Flat Earth & The Great United Nations Cover Up

Flat EarthThere are a couple of films that after the first time I saw them, I felt a little bit less sane. The two biggest culprits being: The Matrix and The Truman Show. They messed with my head, my perception of reality in a way I cannot explain. In my defence I was only 12 when they were released in 1999. It’s weird though isn’t it. When something so ridiculous, so controversial it couldn’t possibly be true, sews just the tiniest seed of doubt.


Curtsey of Wiki: The Flammarion engraving (1888) depicts a traveler who arrives at the edge of a flat Earth and sticks his head through the firmament.

For a few thousand years, we thought the world was flat. All 5 big religions, had accepted and promoted theories of a flat Earth. They believed the Earth was flat and at the edge was protected by something called the firmament – whilst they might have differed in their beliefs, they were united on this.

It wasn’t until Copernicus in the 16th century realised the world spun at over 1000mph and 60,000 mph round the sun, that he proposed the globe model. From these calculations he surmised the world was round. That’s it. No more proof no more evidence, it was accepted into mainstream society and still is to this day.

It’s one of those fundamental ideas we are taught on the first day of primary school; the world, is 100% round.

But, humour me, what if it’s not round? What if we got it right the first time? The Earth is flat. As conspiracy theories go, this one takes the biscuit. 

I am not even going to attempt to explain this as well or as in depth as Mark Sargent does, but I will give the highlights from his research combined with my questions and plead with you to go watch the 11 short episodes in his youtube video series so you can make up your own mind. I have posted links at the bottom of this post should this spark even a hint of doubt or interest in your mind.

Like most things in life, this started one with a question. Actually it started with several. Lets begin with these:

If the world spins at 1040mph why don't we see the stars spinning?1. If the world is spinning at 1040 mph, and spinning at 60,000mph round the sun, then why aren’t the stars too? Why don’t they look like this?

2. Why doesn’t the moon change its face?

3. Why, if the Earth is curved, when we stand on the edge of the beach on a clear day, do we not see a hint of the ocean curving around and down?

Taken by yours truly on route to The Netherlands

Taken by yours truly on route to The Netherlands

4. Why if the Earth is curved and we are 35,000 feet in the air on a plane do we not see the horizon below us, but at eye level?

5. Why is there only one photo taken of the Earth from space? All the others are composites. That means that they have been ‘interpreted, combined and CGI’d’

6. Why are all the images of Earth from space only partial – not full 180 degree or 360 degree?

7. Why are all the images of Earth from space so vivid? Aren’t those photos taken from hundreds of miles away through a ton of atmosphere? When we look up we can’t see through all the cloud, so how can the photos be so vivid?

8. Why do we have an accepted structure of the Earth depicting all the way through mantles, inner and outer cores when the deepest hole we have drilled is only 8 miles deep – we have never been to the core, so how do we know what it’s like?

9. Why do rockets when launching into space turn? Why don’t they just continue upwards?

300px-Mercator_projection_SWMaps are an odd thing. Do you know we are taught completely incorrect maps at school? The Mercator map is the most widely accepted map to date. See left. It is taught in schools, accepted as fact, and yet, it is completely wrong.




450px-Gall–Peters_projection_SWThe Gall-Peters, map shows the world laid out with the correct proportions between the countries. See the map right. Notice the drastic difference in size of Greenland and the Antarctic? Notice the enormity of Africa?

But this is the strangest thing of all. Wiki has a list of maps, scroll down  way down until you find the Azimuthal Equidistant (AE) map. Or in other words a map of the world if it were laid out flat. See below Left. All the maps in that list, reference only the people who came up with it. So why does the United States Geological Survey USGS use this map, a map of the world flat, lined by the Antarctic as its accepted map?? It’s not right? The world is round, Right? It isn’t lined by a 300 mile wide perimeter of ice.


Azimuthal Map left, vs UN Map right


Curtsey of Wiki: A satellite composite image of Antarctica.

So tell me this: why is the Antarctic the only continent on Earth without a native population? There is no place on Earth not populated by man. But more strange than that, because it has no population, it has no government. No one owns it.

