Writespiration #83 Black Out

Write About A Black OutSome of you will know that a few weeks ago, I had surgery.

I haven’t had surgery before and I don’t mind admitting, I’m a control freak.

So the prospect of having my life literally suspended with no awareness of what the shit was happening to me for two whole hours, was not something I relished.

In fact, I spent at least three weeks prior to surgery loading my pants with a massive terrified brick. I mean, I was going to die wasn’t I?! Seriously. I thought that. I was convinced I’d never see my son grow up or hold my wife again because they were going to euthanise me with a general anaesthetic.

It’s safe to say I had more than one or two issues voluntarily submitting myself to the two hours of tortuous drill to the face American Psycho surgery.

The last thing I recall is seeing the anaesthetist pumping half a dozen vials of clear liquid into my hand. I asked what they were, and he smiled sweetly, with only a hint of a glint in his eye “a cocktail of drugs, enjoy.” I raised an eyebrow and asked the giant nurse on my other side which one would make me go to sleep.

I mean, they make you count down in the movies, right? I expected a countdown. I pay taxes for a god damn count down. If nothing else to pacify my inner control freak. I wanted to know my last moments before being euthanised. The tall nurse said, “this one…” I managed a pathetic “oh” and promptly said goodnight.

I was robbed. No count down. Nothing. If I hadn’t been off my face on morphine I’d have made them do it again just so I got the countdown.

Have you ever seen Me Myself and Irene? Watch this 22 second clip:

When I came to the first thing I said was: “I’m Jim Carey.” I mean, I was off my face on morphine, but having had a tube stuck down my throat and a Molotov of cotton mouth inducing drugs poured into my body, I was a little parched. They refused my water request until they had me back in the room.

At which point they put a BP arm band round my arm and as it filled with air and crackled I claimed to be the Hulk. Umm… It seemed logical at the time.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not really cool with black outs. But they do make for humorous party stories.

To the challenge (next week another game, promise!):

Black outs can be anything, from the lights being snuffed out in war time, to a quick nod off during surgery. Write about a black out in less than 200 words.

Esther up first, (who has an awesome flash fiction writing competition (with prizes) out now, check it out here.

The beginning:

Princess Fluffy Wuffy Woos gazed adoringly into Prince Hunky Dunky Doos’ eyes and felt herself drowning, dripping deeper down into his soft, shiny, whiny, choccy, woccy eyes: it was love at first sight.

The ending:

Princess Fluffy Wuffy Woos gazed adoringly into Prince Hunky Dunky Doos’ eyes and felt herself drowning, dripping deeper down into his soft, shiny, whiny, choccy, woccy eyes – again.

Al  went classic with this start an end…

“I woke with a start…
It was all a dream”

Rosie broke SO many rules with this one and made me laugh out loud at the end!

Opening line…Ann sighed, she looked out of the window at the dreary, damp wet clouds, they were heavy with fat droplets of rain, she stopped listening to the teacher who was droning on about someone famous in another lifetime, and somehow let her mind drift to last year when her life changed forever.

Closing line…the thing was gaining on them, they ran faster, jumping over dropped branches, Ann looked back to see how close it was, she glanced at Paul and caught her breath as he began to glow, she smiled, could they really make it in time? ….continued in book 2

Jane came up with two crackers

In the beginning, the earth was void and without form, darkness was on the face of the deep, but after twenty-four hours somebody got the lights working.

“I think that bloody darkness is coming b—”


King Tron settled his crown straight, frowning at the ladder in his tights and sent his squire for a bottle of nail varnish.

The battle was won, but King Tron frowned at the menacing darkness that still hung on the horizon, and the ladder that had started up the other leg of his tights.

Allie in next with a horror (in my humble opinion) story

The day started out exactly as the day had before and the day before that. Nancy sighed as she looked out her bedroom window. The story of her life lacked a hook.

“Good morning Nancy,” her mother called from the hall. “It’s another perfect day in paradise!”

Oh yes, perfect, Nancy thought with a snort. If by perfect, you meant nothing ever happened and everyone was content.

“You are going to sleep the day away,” Nancy heard her mom shout as Nancy pulled the covers back over her head.

The day ended exactly as the day had before and the day before that.

