Free Writing Resources

As I build my own collection of resources, I am going to upload and share with you everything I can. It’s a small list for now, but I am busy in the background creating a massive list I want to share, so bear with me.

My Own Ultimate Character Interview Template:

Character Interview Template

Useful Pinterest Boards to Follow:

Writing – for all things writing, from quotes and prompts to helpful advice

Writing Pictspiration – writing inspiration in the form of pictures

Writing Prompts – for endless writing prompts

Twitter Hashtags to Help Generate Traffic

I saw a 350% increase in twitter followers in 9 days using these hashtags so if you want traffic use them!

#MondayBlogs Links to the twitter account. But if you post on Mondays tweet your post with the hashtag #MondayBlogs. If you tweet and retweet others, trust me when I tell you you will get a ton of followers – take a phone charger to work your phone battery will die! Posts must have been posted on a Sunday.

#SundayBlogShare Same thing – Links to the account but use the hashtag on a Sunday and tweet and RT others

#ArchiveDay not quite sure who created this one, but same thing – tweet any post from your archives on a Saturday, tweet and RT others.

#wwwblogs This ones for ladies (sorry guys) same principles – but on a Wednesday

Twitter Tips

Headline Help – to write attention grabbing headlines

Mandy’s Link to headline templates

Jon Morrow has written an excellent article on headline hacks. If you sign up to his site, you will receive a link to download it, it is excellent and I strongly advise you to read it if you want to boost traffic.

Can’t Think of A Character Name? Try These Websites 

Behind The Name

Fantasy Name Generator

Steampunk Name Generator

Fake Name Generator (Thanks to Keith Channing for this one)

NaNoWriMo Calendar Checker – How Many Words Should You Have Written?

NaNo Calendar Checker

Writers Digest 101 Best Website for Writers Lists:





Want New Writing Blogs to Follow? Try This List.

The List

Books to Read If You are Serious About Writing

As recommended by the Story Reading Ape 

Need Inspiration or a challenge?

Try Six Word Memoirs


One Word


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