Evaporation Line vs. Positive Pregnancy Test

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If women who are trying to get pregnant aren’t tortured enough, there is something so heinous, so vile, that I wouldn’t wish it upon my enemy…

Evaporation lines.


They are these little second lines that appear after you have taken the test. Except they aren’t bright pink.

If your anything like me, you pee on a stick, don’t get an instant result and throw it away after less than a minute skulking back to bed. Then when you wake up 40 minutes later you rush back downstairs, take out the discarded pregnancy test, and have another look… just to see… even though you know your not supposed to look after 10 minutes.

Evaporation lines, give you hope. They play with your mind and make you think theres a shred of hope. Evaporation lines are grey and not pink. And are just left over from the test, it doesn’t mean your pregnant.

F*** you google. Ruined my day. I hate you. I want to cry but I don’t… so I won’t. On the inside, I am crushed. GUTTED, broken.

I’ve attached my evaporation lines… taken from three different angles!!

I think its grey. My wife thinks it’s pink.

Because I am that crazy, I took two normal photos, and then decided to take a macro shot… a shot like a microscope… you get WAY close to it… When you do that the line looks grey… no baby…

You decide…

Edited 23rd Nov 2015 – I decided to come back and edit this post because it still gets a lot of hits. For any woman coming to read this post now, I want to you know there is hope… That evaporation line turned out to be pink and the earliest positive pregnancy test possible! I was pregnant, I carried to term, and now I have a beautiful boy. Keep going. You will fall pregnant. ❤


  1. These evaporation lines are little bastards. I often find my with with a test hours after its been done trying anything to convince herself that it is in fact a positive. She’ll put them on the whitest piece of paper she can find with her phone flashlight on it. Shes even taken pictures with a camera negative effect on it. It is soul destroying when you have to tell yourself to stop being so stupid and come to the realisation that it is negative. But it will happen when the time is right. XOX


    1. Yup soul destroying is the word!! That’s exactly how I’d describe it. It’s more annoying when I showed a couple of my besties and they both thought it was pink! I’m going with grey to keep me sane!! 🙂 thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂


  2. There weird. Sometimes they do look pink and others the look grey so your all ways second guessing yourself. I think the 2ww and test day are the most frustrating thing about the whole process. Although test ‘day’ never happens. We get to about 9dpo and that’s it. Out comes the Jack Russel at the lamp post. Every other trip to the toilet the wife comes out bearing one of these sticks. And for the next hour is trying to find every possible light source because it might show up pink. And also keeping google in business single handedly trying to look up every last twinge and itch. Even if her elbow itches she’ll try googeling it as a symptom. It is really sweet but she does need to stop tourchering herself. That’s probably easier said than done though. After all I’m not the one trying to cook a baby.
    Bless you. You don’t have to thank me. I think there is some level of sanity you can get from talking to others in the same position. XOX


    1. Haha if nothing u have cheered me up!! The jack Russell image is hilarious!! I’m still chuckling to myself!! 🙂 I’m glad you experience the same as me. At 9DPO I did a test it was proper neg!! I’m 11DPO today. I managed to not do one yesterday! I was proud! But couldn’t help myself this morning. 14 days of tortuous waiting I hate it… Well 13 days for me as I have a short luteal phase. Yup I had the same thing with the light sources and fucking google…. Best friend and worst enemy all in one go!! It’s torture… Why do we do it to ourselves??!! It really does help talking to other people though… Helps keep me sane. Your right about the photos… Definitely looks pinker in some and greyer in others. Fucking piece of shit tests! That will learn me for paying tuppence for the most sensitive tests I could find!! Aaargh!! 🙂 xx


