Sacha’s Novels

Adultland NEWAdultland is Sacha’s second novel, and unrelated to her trilogy. She is writing furiously and hopes to be finished before the year (2016) is out. Adultland was inspired by a writespiration – a writing challenge in which she produced a piece of flash fiction where you had to write on the theme of ‘someone watching you’.


Keepers is the first book in Sacha Black’s Fallon trilogy. The first draft was completed on August 20th 2015. She’s now deep into an edit and will shortly be sending it off to Beta readers. It’s a YA/NA fantasy novel with a little dystopia thrown in.

More information and a blurb coming soon… Follow me for updates.



Sacha also has another book on the go, a non-fiction book called 13 Steps to Evil, the ultimate guide to crafting Villains which will be released in 2016.


  1. Very exciting! Totally know what you mean by “resting” a book. I don’t have nearly as much patience as you do! I’m letting my first book rest while working on my marketing, etc. Also, are you going trad or self-publish?

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    1. I don’t have any patience I’m about to put my second book down at just short of 30K only finished in August and I was FORCED to rest it by writing buddies😋😂 it was wise advice though!

      I have no idea really. I figure I might give trad a go nothing to lose although I’m not holding out any hopes.



      1. Ha! Well, I have sent out about six queries over the last few months and received five thoughtful rejections. I have one more hold out, though I don’t know if it will be the one that decides the fate of my manuscript. I figure as long as the manuscript’s not completely edited, I can still send queries with the first 10 pages (those ARE polished). 🙂 So, no, I’m not decided.

        As for your putting down your second book at 30k. I did that with my first novel! IT had to rest, before I really knew where the story was headed! 🙂 Turned out to be the best thing for my story in the end… But at what cost to my patience?


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