The Insanity of W.A.I.T.I.N.G


So I am an idiot,

I took a test yesterday (9 days post ovulation) thats far too early right? well, I took it and it was negative 😦

I am now 10 days post ovulation, and I am going to try and wait until the day AF is due. She’s due Saturday. It’s only Wednesday…. I am guessing I shouldn’t test until at least Friday? maybe Saturday morning.

I am just disappointed. I thought because I only have 13 days between my ovulating and coming on that I would implant quicker and therefore show up as pregnant quicker. I guess thats not the case.

well, fuck science. I am going silently mad here.

If it does come out negative… what do I do?? keep trying?

ugh. I am going to be so disappointed.

I am trying to stay positive. But being positive means symptom spotting, and then me turning myself inside out mentally, and then feeling negative. This is a ridiculous insane vicious circle. I JUST WANT TO KNOW if it worked and if im pregnant 😦



  1. It could be too early. I feel like everyone has a different “cut off” date, by which they think a positive test should show. Mine is 12DPO. Not sure why I picked that date??

    Anyway, if you are pregnant it could have shown up, and it could still be too early. Test again Saturday – if you can wait that long (I never can).

    Good luck!!


    1. Thanks for commenting, I think your right, I feel like because I am due on 13DPO, then 12 DPO i should show up as positive… but I am still only 10DPO. So if my HCG was only 1 before hand, and it takes 2 days to double, then it could take 6 days of me being pregnant before it even showed up… so if i implanted 6DPO then it definitely wouldnt show up, but some people dont implant till 12DPO !! so they wouldn’t show up either!!! its all so confusing! :s ugh. desperate to know now… hopefully I can hold out till Friday at least!! thanks again for commenting x


    1. Ahh thank you!! 🙂 it means a lot to have a supportive group of infertility buddies on here!! 🙂 its really comforting not going through this all on my own!! Let us know when you have your IUI 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed, and throw some baby dust your way when you have it 🙂 xx


  2. I buy the dollar store pregnancy tests whenever I am there. I always have some in my cabinet. Then I can test anytime in the TWW and not feel as bad. #1 I didn’t wast any real money and #2 if it is negative I just chalk it up to it being a shitty and cheap test. And well if it is positive, you can leap for joy. But hope is a bitch and it does cause symptom watching. I have no advice for that other than, stay away from google!!! Everything is a pregnancy symptom. “Oh, you stubbed your toe? That means your sense of balance was off BECAUSE YOUR BODY IS MAKING A BABY!!!!!!!!” Good luck and much baby dust and sticky vibes to you 🙂


    1. Yeh, I brought some of those paper stick thingys, supposedly they are the most sensitive and test down to 5mlu… I duno… its just a papery/plastic stick. I am going to buy some more, because I have almost run out! That’s the crazy Sacha from last cycle testing from 8DPO until the Bitch AF turned up!! but I am proud of myself for not having tested today! 🙂 and I will try not to test tomorrow either. Then I can just see if AF turns up on Saturday! Do you know, bloody symptom spotting, is most of my problem!! It makes me think I am one minute and not the next!! What I hate more than anything is that half the time the symptoms are normal period symptoms… like my boobs which have hurt constantly for 5 days already!!! and thats not that unusual for me UGH. HATE HATE HATE all the waiting!! Thanks for commenting and supporting me! 🙂 Thank you for the baby dust, throwing some right back at you!! 🙂 x


    2. “Oh, you stubbed your toe? That means your sense of balance was off BECAUSE YOUR BODY IS MAKING A BABY!!!!!!!!”

      This literally made me LOL.


  3. Hey come on leave science alone … life sucks sometimes ..all of us here are missing something and wan’t something badly , don’t be mad or sad just wait for your ovulation and i really really wish things goes well and incase it doesn’t i would suggest something on you but for now just keep your fingers crossed 🙂


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