Lori in next with this foxy number

A dark, stormy day proceeding the hunt, wagging tails, beating hooves thundering the ground, the readying of guns.

who outfoxed who?

Anne up next with her first  entry to writespiration, and what an entry!

Little Mrs Grandison, who was always known as such to distinguish her from big Mrs Grandison who wasn’t really that big, but always wore her hair in a beehive which was a very popular style then, crossed the Church behind a huge bouquet that dropped petals, leaves and water over her feet.

Little Mrs Grandison tucked the secateurs into the font where, what with dropping numbers and so few baptisms no one would find them for an eon or two, and crossed herself before the altar in a defiant gesture that spoke more of ticking all the boxes than of religious observance before she left by the side entrance as it was furthest from that gruesome sight under its old-fashioned beehive.

Mike M in next another newbie to writespiration with this…. umm…. random assortment of lines! Also Mike went to town on his blog with these, some are genius, check them out here.

My mind raced like a speeding NASCAR driver rocketing down the road turning unsuspecting animals into gooey road pizza.

And as I wrote “c=sin1” on question 50 of the exam, I looked back and felt supremely confident that the only question I answered on the test was correct. Maybe.

Charli in next with this hilarious entry

Once upon a time I wished upon an alien star to give my blogger bestie beastly inspirations, you know, like reptilian googly-eyed characters or maybe hot-mama androgynous Viking Argonauts to the cosmos, but I never dreamed in a million years it would bring me dark and stormy nights.

Now I’m terrified to go to church or trust the government because aliens are real and aliens live in Idaho and screw it all, I thought I only had to worry about grizzlies.

Next, Sarah, with a disgustingly positive entry!

First Line:

The waiting room smelled like cheap air freshener, fake rose and sickly sweet vanilla, mixed with the lingering scent of hopelessness as Tiffany and Pierce sat separated by loathing and distrust on a blue, faded couch.

Last Line:

And, as they walked home, holding hands, they knew they would be one of the lucky couples people envy as they gaze at each other over their half-full glasses of white zinfandel.

Helen’s made me laugh out loud…

It was a dark and stormy knight who rode in on a white horse to delicately scoop her up like ice cream onto a cone, skirts a fluttering as they rode into the sunrise.

‘I never liked ice cream anyway,’ he said, closing his visor with a snap as he rode stormily into the sunset, skirts still fluttering, leaving her there alone, or should I say, a cone.

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  1. L.o.L!!!! Great imaginations and some cracking entries there. I think I might be able to dredge something up for this one… havent partaken for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha prizes for bad books. You should copyright that!

      Jealous? Has she not been poeming? To be fair, I think I’ve got away with it but I’ve been cheating and not participating in my own challenges for a few weeks. I need to change that before I get caught!


      1. I know I know. It’s because I’ve been editing. I can’t seem to keep up with editing the novels if I do 3 full posts a week but I’m loathe to drop to 2. I’ll join in next week for sure.


      2. Oh. Damn! Ok. More writing then! 😋

        I still owe you an extension on the drowning story. Ergh.

        Yeah, I know, I figure my house needs new wall paper so might as well start doing it letter by letter!


  2. Ha ha, enjoyed these – such fun 🙂

    And I’m with you on the surgery thing – it’s the worst part, those last few seconds before they send you under. It’s such a leap of faith. I had big surgery last year and I remember waking up and being in terrible pain, but at the same time huge relief that I had made it through to the other side.

    Blackouts – hmmm. Now I’m thinking…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. isn’t it just? Ugh, I was so freaking anxious. I still hate the thought of being put under. I hope that is the last time it ever happens. I remember you mentioning you had surgery. Hope you are all fighting fit now?

      black outs….. surely you can squeeze a little silver and black?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am fighting fit now, except for this bloody flu 🙂 I hope you’re fully recovered as well. I can never understand people who have surgery voluntarily (ie plastic) – it’s such a full-on thing to do to yourself. I’m hoping I’m done with surgery now.
        And yes, I was thinking of a bit of Silver and Black for the blackout bit, but I need to write it so I don’t give too much away – will see what I can do 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah man, there is seriously SO much flu about at the minute. Half my works been taken out!

