepal.”

    “Look—that little girl. Give her braids and that would be me, playing in the street while Pa loaded our wagon.”

    “Seriously, Mom.”

    “And that man in the doorway. He stands, arms folded, like Nels the shopkeeper. And that woman in the striking material. His wife I bet. Nels’s wife always dressed better than everyone else.”

    “What is with you? We are in a foreign country.”

    Nepal inspired me. I now knew that I would return home and write about my childhood. “Every place in the world has its little town on the prairie.”

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    1. What a beautiful tale of childhood memories. 🙂 You really are so brilliant at flash fiction Charli. Your ability to capture an entire story in so few words amazes me. Thank you so much for participating.

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      1. Thanks, Sacha! This is pure pleasure. I’ve been busy with the weekly prompts at Carrot Ranch that I haven’t joined in others. Now that I’ve found your writing inspirations, I’m having fun. 🙂 I tried a bit of “fan fiction.” The imagined “I” is Laura Ingalls Wilder in Nepal with her daughter Rose. I don’t believe they ever went but some odd reason I imagined them there! 🙂

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      2. Well, now I am even more honoured that you are taking part 🙂 thank you so much. I haven’t heard of them, but fan fiction fascinates me, particularly since the rise of 50 shades, possibly even more popular than twilight?!

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