Writing Tips

Writing Tips1

#84 Street Teams – The Smart Author’s Tactic For Book Launches

#83 Trad vs Indie – A Debate on The Future of The Industry

#82 The Secret To Making Your Characters Memorable

#81 5 Things to Remember When Designing Your Book Cover

#80 Master the Outline – 12 Methods for Plotter & Pantsers Part 2

#79 4 Top Tips For Self-Publishing Your First Book With D.G. Kaye

#78 Master the Outline – 12 Methods for Plotters & Pantsers Part 1

#77 11 Must Do’s When Starting A Podcast With Lucy Mitchell

#76 7 Tactics To Grip A Reader At The End of A Chapter

#75 3 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Gothic Story With Icy Sedgwick

#74 13 Things I Learnt From Completing Draft Two Of My Manuscript

#73 9 Ways To Help You Find Your Readers Part 2

#72 9 Ways To Help You Find Your Readers Part 1

#71 Perfect Your Dystopian World in 5 Easy Steps

#70 Mantras, Mindset & 7 Secrets You Need To Finish Your Book

#69 How To Give Your Readers A Book Hangover In 3 Easy Steps

#68 7 Things You Need To Know To Master Your Genre’s Book Cover

#67 Lies – 5 Tips To Master The Perfect Character Arc

#66 The Best Editing Trick I Ever Learnt

#65 The Best Book For Developing Your Writing

#64 3 Tactics To Make You A More Productive Writer

#63 3 Lessons The Great Stanislavski Taught Us About Characterisation

#62 7 Lessons I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Before I Started Writing

#61 2 Super Easy Methods to Drastically Increase Your Subscriber List

#60 The Visual Writers Guide To Pacing & Tension

#59 Don’t Let Writers Self-Doubt Beat You

#58 8 Ways to Maximise Your Book Series 

#57 The Great Horror Hoax – How to Really Harness A Readers Fear

#56  4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using MailChimp

#55 Understanding YA, NA and MG – A Writer’s

#54 30 Flash Fiction competitions 

#53 Find Your Philosophy – Find Your Writers Voice

#52 5 Tactics to Master Killer Short Story Endings

#51 7 Laws of Writing Reader Grabbing Headlines

#50 7 Tips to Create Your Perfect Author Newsletter

#49 3 Reasons to Use Crop Circles to Build Worlds

#48 Grab Your Readers Attention – 5 Tricks to Kicking Down the 4th Wall

#47 10 Must Attend Writing Events

#46 You Need to Try This Guaranteed Method of Creating Depth To Your Writing

#45 Want The Perfect Hero? Don’t Make These Two Mistakes

#44 Everything You Need To Know Before You Edit

#43 Grow Your Audience – 8 Tricks Efficient Writers Use on Twitter

#42 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Research Into Fiction

#41 How to Snag A Publisher First Time With Your Synopsis 

#40 5 Lessons in first person POV

#39 The James Bond of Foreshadowing – 6 Tricks to the perfect reveal

#38 10 Reasons writing is like being a parent

#37 WARNING: These top 10 tips will help you writer seriously authentic lesbian characters

#36 Where are all the LGBT characters?

#35 Evoking Memories – A writers must

#34 Feel like a fraud? Give Imposter Syndrome the middle finger

#33 Confessions from a serial binger – 4 reasons writers need to binge

#32 A guide to creating the perfect writers CV

#31 5 Reasons why writers should be secret agents

#30 The Zen of finding lost words

#29 4 reasons why sprinting is the new writing

#28 4 Easy steps to creating seriously awesome blog post photos

#27 7 Tricks to differentiating dialogue

#26 8 Steps to cracking the YA mindset

#25 8 top tips to prevent insanity when resting your manuscript

#24 9 Secrets to successfully completing that elusive first draft

#23 5 Top Tips for writing chapter one – Lessons from the YA genre

#22 10 Top Tips for the Beta Reading Stage

#21 8 Steps to Discover Your Perfect Writing Process

#20 10 Life Hacks for the Efficient Writer

#19 3 Essential Books Every Writer Needs

#19 The Best Kept Secret to Improve Your Writing

#18 The Quickest Plot Structuring Tool There Is

#17 The Secret To The Quickest Edit You Can Do

#16 The Secrets of Social Media – Everything a Writer Needs to Know

#15 101 websites every writer needs

#14 Where is your have read list?

#13 Using Synonyms

#12 Third Person POV

#11 Do a writing course

#10 Killing off characters part 2

#9 Short stories v.s. novels

#8 Follow an editor

#7 Don’t become a snob

#6 – Apparently I can’t count. That or I don’t like the number 6!

#5 Killing off characters part 1

#4 Mood Boards – Pinterest Stylie

#3 The Evil INTJ – the character most people get wrong

#2 Myers Briggs

#1 Scene Lists


  1. This is great Sacha. I know I missed some of those posts as they came through. Now I can pin this and have easy access to it whenever I want! Thank you. 🙂


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