        Haha I know, although there’s a fair bit of surgery I’d have in principle u could just never get me through the anaesthetic! Ooh squeal yaaaay to black and silver

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Plus it’s quite traumatic to the body, more than perhaps we think because our medical care is so good. But yes, it’s that step into the dark that is the most confronting!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Okay, a snippet of Silver and Black, just for your Blackout challenge 🙂

        Fear. It thrums through me, cold as Kyle’s kisses, hot as his touch. I can’t see a thing, but I can hear everything. No matter how I curl myself into a ball, hair hanging forward over my ears, it can’t block out the sounds.

        I don’t need super hearing to know what they are doing. I can hear Jessie’s moans becoming more rhythmic, rustles and creaking from the bed. I squeeze my eyes shut, hot tears under my scrunched eyelids.

        Asshole. Assholes.

        Then I hear a sort of snapping sound, and Jessie gasps, high pitched. Is he…? Would he actually dare, while I’m right f*cking here? The pain in me twists and I gasp too, as though the breath has been punched from me.

        He is turning her.

        I can hear lapping noises, her moans muffled as she sucks from him, the choked groans he makes. I start to cry, then. Remembering.

        This betrayal feels the worst of all. I cry for my mother, that I’ll never see her again. For my father, even his distant love. For the disappointment that I am, weak, easily led, endangering them all. For the fact that I’m going to die here, alone.

        Liked by 2 people

      5. WHAT????????? WHAT?????????? Are you joking me?????? You’re ending it there? I hate you. No. I love you, because I love this story. BUT SERIOUSLY………… SO UNFAIR *sobs* PLEASE hurry and write this.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Oh I love that you love it 🙂 and I couldn’t write any more because you said 200 words, plus I don’t want to give away any spoilers. But rest assured, it’s my Nano novel for next minth

        Liked by 1 person

      7. It bloody wants to be! I don’t know how many more teasers I can bear!! I don’t just love the story. I adore it. I cannnnnnnot wait to have it in full. Haha, 200 words….. when have I ever followed my own rules! :p

        Liked by 1 person

      8. 😀 I know, but I couldn’t give any more away, really I couldn’t. No more teasers, I won’t torture you any more. Plus I’m still working out some of the plot too…


  3. These were hilarious!

    I had an op about ten years or so back, and the first thing I said about the general anaesthetic when I came to was “where was the countdown?”… I felt so cheated! I need another op on Friday, under GA. Maybe I’ll force the issue, and just count down relentlessly whenever they’re fiddling around. That counts, right?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bone removed from inside my nose and my sinuses drilled in order to open them – basically had chronic sinusitis because my nose wouldn’t drain properly. Wasn’t fun!


  4. I had a surgery last year too and it was the same. I watched them waddling and around me, putting that needle in and the stuff already started flowing. The doctor said it might be a little cold. I waited for the countdown too but when I woke up I realized … there was none… lol!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope, the count down is not a myth. The first surgery, there was a count down. The second surgery, no count down. Both I refused the oxygen masks, so they had to put them on after I passed out. I don’t like the waking up feeling. I felt so woozy and the dry mouth is not a nice feeling either. They gave me graham crackers. Graham CRACKERS! I didn’t have saliva, how am I going to get those crackers down my throat? SMH. Happy you doing better, and back to blogging.


      2. Ah HA!!!!! someone who has had the count down! oMG Crackers???? seriously?! How on Earth did they expect you to eat those? I drank 2 litres in the hospital just in the afternoon my mouth was THAT persistently dry!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. They gave me some hot black tea to wash down the crackers, but I felt nauseous, so I just drank the tea. My first attempt to hold my cup was disastrous… lol. I spilled my tea in the bed tray. It seemed to happen in slow motion. Either that or my hand was moving at warped speed when my fingers tried to grasp the handle. My feeble voice whispered, “I spilled my tea.” My heavy head lulled on my spaghetti neck like a drunk duck. Not a nice feeling at all. Smh. 🙂


