Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonder

Welcome to Weekly Wonders. A new weekly or bi weekly series where I will ponder a strange, unusual or controversial topic and hopefully provoke some interesting debate.

1. The Mystery of Coral Castle, Sound Propulsion & The Pyramids

2. Earth’s Secret Race of Giants & Their Connection to the Annunaki & Nephilim

3. Big Brother Really Is Watching & He’s Called The Black Knight

4. 42 of the weirdest festivals on Earth

5. The Secrets of Mars

6. Hollow Earth & The Secrets Hidden At The Centre of The Planet

7. Flat Earth – The United Nations Cover Up

8. Lunar Waves & The Mystery of The Holographic Moon

9. Kailasa – The temple that shouldn’t be

10. F*** Fermi – I Never Liked A Paradox Anyway 

11. 3 Reasons to Use Crop Circles to Build Worlds

12. A Writers’ Guide to Science Fiction vs. Reality – Alien Species

13. Ancient Flyer – The Mystery of Ancient Aircraft

14. In Search of Immortality – Gold: Panacea or Placebo?

15. Impossibly Connected – Auras,Energy & the Universal Life Force

16. The Zen of Earth – The Mystery of Our Origin

17. The Other Pyramid – Mysteries of Bosnia

18. The Ancient Nuclear War No One Told You About


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