I’ve Moved…

For everyone who has followed me recently, thank you, but this blog no longer exists or has any content on it. So, this is a note to say I’ve moved and if you still love me, which I hope you do, you might wanna come see my new gaff.

If you’d like to continue to get my writing tips straight to your inbox, hop on over here: www.sachablack.co.uk and follow me there.

Hope to see you there




      1. Ohhhhh, sorry, sooooo confused. My new provider told me the only people following on the old account would be ghosts or fake accounts, so when I replied I wasn’t sure if you were, you know, a wordsmithing cyborg or an actual human 😂, well, it’s lovely to meet you :). Do you write?

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      2. I’m an evil genius! haha…my blog is private, which is why you couldn’t find me! Sorry! 🙂 I emailed to subscribe.

        And thank you for your tips. Very generous of you.

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      3. I LOVE evil geniuses… genI? Whatever the proper form of that is 😂

        Well then, now I’m super pleased you’re following me.

        And a private blog, *scratches head* you learn something every day 🙂 lovely to meet you, so do I call you Mr Evil?

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      4. #FML #FAIL. *DOH*

        In my defence, I totally can’t see your avatar. Stupid cruddy half eaten fruit phone 🙄.

        RIGHT then, Madame Evil it is, I could do with a few more lady villains to slot in the villain book I’m editing at the moment anyway 🤓

        Hehe, on that note Miss Evil, I shall bid you goodnight. I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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