Richard E. Byrd an Admiral in the navy took 4500 military officers to the Antarctic – in the 50’s he claimed that it was the most important scientific discovery there’d ever been. But more interestingly, that it was rich. Rich with coal and oil and uranium and a plethora of things that would keep the planet going for centuries. So why after his second mission was it closed off for good?

The Antarctic Treaty is a treaty that has been in place since 1961 and now has 53 nations signed up to it. Um… does anyone know of any other treaty that has been in place that long between that many nations and not been broken? Didn’t think so. What does the treaty say? It says, that nothing and no one can go there…EVER. Why? You would think oil companies would be hounding the UN for access. But no one does.


So then I started to look for an image of the Antarctic. Guess what I found. Composites. Nothing but composites. Made up make believe images.

Let’s entertain for one second the possibility that the Earth is flat. Lets then think about the structure of the Earth and how easy it would be to keep us on land in the centre safe from ever discovering it was anything other than a sphere.

Go up – the air gets so thin it kills us if we are unassisted by technology. Go North or South, the conditions become so cold that we would freeze to death if not protected. Try to sail your way around the world? Pretty damn hard unless you have a big boat full of supplies. Imagine how much easier it would be if it wasn’t filled with salt water and you could drink the sea. Go down and the heat is so fierce we can only drill 8 miles  before our tools are melted. Pretty neat way of containing us if you ask me.

And what of the dome in the sky? Well, in 50’s just after the first space mission the American’s and Russians started firing Nuclear bombs straight up and not little ones. Megaton ones. They continued to do so for 4 years. Why? Were they trying to break the dome?

The Earth’s curvature means that when a boat reaches a certain distance it should sink below the surface of the horizon, particularly on water. There is a stretch of canal over 6 miles long in Norfolk UK. The experimenters fixed a pole above the water and then rowed 6 miles away. Using a telescope they looked for the pole. They could still see it, but it should have been several feel below the surface. Suggesting the Earth is in fact flat – google it.

Image Curtsey of Mark Sargent's Flat Earth Clues Youtube video series

Image Curtsey of Mark Sargent’s Flat Earth Clues Youtube video series

The really bizarre thing for me are the flight paths for planes travelling in the southern hemisphere. For a proper explanation of this, watch episode 7 below. In effect, why, if you want to go from any southern hemisphere city to another southern hemisphere city which you would think would be a, simple direct flight across the ocean, does it become extraordinarily complex? There are NO direct flights. None. Try it – I dare you. Try and book a direct flight from Perth to Brazil.

I have talked a lot, and not as coherently as Sargent does. So please, if you can spare an hour, watch the videos and see the arguments laid out in a much simpler and more comprehensive way.

So what of the writing world? Well, if you’re a science fiction writer then I’m guessing you have spent this whole post eating your heart out. This has to be the coolest bit of inspiration I’ve found… ever. But the strange thing is, it’s already been used. Anyone recall Terry Pratchett (RIP), flat planet on a turtle on some elephants? What about Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the world building warehouses? Funny how so many conspiracies find their way into literature and fiction stories. I know not everyone approves of these posts, but I don’t give a shit. It’s inspiring, and gives me (and other writers) SO many ideas, so I hope that this has been for some of you at least, inspirational.

Mark Sargent’s video series on the Flat Earth Clues:

Video – Introduction

Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4Video 5Video 6Video 7, Video 8Video 9, Video 10Video 11.

Stay tuned, because I contacted Mark and have since interviewed him over Skype. I will do a follow up post shortly.

I wrote a piece of flash fiction inspired by this theory, which has now sparked an entire idea for a novel. So I thought I would share it, I entered it into Charli Mills flash fiction challenge here.

The Firmament by Sacha Black

I placed my hand on the dome; it was hard as diamonds and colder than I expected. I couldn’t see out just the image of our own world, our own failings reflecting back on us.

I pumped my fist onto it. “No.”

“Now what?” Luke said, touching my shoulder.

I turned, stared at the thousand men I’d led to the edge of the Earth with the promise of freedom.

His eyes were wide. His fear, infectious, rippled through the crowd.

