The #BloggersBash PJ Party

Twas the night before Christmas the Bloggers Bash and four little bashers were busy squirrelling away final plans, stuffing winners envelopes and getting ready for the morning. The days of google hangout conference calls are over, Sacha has finished her counselling to stop saying ‘what about another poll?’, the committee has been united and the bash is on the final countdown.

But a rumour abounded that some BOOB was on the loose, and wanted to sabotage our plans. He/she/it/genderneutralbaddie would be in disguise. But which one would be outed/thwarted/twatted? Sacha said she was having none of it and maybe we should re-open nominations….


What did the committee get up to the night before the bash?

Laundry done


Stuffing Winners Envelopes IMG_5938

Extremely important – life or death envelope stuffing. In which Hugh was nearly hospitalised during severe paper cuts, and Geoffle attempted mouth to mouth to save him. It all got a bit awkward when we realised all that was needed, was a plaster.

The Medicinal use of Wine

Copious amounts of wine were used as an antibiotical-neuraligiasiac, with Hugh declaring the Swansea based Chateau Mumbles the best Pinot Beige he had tasted since Boy George offered to ‘big him up’ one warm day in 1988. Meanwhile Ali scribbled in her new notebook, ‘The Bash – Myths and Legends of Princeling Sacha and the Dragooned Geoffle’ (available soon from all good pharmacists) and the cats slumbered on.

Fridge Raid

In need of carbohydrates to fill a void left by shoe shopping, one Bashiste headed for the fridge…

2016-06-09 23.24.22

She thought she would find cheese, but found the secret and much criticised cake mountain instead. She is now to be heard mumbling ‘brownies please’ as an echo in the coolant.

‘Try anything once, except Incest and Folk Dancing’ per Sir Thomas Beecham

We did, we have and further posts will follow to prove it.

Hot News: the leader of BOOB (Back Off Our Blogs) has fallen for SACHA’S cunning stratagem and has been trapped by one of her infamous fortified BRAs (a Blogging Rearguard Action). If he escapes he is likely to appear at the Bash disguised as an exotic Painted Bearded Geoffle (see Ali’s Bash -Myths and Legends for beautiful hand drawn woodcuts of the various Geoffles known to science, though some are still only known to his mother). If seen, approach with caution. 

If you don’t know who the committee are by now, I am shocked. But let me introduce you:

12439350_10154140620212079_4522646322631726090_nSacha BlackFounder of the Bloggers Bash and chief bossy boots

I created the bash because I fell in love with the blogging world. I made friends, real, lasting friendships and I wanted to be able to meet them, and so the Bash was created. It’s an opportunity to provide a forum for any blogger from any platform to come and socialise with all your pals.

The Bash awards were created to ensure that those friends who couldn’t make it because they lived far away could still be a part of the activities.

I am a writer of YA fantasy and dystopian novels. I also write writing craft tips/posts and novels, the first of which is due out late this year. Subscribe here to find out more.

Ali IsaacAli Isaac Organiser and scheduler of the committee as well as general creative genius

I am a writer and blogger of Irish myth and fantasy. I started blogging because I found out so many fascinating things about Ireland when researching for my books, and then thought maybe others would find them interesting too.

Writing can be very isolating at times. I was so happy to find such a welcoming blogging community to be a part of at WordPress, and wanted to meet some of my lovely blogging friends. Oh, and Sacha made me do it.

Find me on

13315431_10209427646389157_9027357223741026319_nGeoffle Pard (a.k.a. Geoff Le Pard) is Team Boy Scout.

Once upon a time, in a deep sdark forest I was a lawyer. I stopped and started blogging. That was two years ago. Last year about now (‘that doesn’t make sense, Geoffle. How can it be both last year and now?’) Sacha said, ‘Should we arrange a meet up for bloggers?’ I said, ‘Don’t be daft; they’re all sociopathic introverts.’ That was (a) my first and last piece of useful advice and (b) ignored and the rest is history.

I’ve stayed involved for two reasons. One, it is really the most tremendous fun and…. actually that’s it.

I started out writing novel length collections of words, involving not a lot of show and an awful lot of tell. Since I started blogging, I’ve eradicated the word torrent, published two novels and, Tada!!, tomorrow, my first short story collection is launched. I’ve also exposed some poetry to public gaze and been pleasantly surprised at the lack of ridicule – poetry is HARD. Here’s my author page were you to be interested in my oeuvre.

I blog at

and tweet at


Hugh RobertsHugh Roberts – Chief entertainer, networker and general giver of hugs

Hello, I’m Hugh, and I am now living back in my home country of Wales. I’ve always loved to write but always allowed being dyslexic stop me from publishing anything. Then I discovered blogging and I haven’t looked back since. I’m hoping to publish my first collection of Short Stories in December 2016.

When Sacha invited me to join the committee of the Bloggers Bash, I had no hesitation in accepting. I’ve always been a ‘people’ person and was very excited about meeting up with fellow bloggers. I loved being part of the team put together and although it involves lots of hard work, I’ve enjoyed every single moment.

On my blog you’ll see that I write about this, that and everything else. I’ve written several well-received posts about blogging and have much more planned. I’ve even started my own weekly photography challenge, but my main passion is for writing short stories that come with an unexpected twist.

Blog: Hugh’s Views And News

Twitter: @RobertHughes05

FaceBook: Hugh’s Views And News

That’s it folks. Until tomorrow, when the results will be announced at 5:30pm BST.


  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    As London braces itself for the SECOND Annual Bloggers Bash (while still trying to finish repairing the damage caused by the First one last year), the instigators (I mean COMMITTEE) put the finishing touches to their Party Preparations…
    Meanwhile Boris (the ex London Mayor and blonde bumshell), David (he who only gives his address as “Number 10”) and everyone else in government have accepted Nicola’s invite to “Call in tae Scotland anytime OCH AYE” and left London to fend for itself…


  2. ‘Try anything once, except Incest and Folk Dancing’ per Sir Thomas Beecham – one of my favourite quotes, especially the full quote, which is: ‘Try anything once, except Incest and Folk Dancing – especially folk dancing!’

    See you tomorrow!


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