Free Writing Resources

As I build my own collection of resources, I am going to upload and share with you everything I can. It’s a small list for now, but I am busy in the background creating a massive list I want to share, so bear with me.

My Own Ultimate Character Interview Template:

Character Interview Template

Useful Pinterest Boards to Follow:

Writing – for all things writing, from quotes and prompts to helpful advice

Writing Pictspiration – writing inspiration in the form of pictures

Writing Prompts – for endless writing prompts

Twitter Hashtags to Help Generate Traffic

First up, my all inclusive writing tips post on social media

I saw a 350% increase in twitter followers in 9 days using these hashtags so if you want traffic use them!

#MondayBlogs Links to the twitter account. But if you post on Mondays tweet your post with the hashtag #MondayBlogs. If you tweet and retweet others, trust me when I tell you you will get a ton of followers – take a phone charger to work your phone battery will die! Posts must have been posted on a Sunday.

#SundayBlogShare Same thing – Links to the account but use the hashtag on a Sunday and tweet and RT others

#ArchiveDay not quite sure who created this one, but same thing – tweet any post from your archives on a Saturday, tweet and RT others.

#wwwblogs This ones for ladies (sorry guys) same principles – but on a Wednesday

Twitter Tips

Headline Help – to write attention grabbing headlines

Mandy’s Link to headline templates

Jon Morrow has written an excellent article on headline hacks. If you sign up to his site, you will receive a link to download it, it is excellent and I strongly advise you to read it if you want to boost traffic.

There is also the Headline Analyser and explanatory post

Can’t Think of A Character Name? Try These Websites 

Behind The Name

Fantasy Name Generator

Steampunk Name Generator

Fake Name Generator (Thanks to Keith Channing for this one)

NaNoWriMo Calendar Checker – How Many Words Should You Have Written?

NaNo Calendar Checker

Writers Digest 101 Best Website for Writers Lists:





Want New Writing Blogs to Follow? Try This List.

The List

Books to Read If You are Serious About Writing

Story Reading Ape 


    1. Ha! I would give too much precedence to character templates they are great to help hold information about characters but actually the best method for me is to let the characters develop on the page and refine them through edits. If you like flash fiction I do a weekly flash challenge which… Happens to be on weds…. Would be great if you joined in 🙂


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