The dome rose in all directions and further than the eye could see. We were trapped.

“I don’t know.”

Have you ever written about a strange Earth? What do you make of the conspiracy? If this has given you some writerly inspiration let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I have to admit a strange fascination with this one, Sacha. And I love your Flash Fiction at the end… excellent! A very thoughtrue provoking post. Just because a theory has been accepted as the normal, doesn’t mean it is true. I think the most scary thing is how easily the round earth was accepted with no proof.

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    1. Yes me too Ali what I think is bizarre too is that every major religion agreed (yes agreed) on something and that something was that it was a flat earth!! I find that a little scary.

      Thank you – have a feeling that flash will turn into a novel! I’m desperately clinging to the mental notes I have!

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  2. Now this I like. I always felt the Matrix had to be true. It was the only way to explain yoghurt. I will try and watch some of Mark’s videos. And I neatly got caught out by the flash. As a judge I had to skip past quick smart to avoid being compromised! I’m sure it’s great only I can’t say. Not yet any ways. And if all of this turns into a novel then who cares if it’s bunkum. PS if the dig at the end about approval was aimed at me… Then I think John Cleese’s French knight says it all for me! http://youtu.be/9V7zbWNznbs

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  3. Oh Sacha, I love how thought-provoking this post is, and the flash fiction at the end. Yes, why not? The earth is so large that one person can never grasp it in its entirety and, as you say, it being round was accepted without question. Lots of great story ideas in this as well. Enjoying the comments too 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Helen, what a lovely thing to say ❤ Re-reading the flash I wasn't convinced some of the sentence order was wrong – but you are restricted to 99 words only in Charli's pieces, so you make do! But I will definitely be developing it as a longer story. I 100% agree by the way – it is too large for us to comprehend in more ways than one. I'm never sure what I really think of these theories – I guess they just ask good questions and provoke stories in my mind! 😀

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  4. Altered perceptions are why Fantasy and Sci-fi are such great (and popular) genres!

    I’m also a Terry Pratchett nut so would just like to say that Discworld is MAGIC and it’s therefore perfectly natural for it to be flat and carried across the heavens by 4 continent-sized elephants who stand on the back of an astro-chelonian (a Space Turtle). Some years ago the wizards of Discworld created a magical Roundworld (Earth) as an experiment (The Science of Discworld Bks 1-4) – it’s currently sitting on the mantelpiece of incompetent wizard and Master of Cruel and Interest Geography Rincewind’s lodging at Unseen University…

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    1. Yeah – exactly Jan – couldn’t agree more. AND people love that altered reality as much as any literary pieces so clearly theres something in it.

      Pratchett was a genius as far as I’m concerned. Haven’t read as many of his books as you though clearly! I’ll have to make that a top priority next year 😀 Happy Xmas


  5. Interesting. Though I’m not ready to believe the world isn’t round. I’m guessing the Azimuthal Map is used because it has Antarctica in the middle and kind of resembles how the world would look if you were hovering above the poles. Didn’t know that we only have the one picture of Earth from space, which seems very strange to me. I’d think we’d take more than one with all the satellites up there. Not sure how we could get a 360 without sending something around the planet, but wouldn’t every shot appear 2D since it would only have black space and stars behind it?

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    1. Charles – just to respond to one of these points now (I’ll come back to the others later) the images are all what are called “composite” which means they aren’t actual shots from space or are only partial shots


    2. Back for a fuller comment – hope you are feeling better now Charles. Agreed these theories are so left field it’s hard to swallow any of them let alone this one. BUT I do so love how many pertinent and unanswerable questions they raise. I already replied to the point about 360 photos – but the other point is – why are there never stars in photos of the planet – or satellites – I thought the planet was suffocated by satellites up there…


      1. The cold is lingering. Something actually made me think of these theories a few days ago, but I forgot. A fact that made me wonder how they even got started. I wonder if the distance makes the satellites too small to be seen like how we can’t see them from the ground. As for the stars, I looked it up:

        “The reason why no or very little stars can be seen is because of the Earth. The Earth, when lit by the Sun, is many thousands times brighter than the stars around it. As a result the Earth is so bright that it swamps out most if not all of the stars.”