  5. Bert Hammond knew his job important. Without him Jerry would bring a fiery hell on his corner of East London. Everyone else thought Bert a pain and regretted leaving him to obtain the job as air raid warning. The nicest that was said about Bert was that he was officious. Bert was mostly oblivious to these mutterings. To anyone who asked he pointed to the regulations. Blackouts had to be rigorously enforced.
    However a section of the community refused to comply with his encouragement to seal their curtains. Nightly Bert had to identify these egregious non compliances and then report them to the constabulary. The self same local constabulary felt about Bert what most citizens felt about tax collectors – necessary evils. Reluctantly they waited on Bert’s inevitable nightly calls and each time dispatched a Constable.
    The citizens complained. A spate of burglaries irritated them more that the slight risk that a sliver of light might attract the Luftwaffe. But Bert occupied the moral high ground and every time someone complained about the lack of police support Bert cited the war effort.
    People accepted they couldn’t win. Unlike Bert whose family burglary business was morally darker than even the thickest curtain.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. “No count down. Nothing. If I hadn’t been off my face on morphine I’d have made them do it again just so I got the countdown.” hahahahahaha, I can totally relate. I had my wisdom teeth taken out years ago, and just the same, I was out before I knew what was going on. Totally expected the counting back from 10…but nope. It was a total bummer. Waking up saying “I’m Jim Carey.” is freaking hilarious. Glad all went well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe, glad I made you laugh! If you can’t take the mick out yourself theres no hope! It made me laugh too when my partner informed me of the ridiculousness I had spewed out! Glad I’m not the only one to be pissed about the distinct LACK of countdown.


  7. Sacha, I do not like anesthesia. I have had more surgeries without being put to sleep than I have slept through. Although during surgery, I usually talk to whoever is closest to me until my doc says to knock it off.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Glad you’re back to the old Sach we all know and love. I could tell you stories to make your hair curl (if it’s not already). Suffice it to say, when I had open heart surgery for a tumor on my heart 8 years ago, they wheeled me in DRUG FREE. I got to see way too much ie: instruments, heart lung machine, and saw. I begged to put me out before I died of a heart attack. All I remembered was count backwards from 10. I said 9 and that was it. I was grateful for that tender mercy. 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha actually my hair is well curly 😂 but I’d take a few more for the sake of the stories 😋. I walked into my operating room too! But mine looked nothing more than a consulting room! I was a bit like – is this it?!

      Gosh can’t believe you had surgery on your heart. You’re so brave. Thank god you’re ok now. I don’t think I’d have appreciated seeing instruments either. Like the drill they took to my face!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. The countdown is real. I had to count down when my wisdom teeth were removed and at some point the numbers in my head turned to colors.

    The zip line stretched out across the field. The kids from down the street watched from the safety of the earth as I grasped the handle in my sweaty palms. No turning back now, I told myself. I had been just a little kid when I volunteered to take a turn. Climbing back down would be admitting the truth in the names they’d called me when they thought I couldn’t hear. I bit my lip as I jumped from the platform.

    The rollers on the line whirled as trees on the other side of the field rapidly filled my vision. Then my hand slipped from the grip and I was falling. The ground met my back first, slapping the air out of my body as my vision went black. When the light returned the faces of the other kids surrounded me. One of the eldest extended her hand. “I can’t believe you did that. I chickened out three times before you guys got here. Are you okay?”

    I took a deep breath enjoying the sensation of my lungs returning to normal function. “That was awesome! Again!”

    This time instead of falling, I flew, and while I might still be the little kid from down the street, I knew those other names would never again catch me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Had a major breakthrough, thank goodness. I decided that I was tired of all my characters talking and if they weren’t going to go out to battle my baddy, well then my baddy will come to them. Outline be damned

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I agree with you about anesthetics and surgery. I’ve had a few goes myself in the last year or two. It is quite a worry. Who knows? You could wake up dead, and I’m not convinced that would be fun. Not yet, anyway. The stories in response to your inspiration are hilarious! Well done for drawing them out.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. These. Are. Awesome. I mean, you have to give props to the awfulness of these lines! Nice! I love writing badly for writing exercise.


    Yes, I laughed at you. No, I don’t feel badly about it. Yes, I know EXACTLY how you felt so I should feel badly. *goes back to beginning of this weird cyclic comment*

    I hate, hate, hate going under for surgery. I am beyond terrified and just KNOW I’m not going to wake up. It’s quite ridiculous but I can’t help it. So happy you’re alive. 😀 (No, really, I’m glad you’re doing well.) ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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