Month: March 2015

Writing Challenge Entries #4


Another week over already, and a round up of challenge entries below. If you don’t participate in weekly writing challenges, you should they are a fantastic way of practicing and developing your craft.

Esther’s up first, with another 10 word story, but this time the challenge was: I’d like another ten word story but this week, you need to find some way of using the words ‘potato’ and ‘Friday’ in your story!

My entry: (more…)

The Quickest Plot Structuring Tool There Is

Fastest Structure

I used to be an over plotter. A plotter who annoyed herself because she couldn’t do anything until she had planned ten ways to Sunday. Thank god I came to my senses and pulled the rod out of my arse! (more…)

Interview with British Crime Author Pat McDonald

Pat McDonald

If you would like to be featured in an author interview, drop me a line.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat on Twitter, and I am delighted she agreed to an interview. (more…)

The Minimalists Guide to Storing Interesting Articles

Minimalists Guide to Storing Interesting ArticlesWhat do you do with all those interesting and informative blog posts, or articles you find, want to read again, but haven’t got time right now? I think I may have the solution for you. (more…)

Writespiration #33


For those of you not in the UK, then a double yellow line is a marking on the side of roads to indicate you can’t park there. See picture below.

If this inspired you, jot a few words, a poem, a haiku, or a story, and I will post it with next weeks Writespiration.


Heres mine: (more…)

Writing Challenge Entries #3


I have surprised myself this week with the quantity of challenges I managed to submit to. When I first started submitting them I struggled to do one or two, but I guess with practice the more you do them the quicker they become. This week I completed six and I even tried a new challenge, Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. I’ve never written a Haiku before either, so I completely failed the first attempt only putting 6 syllables in the second line, HA, attempt two saw me get it right… I think!

First up is Esther’s  weekly writing challenge – this week the challenge was to write a story in just 10 words: (more…)

How To Take Charge And Write Your Own Way

How To Take Charge & Write Your Own Way

I love reading blogs written by other writers, editors, publishers and general creative bods. I particularly love reading blogs on ‘writing’ and how to write better. That’s why in my own blog I like to explore the lessons I’m learning as I progress on my journey to be a writer.

But there’s a snag. In reading all those posts, without realising, I got myself caught up in thinking I should be doing something a certain way. Using a character template for example, and then getting caught up in which specific template I should use, whether I should be using one for scenes or settings, having to outline, or not outline, style of note taking, being a pantser or a plotter, editing as I go or writing to the end and then editing… the options are endless and I wrapped myself up in a big knotty ball of stress trying to figure out which was the best method of writing to produce the best story.  (more…)

5 Reasons Bullying Made Me A Better Writer #1000Speak – Building On Bullying

5 Reasons Bullying Made Me a Better Writer

I had to coax myself into posting this. Not because I didn’t want to do a post for #1000Speak, but because bullying is one of those things that everyone has been affected by, and I am no exception. It’s all a little close to the bone. Bullying is one of those universal topics that touches the lives of almost everyone. But I want to focus on the positive. On why being bullied made me a better writer. Without having been bullied I wouldn’t have focused on writing in my youth, and I probably wouldn’t have realised writing was my dream. So am I compassionate with the bullies? No, probably not, I know that’s the point of 1000speak, but, I am grateful for the experience of bullying. (more…)

Interview With Award Winning Author Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

I am delighted to present an interview with Regina Puckett, award winning author and poet, who I am particularly interesting in seeing her answers because she is a steampunk writer, a concept I am fascinated by. You can find Regina on Facebook, Weebly, Goodreads or Twitter (more…)