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      2. Yeah thats a really good point Charles. I have no idea where they come from. How or maybe why do some go viral too? What is it about them that makes them so popular?


      3. At least today, they spread quicker than facts. Takes a lot of time to prove something true while a conspiracy theory requires more cherry picking and manipulating of existing information. So it can spread in the place of facts during a time when people are curious. Many will stick to the information they heard first, so the slow moving truth doesn’t have any impact.

        As far as popularity goes, I think it differs. Some people want to believe the more fantastical theories. Others imply want to doubt the more popular opinion. Though if you ask anyone who believes a wild theory, they’ll probably say it’s because they know it to be true. We’re a species that is really good at deluding ourselves at times.

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      4. Very astute thoughts Charles. I agree about the cherry picking of information, thats why I like to research everything I can in the time I have, and even then I try to stay open. I mean really, how certain can we be about anything?! hope you have had a lovely christmas.


  6. First – if you haven’t seen Dark City, please do. It will mess with your head more than the Matrix.

    Second – When I first started reading this, I immediately thought of Pratchett and Disc World.

    Third – I was nerdy enough as a child to attend space camp and so if there is a conspiracy, I’ve bought it hook line and sinker. The images of the blue marble are breath-taking. I would love to go and see it for myself. If they are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    Then again there are the round images of earth as captured by Curiosity. If the world is flat that would mean that the sun was blocked from an entire face at nearly the same time rending time zones (and the jet lag I hate) pointless.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooh, I haven’t seen it, but I have been told about it. So I shall investigate, I wonder if I can get it online.

      Good – glad you did – shows how much this stuff is littered through fiction already.

      OMG – you went to space camp? I am well jealous I would have loved that as a kid.

      Do you know where these curiosity images are? and does it say composite anywhere near them? If it does, they aren’t true photographs.

      I hate jet lag too.

      I don’t know how to answer your point about the sun, because i am not 100% I understand. But if you have time, have a look at the videos – they are enlightening.


      1. Curiosity Image of earth (http://www.space.com/24593-mars-rover-curiosity-sees-earth-photos.html). It doesn’t say composite, because Earth is so far away all it looks like is a round pixel. So if it appears round, but is flat like a coin, that would mean that the Earth is positioned in such a way that a flat Mars is perpendicular to the Earth’s face and Curiosity is seeing Earth at night. Because day is not constant that would mean at some point the Earth coin would have to flip, rendering Earth invisible to Mars during the day/night transition unless Earth is not a flat coin, but is instead a cylinder.

        Hopefully this better explains what I am getting at. Otherwise I might have to start budgeting to attend the bloggers bash sometime.

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      2. So a couple of points:

        1. that video is a bit dubious in terms of colouration and quality – i.e. why is Earth the ONLY star in the sky? It wouldn’t be the brightest so where are the rest?!

        2. Interesting about the perpendicular comment – that would only be the case if it was spinning in a spherical way – it could be spinning flat – i.e. like a CD and wouldn’t then flip.

        3. The flat Earth hypothesis – if you watch the videos doesn’t think the Earth is spinning at all…….. we can’t feel it spin.

        4. It also says we can’t get out of the dome so would imply the videos fake.

        WOULD LOVE you to visit the bash…. I hope you can one day.

        Final point – all of the above is just playing devils advocate and I’m not sure I believe any of this, I do love the questions it asks though and the ideas it springs.


  7. Although some of this is beyond anything I’ve ever considered, its fascinating stuff. Were you a scientist? A geologist? or something of the like in another life? LOL. I think we should check out the Antartic and see what’s really doing there? ❤

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  8. Now you’re doing my head in! Hub is always finding conspiracy theories to share with me. Now have I got a doozy to share with him! I agree about the Matrix and The Truman Show – very scary stuff. You’ve asked some interesting questions as conspiracy theorists always do. However, also just like them, you have given no answers.
    I love your flash – brilliant. Very reminiscent of some of those other stories, but opening up doors for other stories, if not escape routes for characters. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha – we’re a right pair this week! I always forget your hub loves a conspiracy – let me know what he thinks of the videos if he watches them.

