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Writespiration #97 52 Weeks in 52 Words – Week 1

writespiration-2017Welcome back folks. I stopped Writespirations back in November, a few short of 100, and I knew then I couldn’t just leave it 3 short. But the break did me good, and now I am ready to rock and roll with a whole new challenge this year.

This year there will be 52 challenges over 52 weeks and your challenge is to write your story using the theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

The art of being concise is nothing if not a muscle flexing ‘write’ bicep curling device. But I wanted to add to that challenge which is why, you have to be exact too. Because there are 52 challenges over the year, THAT’s I want you to write your entries in EXACTLY 52 words.

Each week I will give you a prompt of some variety and then you submit your entries and I post them the following week with the new prompt. You’ll have until Sunday to enter each week. (more…)

Write a Fairytale Set Here – Writespiration #96

fairytale-writespirationFairytale retellings are going through a big come back. They’re the latest trend, with books like Cinders, or the plethora of other books on this Goodreads list. I’ve read Cinders, it’s quite good, I liked the twist on it, although for me, the joy of writing is in creating something entirely new. And sure, no story is completely unique, but lets not bicker about trivialities.

This week your task is to write a fairytale, or a part of one, or a fairytale poem set in the photo. Maybe it’s a nightmare tale, or perhaps a happily ever after ending, or maybe a prince’s love monologue. Write a fairytale in less than 200 words. Leave it in the comments or use a pingback so I find it. Due by 23rd October.


5 Tactics to Master Killer Short Story Endings

Killer EndingsI’ve always thought the ‘short story’ was one of those irritating elephants in the room. My particular brand of short story elephant, is made of shiny gold, and spends 100% of his time glaring at me from the corner of the room looking down his extra long trunk nose to make me feel woefully inadequate.

Every author knows they should be able to write a short, but not everyone can.

I can’t.

I’m so inept at writing short stories, I wrote a piece of flash fiction last year and the fucking things turned into 30,000 words of what will be a novel. Apparently I didn’t get the ‘SHORT’ memo.


All I can do is write full length novels, or blink-of-the-eye flash fiction. Something about that smug middle man puts me in a catatonic state of ‘fuck-you-upitus-writersblock.’

However, Esther Newton, is a master of the short. I’ve just finished reading her collection of award-winning short stories: The Siege and like always, I figured I’d share some lessons.

I learnt many, but something I think Esther is spectacular at is a killer ending. Here’s how to master a killer ending for your short stories. (more…)

Writespiration #77 Going To Your Happy Place

Happy PlaceThis week has been miserable. I have had a migraine since Friday last week. Which means I haven’t written since Thursday. I am twitchy! But I was barely able to get out of bed over the weekend and at times, I genuinely thought I might pop an eyeball out, my head was under that much pressure. Every movement I made I could feel my heartbeat in my brain, only instead of a nice pump, pump, pump. It was the smash and squeeze of an anvil followed by a car crusher. Suffice to say I am glad I schedule posts or I’d be fresh out this week.

Finally, I can see straight enough to write this. So, this week, the challenge is to write about your happy place (or a character’s happy place).

I needed my happy place this week. I had to drift off in order to ignore the pain. I have a couple of happy places, one in my head, and several actual locations. New York for one, a cafe by myself, coffee in hand laptop open is another. The summit of Kala Phattar a mountain in the Himalayas with the best views of Everest.

In your challenge, make sure we know what sent you to your happy place, was it a fight? a traumatic experience? Or maybe love drove you there. So, that’s it. Happy places in less than 200 words. (more…)

Writespiration #68 The Odd One Out

The Odd One Out

Often, heroes are the odd ones out because they think outside the box and solve mysteries or problem. But this challenge isn’t confined to heroes. You could write about inanimate objects, or kids or animals, maybe the black sheep in a family. You could write about any number of things that are odd or unusual.

This week there are two parts to the challenge. 1. write a story or poem about the odd one out. 2. do it in 200 words or less.

Here’s mine: (more…)

Writespiration #67 – 60 Second Stories

Write a story in 60 secondsYes, I know. I’m  cheating massively this month with writespirations. But hey, I am doing NaNo, and I know lots of you are too. So after the rather hard task of horror last week, this week is nice an easy. We have done it before.

Get a timer, set it for sixty seconds, DON’T click through to this post until you are ready to write, the word is at the top of the post this time. Look at the word, write for 60 seconds…. Ready? GO! (more…)

Writespiration #66 2 Sentence Horror Story

2 Sentence Horror Story
One of my ongoing series is about villains and creating the scariest, most evil of all bad guys. A friend showed me this concept somewhere else so I thought it would be nice to break up the NaNo-age with a bit of a trip to the dark side.

Two sentences… make em as scary as you can… Here’s mine:

Writespiration #65 Six Word Stories

Try to write a Six Word StoryI’ve done this challenge before, but hey, it is NaNo month, and I know most of you will be focusing on bashing out novels. So I thought I would do the quickest challenge there is this week.

As I said before one of my favourite writing procrastinations is the Six Word Memoir website. It does what it says on the tin and asks you to write a memoir or story in six words. So I challenge you to do the same, right here, right now, and I will post it with next weeks Writespiration. While your at it, why not post on their website too?

Here’s mine:


#Writespiration 62 Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

It’s been a while since we had a fun challenge. So lets see how this goes. This week, you only need write ONE sentence. BUT… it has to be the most complex sentence you can possibly make. Maybe that means fancy pants grammar, or enormous words, however you do it. It’s got to be THE most complicated sentence you can possibly make. Oh and it needs to actually make sense!

Here’s mine: (more…)