Month: July 2015

Writespiration #51 The Last Time

The Last Time

A few weeks ago I wrote a writespiration based on ‘your first time’ this week I’m flipping it on its head and asking you to write about the last time you did something.

I’m not a quitter. Sure, I’ve tried things, decided I didn’t like them and stopped. But rarely do I  start something with the intention of seeing it through to completion and then quit. It’s not in my nature. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a few last times. All the last times I’ve experienced were raw with emotion.  If I made it far enough to have a last time, then I’d stuck at whatever it was I was doing – which means it’s was in my life for a long time.

I can remember one last time vividly. So rather than a story this week you have an anecdote:  (more…)

Annual #BloggersBash – VOTE NOW and final arrangements

The Annual Bloggers Bash Annual Awards

If you haven’t heard, then quite frankly you must be living under a rather large rock. In less than a week, the first ever Annual Bloggers Bash is happening. YES IT’S REALLY HAPPENING PEOPLE. No more hiding behind computer screens in fear of meeting each other…! We are dragging ourselves out from behind our computer screens, jumping on trains and into cars and venturing into London. The BASH is here.

Before I go through all the final details, I am going to take a moment to remind you of a little something else that’s happening…. THE ANNUAL BLOGGERS BASH AWARDS.

You nominated in your hundreds, you have already voted in your thousands (literally) but there is still time to have your say. There are four days of voting left. Do you have a favourite blogger? Have you voted? If not, what are you waiting for? Get over to the voting page and have your say now. Don’t wait till 12pm Thursday (UK time), because it will be TOO late. I’ve had a cheeky look, and several are neck and neck, with just one vote in it…..

Don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the actual bash, there will be a post with all the results that will go live on the day. You can also follow the announcements and award ceremony live on twitter using the hashtag #BloggersBash or on the Facebook group . We will tweet regularly throughout the day – if you are coming, please do use the hashtag to tweet your journeys and throughout the meet.

SO, the bash. (more…)

6 Points To Consider When Crafting An Awkward Character – Anne Goodwin Debut Novellist

sugar-and-snails coverToday brings a special guest post from a wonderful and extraordinarily talented Anne Goodwin, who has also released her debut novel ‘Sugar and Snails’ TODAY. Get it on Amazon, immediately, I insist! Anne has kindly contributed to my Crafting Characters series and discusses creating awkward characters. So without further ado, I give you Anne Goodwin. (more…)

Writespiration #50 Light vs Dark

Light vs Dark

Can you believe we have reached 50 writespirations already? Before we get into this weeks inspiration, I wanted to take a moment to get all slushy and thank all those wonderful bloggers that have contributed to making these Writespirations so fantastic. The more you contribute the more humble and grateful I feel that you have taken the time to visit my little blog and share with me a moment of your time and some of your undeniably extraordinary talents. So from me to you, a big thank you.

Enough gooey trite – to business… (more…)

Accepting The Weird In You – A Writers Must #1000speak

Accepting the weird in you - a writers must

Weird, weirdo, strange, unusual, abnormal, not normal, odd, freaky, eccentric, all words I’ve been called over the years. But why? Why have we (society) corrupted the words weird and inserted negative meanings into them? I don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t party to the memo telling me the ‘Normal Police’ had been legislated and were arresting anyone who showed even a hint of stepping over the accepted line. I know humans are conformists, but really? (more…)