Month: October 2015

There’s something fishy going on…. #bloggersbash

I heard a rumour the BOOBs were back, but justice prevailed and the law threw them to the ground defeated just like a piece of TRASH.

I need spies. I’m recruiting for the bloggers bash. I need bloggers and writers and compassionate people to keep their eyes on the look out, to scour the Internet for whisperings and tittle tattle. I WON’T be beaten. I will fight back, WE will fight back, the bloggers bash 2016 IS happening and there’s NOTHING anyone can do about it.
OOH RAAAAAR people roll on the 11th June 2016

Interview with Author Charles E Yallowitz

Charles E YallowitzMy author interviews are drawing to a close, we have less than a month left of these posts and I’m not sure yet what I will do about replacing them. But, to this week, I am thrilled to have Charles E Yallowitz as my author interview. Charles is a huge supporter of fellow authors, please do go check him out. You can find him on his blog: Legends of Windermere, his website Charles E. Yallowitz, his amazon author page Amazon Author Page, Facebook and finally Twitter. (more…)

Markets For Writers

Esther is running another flash fiction competition – no excuses – it’s only a 250 word limit. I’ve written one entry and got another half done… Who’s going to enter?


Apologies for highlighting my own competition – yet again. I have a couple of reasons: 1) The closing date is coming round quickly and 2) I haven’t had a chance to research a market this week (Miss Clumsy has struck again and injured herself. Very swollen ankle – spent two hours at the hospital this afternoon. They thought I’d broken it but luckily I’ve only torn the ligaments, which they’ve informed me will take 4-6 weeks to heal).

Flash Fiction Competition

Prizes: 1st £50, 2nd £25, 3rd £10

Entry fee: £2 per story

Word Limit: Stories of up to 250 words are invited on any theme.

Payment can be made by credit card or Paypal, via the website. Cheques should be made payable to Esther Newton.

Entries should be submitted as e-mail attachments in Word or PDF format. In the body of the e-mail, please detail the following:…

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Confessions from a Serial Binger – 4 Reasons Writers Need to Binge

Confessions from a serial binger.jpegI never do anything by halves. I’m known for burning the candle at both ends and in the middle.

Well, reading, watching TV and my interests are the same way. I wish more than anything reading wasn’t included in that and that I read a little, consistently, everyday but I don’t have time and thats why my TBR pile is over 200 high. So what do I do?

I binge.

I sit for hours and zone out, ogling whatever the latest TV series is and indulge in episode after episode until I am so saturated with the programme or book series that I actually have to readjust when I put it down! When I’ve talked about this kind of behaviour before, there’s seemed to be a bit of stigmatism around the act of binge indulgence. I get it. It’s not productive in terms of life admin and chores, and it does brew a bit of laziness, but you know what? When I thought about it I realised that actually, it’s a kind of helpful thing to do as a writer. (more…)

An 8 Point Guide to Creating The Perfect Writer’s CV

An 8 Point Guide To Creating The Perfect Writers CV

I had to update my CV this week and then for one reason or another I had to create a writers CV as well. This stumped me. I mean, what does that even look like? I’d never written a CV just for my writing stuff before. What is it meant to include? Is it different from a normal CV? I gave it a bash and then decided I probably ought to do what I do best, and research. So here are the top tips I have gathered on creating your perfect writers CV. (more…)

#Writespiration 62 Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

It’s been a while since we had a fun challenge. So lets see how this goes. This week, you only need write ONE sentence. BUT… it has to be the most complex sentence you can possibly make. Maybe that means fancy pants grammar, or enormous words, however you do it. It’s got to be THE most complicated sentence you can possibly make. Oh and it needs to actually make sense!

Here’s mine: (more…)

5 Reasons Why Writers Should Be Secret Agents

5 Reasons Writers Need to be Secret Agents

I have a habit of getting stuck behind my laptop screen. “Research” becomes a few hours of googling and reading. That’s great, but, after today I’ve decided it’s just not good enough. At least, not where I can help it.

Maybe you guys are all already pros at getting out of the house and experiencing first hand all the things you write about. BUT, I write fantasy, dystopian or science fiction stories – some of the stuff I write about doesn’t even exist. It’s not an excuse but I definitely slipped into the habit of googling rather than experiencing first hand. I know it’s not always possible to travel to the other side of the world, but here’s 5 reasons why I think when you can, you should experience first hand. (more…)