      *snigger* I know, we don’t answer them! But that’s kind of the point! However, Mark S the video creator does go some way to try and answer them in his videos.

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      1. I think Hub even thought this one was a bit far-fetched. He didn’t watch the videos, but he did read your article.
        When’s your book coming out????
        Are you adding Santa to your list of conspiracies? Or the Santa deniers?
        Enjoy! 🙂

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      2. Haha it’s a bit extreme this one, but the videos explain it in a MUCH more coherent and believable way than I could.

        My book? Which one? What do you mean?

        Haha Santa won’t be on the weekly wonder list this year!

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      3. Your book with the flat earth as setting! 🙂
        I must make time for those videos. Might put them up on the big television screen. We can check them out together! 🙂

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  9. Actually, I learned this week that the earth isn’t perfectly round, but slightly ovalish. Hmmm. Isn’t it all just so interesting? Wonderful research and speculation, Sacha! More ideas for stories. And the flash fiction at the end was great. 🙂

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    1. Thats true – isn’t it all messed up at the poles? The Earth actually has the same effect on the moon would you believe – distorts its shape into an oval – gravity issues or something. I absolutely LOVE these theories so much though I find them so inspiring.

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  10. Totally intriguing. The maps thing drives me nuts – the earth is oval/egg and the maps school kids use are wrong, wrong, wrong..what is with that?
    So many “known to be true facts” are often just guesses…like brain theories and theories on how people acquire knowledge. I was working with one researcher when brain scans were just becoming used for research – different areas light up differently at different times….one very smart PI remarked as he watched and evaluated the scans “We really have no idea what we are looking at – only guessing and trying to make sense. How cool it would be if we actually knew what was happening.” But he wrote/writes very solid sounding papers on brain activity…sounds real.
    Fiction often turns out to be far more accurate in time?
    Fun post

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    1. I know, I completely agree about the map frustration – you expect schools to deliver the truth to kids but no. They don’t even try. Interesting about the scanners – I nearly did a PhD examining the brain using fMRI scanners. Interesting about fiction – like Aldous Huxley…


  11. If the Earth is flat, then are all the other planets, their moons, and the sun also flat? When I look up at at a full moon, I can see it is round. Okay, it could also be flat, but why then is it never always full and flat? We’ve also taken many photos of other planets and moons in our solar system and they all look round. Yes, they could be flat, but if so then why does nothing on the bottom of them fall off?

    With regards the flights, it could just be that there is less population in the Southern Hemisphere so there is not the demand for those flights. I learned a little about this in my last job. 🙂

    Another question, if the earth is flat then why do only some parts of it have four seasons? Why does it get dark at 4pm in the Winter, yet at 10pm in the Summer? I’m led to believe that has something to do with the Earth having a slight wobble as it rotates.

    Lots of questions here, Sacha, but fascinating stuff.

    P.S – Your photo (on route too the Netherlands) certainly shows a nice curve.

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    1. So to answer some of these points better:

      1. The premise is that we are trapped in a dome (also called the firmament) this means, we don’t know what is on the outside. In my next weekly wonder I go into the holographic projections notion that suggests what we see is merely a projection onto the dome’s surface. That means all the stars, the moon, everything is just an image. This is explained much better in the videos. I make it sound a bit unrealistic.

      2. the point is – we don’t know whats outside the dome!

      3. In the videos (watch them) it talks about trapping animals in cages – like in zoo’s or a hamster in a cage. Animals – not being as conscious as us will scout round the edges of their cages and then give up when they realise its futile. Humans don’t do that – the psychology is that they would go nuts. The larger you make the enclosure the less chance you have of making it to the edge and realising you’re trapped. Make it harder to get to the edge, like say, dropping the temperature, building an ice shaft, and projecting a wall of stars into the sky all of a sudden no one questions whether you’re trapped any more.


      4. The bottom and the edge and falling off – WATCH THE VIDEOS – the edge like in the Azimuthal map is enclosed by the Antarctic – a 300 mile wall of ice. the bottom well, just watch the videos!

