Pregnancy is a pain in the solar plexus


For someone who rarely gets ill, and soldiers through when she does, I am having a spectacularly bad year. It has been ailment after ailment, and today I have had enough.

I don’t want anyone to think I am ungrateful for this pregnancy, I most certainly am not. However, I have been in pain of one variety or another for the best part of this year.

I ended last year and started this year with tooth ache from hell. I had an abscess on my tooth so big it touched my sinus causing Β odema on my face and making me look hideous.

Then we had the issues with my ovaries and all the tests and depression that came with that.

When I finally fell pregnant, I had 3 weeks of sheer exhaustion so extreme I didn’t think I would ever wake up.

My breast so sore I thought they would fall off.

Then the morning sickness started

Followed by the most excruciating headaches I ever experienced.

Then a severe chest infection

More tooth ache followed by tooth removal.

indigestion from hell

and now my solar plexus…. I think the cartilage between my rib cage – primarily under my right breast, is inflamed.

I am in agonizing pain. I can’t sit, lie or walk without it hurting, take a few steps and I am out of breath.

I am exhausted, so worn out from being in constant pain, that today I broke down. Ive cried about 5 times, which is very very unlike me. But it hurts a lot. and everything I’ve read indicates that the pain wont go away until I give birth. I don’t know how I am going to get through it, I really don’t. Being in pain makes you so tired, I just want to sleep to stop feeling the pains.

But I am such a light sleeper, and it its so unbearably hot – and we Brits don’t have air con, so I am struggling to sleep too. 😦

Sacha is sad today.


  1. Sorry about all of your aches and pains! I had a horrible, throbbing ache in my back the entire last half of my pregnancy. I had to lay in the recliner, with one arm raised over my head. It was lots of fun. I do not miss being pregnant, but I was so glad I was able to be pregnant! Hang in there, you can make it through!!


  2. Are you still pregnant or is the baby born…how are you doing?
    I am also pregnant 20 weeks now…I had my share of pain…early on had a bladder infection that just woukd not go away. And constant pain. .. but thankfully its gone now…at the moment I feel strong sensation in my rib left upper side, near the solar plexus. Its a combination of vibrating sensation and pain…gets worse in the evening…I wonder if nits realsted to unresolved, blockages in this area. Anyone else have simmilar experience?


    1. Hey yes I am still pregnant unfortunately!! Due tomorrow. I am wishing the baby would just arrive now I’m so desperate to have my body back!!

      I had a similar pain in my ribs too it’s where all ur organs are moving and being squished and where the baby is puttin pressure on ur ribs to stretch outwards to give them more room.

      Hope u feel better soon πŸ™‚


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