  3. I’m glad to be of service 🙂 I have to turn most things in life into a joke or I would end up driving myself insane.But I do think the more we stress while trying to get pregnant the less its going to happen. I would like to think I could take a blase approach to it but, well that just is’nt happening. One thing I do know from experiance is that you can spend next to nothing on a pregnancy test, or you could spend £10 for one and the’ll still have those little bastarding evap lines. the more you pay, the more your just paying for the brand and the little plastic outer. There all designed to test the same chemical in your urine. And iv found through a little bit of research the more you pay the less hormone they tend to pick up.
    As for google. I absolutley hate google but love it at the same time. I try and take everything I read on there with a pinch of salt but I always find myself focusing on one thing I read that gives me the answer I want and running with it only to find that were are not actually pregnant. Even thought some woman out in the middle of no where had an itch some where my wife has the same itch and she was pregnant. Only to find that it didnt happen for us. I have to keep reminding myself every body’s pregnancy is different.
    The wife dosent know I blog and look at other peoples stories. I don’t think shed be too impressed if she knew but well, that’s another story for another time, but I find it really does help. We don’t know any other lesbian couples personally going through this so we don’t really have anyone to talk to but I think all the other women on here keep me sane and together for the wife and I also get to vent my frustrations with out putting it on her. You can learn so much form other people. I think that’s why I like it so much.


    1. Grr I wrote out a reply on my phone and it deleted it!! #fail. I completely agree I think humour helps u to keep a positive attitude too! 🙂 stress is awful for trying to make a baby so bad because it can have such awful health effects. Yeh I did hear that about the tests, they are effectively one in the same. It’s all about sensitivity. These ones I have are 10MLU so pretty sensitive. Google is awful. Sometimes I get so elated then read the next line and want to rip out my eyes and pretend I never saw it! Ugh. My wife does know I blog. I think she’s sort of ok with it. Because its anonymous so most of our friends don’t know etc. besides its like free therapy! She doesn’t blog but she did let me do a blog interview with her a few blogs ago! We are much the same as u we don’t know any other lesbian couples going through this either. We’re the first of our friends to get married were only 26 so still quite young really. Hey are you guys in the UK? Cause that’s the other thing there’s hardly any UK lesbians I’ve heard of going through this either and even fewer with fertility issues on top! Xx


  4. Damn that would bug me too. So just curious are you doing any acupuncture and taking any supplements that could help?? I been doing all that and working on having my first IUI. I am hoping it helps in a big way because acupuncture is not cheap!!!!


    1. Yeh and the bastard is we can’t tell for definite if the line is pink or not!! What do you think? I think grey but several friends have said pink. So no pressure either way! Lol x

      No I haven’t been doing anything really. I dropped caffeine and alcohol. I don’t smoke anyway. And I have been eating handfuls of FOLIC acid. But no acupuncture. Although i did hear it helps a lot. I’m only 26 so I figured my body should generally be alrightish… When do you think you will have your first IUI? My next one would be the 3rd April cause my cycles so short!


      1. I am waiting for the social worker to tell me the next step. If I don’t get an email today I will be shooting her one on Friday. My first IUI should be in April. Since my insurance doesn’t cover shit. We are talking 2k with sperm. Also I am 38 old eggs and didn’t do well on my fertility test. But trying to keep hope alive. You never know.


      2. Wow 2K is a lot. I’m having treatment in Denmark it’s much cheaper than the UK. I don’t understand why you have a social worker for this though. I have never heard of that before… :s x


      3. The US is expensive. Especially in certain states. I am going through a feminist women’s clinic. They social worker does all the admin duties like a nurse. They use a doctor for all the IUI. Since I am 38 they want me on fertility drugs and a bunch of ultersounds. So everything should cost me over 2k. I want a baby so bad. Actually I want twins I am putting the credit card down.


  5. Does anyone know what will cause the test strip to turn yellow. I have taken three test. The purple line runs up the test and as it dissapears the stick has turned from white to a faided yellow and around the positive section on the test the line is white or slightly pinkish/yellow. I has happened on one wal-mart cheapo and two E.P.T. test.


      1. I am here because Google has become my friend since yesterday when I had a test like this out of the blue… I then read on and agree they are evil but noticed you said they turned out to be Positives so fingers tightly crossed I get the same result. I have spent the whole day trying not to pee on a stick every chance I get.. I want a big fat magic YOUR PREGNANT LINE!

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      2. Oh my gosh – these bloody evap lines are evil. But mine WAS positive. If I were you I’d go pee on another stick – that was first thing in the morning and by the afternoon there was a slightly clearer line it was still pretty faint but it was definitely there. Will you tell me how it goes? I have everything crossed for you.


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