      5. Flights – watch the video – think its 7 or 8 – that one tripped me out had to watch it 4 times!

      6. the seasons can be controlled, and the light is controlled by the projection – watch the videos.

      7. the photo shows a curve – yes, a flat one. it curves like the land beneath it is flat as a disc… also if the world was a globe – why wouldn’t the horizon be below me, and the curve be falling away from me as if it were curving round the ball of the earth….? Instead of at my eye line and flat like a disc?????


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  12. Interesting article. I’ve been aware of the Flat Earth Theory for some time. I’m not sure if the videos you’ve linked to are the same. Of course I don’t believe that the earth is flat. I’m not gonna get into all of the questions you raised but only one.

    I’ve sailed as a marine engineer on cargo ships and when you are in the middle of the ocean without any land visible anywhere, the horizon does look round. I don’t know why it doesn’t look that way from a beach because I’m not sure I’ve paid attention to the curvature of the horizon when on a beach. But I clearly remember being on deck in the north sea and wondering how clearly I could see the curvature of the earth. It was an amazingly overwhelming moment to realize that our ship was tiny and so far away from humanity on all sides.


    1. Hey there Eddy, thanks for stopping in.

      Interesting points you make. When I look out to sea from the beach – there is a curve – its flat and curves round the horizon – I’m not contesting that – its the same thing from an aeroplane – you can see the curve around the horizon. What you can’t see is the curve over the surface of the Earth – the Earth’s round right? So why doesn’t the horizon curve down over the round surface?


      1. Oh alright, now I see what you meant. But it’s an impossibility to see the downward curve of the earth from any point. Because whatever is beyond the horizon is below the horizon so hidden by it. As you move forward the horizon moves too. You can now see the part of the earth that was hidden before but the part beyond it is still hidden. If you draw a tangent from your eye level to the spherical earth, the point at where the tangent touches the sphere is the horizon. The downward curve is beyond this point and your sight can’t bend around the sphere to see what’s beyond it.

        I don’t know if I was able to explain that better. I’ve been thinking about your other questions as well and here’s some explanations I know of.

        1. Why doesn’t the stars revolve faster? When you are on the surface of the earth you are away from the axis of rotation of the earth. So you are not spinning like a top you are going in a circle. The latitude of your location is the circle you are traveling on. So the stars in the sky move across the sky opposite to your direction of movement. If you were to stand on the north pole or on the south pole exactly, then you would be spinning like a top along with the earth. From this point you won’t see the stars moving across the sky so much as spinning around the sky. I think this is a documented fact. The speed isn’t so fast that they are blurry because they are so far away from us.

        2. The moon doesn’t change its face because it completes one rotation on its own axis in the same time that it completes one revolution of the earth. After 6 hours the moon has rotated by 90 degrees but it has also completed a quarter of its revolution around the earth. After 12 hours the moon has rotated by 180 degrees and is on the opposite side of the earth. And after 18 hours it has completed 3 quarters of its revolution and rotated 270 degrees. Finally when it reaches the starting point after 24 hours, it has completed 360 degrees of rotation. This is used by satellites as well because they need to point their antennas towards the earth at all time.

        By the way this also brought up questions that if the earth is flat then how do satellites work? And if there is an impenetrable dome then what about the Mars rovers and the voyager satellite that just crossed pluto and sent back pictures of earth taken from the farthest distance away from the earth.

        5. You have to be very far from earth to take all of it in one photograph. its like trying to fit a large group of people in a selfie. The composite technique doesn’t use CGI. It used multiple photos taken separately and then joins them together to form one picture. Like a panorama.

        6. You can’t take a 3D picture.

        7. The vividness is actually another reason why composites are used. They combine pictures of different parts of the earth when the sky in that area was clear.

        9. Rockets follow the easiest path out of earth’s gravity. If they went straight up they would need much more energy to break through the earth’s gravity. If they follow a parabolic path, they can escape much more easily.

        The map thing actually proves that the earth is a sphere. The maps are distorted because we are trying to put a 3D surface of a sphere on a paper. If you peel an orange and try to arrange them on a flat surface you’ll have to tear it up into many pieces. Here’s a list of different types of maps on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_map_projections The Goode Homolosine map looks like you would have to do to an orange skin to get it to be flat.

        The united nations map was chosen because they wanted a round logo to represent earth and out of all round maps this one made sure that no particular continent or country was in the center.

        And lastly the Antarctica treaty is very interesting. The treaty is kind of a paradox. What happened was that countries started laying claim to parts of Antarctica based on the route they chose to the south pole. Then during the cold war USSR and USA gave themselves a free ticket to lay claim on Antarctica because they hadn’t claimed any part of it so far. No one could say anything because these two were the greatest power at that time. When the treaty came into being no country was ready to give up its claim. So the treaty has a provision that the countries don’t have to let go of their claims. The treaty ensures that Antarctica is a nature reserve and can only be used for scientific research and no one can stay there permanently. But the countries still haven’t given up their claim and build their bases in their own claimed territory. Newer powers like China build bases wherever they want. But the treaty is up for negotiation in 2040s and it could break down at that point. Right now the countries aren’t fighting over it because it is not in their best interest to do so. But as resources diminish around the world, I see a war in Antarctica pretty soon. There’s another cool scenario to write a story on! Watch the CGP Grey video to understand more about Antarctica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbKNlFcg02c


      2. So this is a lot of points to respond to. Let me start by saying, I am only presenting information others have researched and gathered – I do write these posts like I believe them, but it’s more that I like to write a persuasive argument. I don’t want to leave replying any longer, but I haven’t had time to research answers. My intention is to transcribe the interview I did with the creator of the flat earth videos – I will have a listen to it and see if there are any answers, if there aren’t I will contact him directly and hope he has time to reply. Thanks again for such wonderful and thoughtful responses – I will be back.

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  13. Some very good questions here Sacha, they have certainly got me thinking. Did you watch the Dome on tv? Antartica now I’ve always wondered about this. I thought that underneath the ice we would find the old technological societies that they are always saying existed and that they would show us how the old societies basically screwed up but…….that is also debatable. Hitler believed in the hollow earth theory and there are vids on you tube suggesting that he took scientist there and did things. lol Great researcher I am. Also was freaked out by the matrix still am. Why is it that my mind thinks that this could be the truth?


    1. I haven’t watched the Dome, can you get it on Netflix? That is such a cool premise for a story Adele – you should totally write that story.

      I’ve heard about Hitler – supposedly he was working on a time machine too – that’s another post I have on my list! Haha, well I suspect there is some truth in the Matrix, what that looks like though I have no idea. Maybe that we are all drone slaves to society…


  14. I love your thinking on this and I love the thoughts you provoke on this. The think I love and loathe about conspiracy stories is often the lack of using all the facts and and looking objectively. The Earth is not round – well not perfectly round. So in local area’s there is the possibility of travelling a distance in a line and not seeing the curve just as locally someone can be seen to go uphill or down hill. On the sea if we look far enough we could see the curve, but it would be very far and not necessarily visible with the naked eye.

    On top of this our eyes are very wide angel – if you see this effect in a camera it’s easy to see, but our brains compensate for this – so we have a built in Earth curve compensation essentially.

    With this too, the Earth’s atmosphere bends light by refraction. So when we see the sun setting if it’s touching the horizon, it has already set, out atmosphere is letting us see it by refraction.

    I hope I’ve muddled your brain a bit more and I wish we had go the chance to talk at the bash, because I reckon we could talk for aaaaggeessss… But we can carry on regardless as I love all this kind of stuff. But I agree with your very first point – Matrix and the Truman show were a brain fuck.


    1. Glad you liked the post – apologies for the delay in replying but wanted to respond properly!

      So I have to say, the more I’ve looked into this one the more I allow myself an inch of belief around it. Have you watched the videos? If you have a couple of hours I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY strongly advise you watch them. If I can’t convince you, his evidence might. It might not too, but knowing how much you love this stuff you will love the videos, they are short too, just a few mins each so you could watch them over a few lunch breaks.

      Once you watched them let me know – we can messenger about it. I’ve listened to a few of this guys interviews too, and phoned him myself and interviewed him. I really need to get that transcribed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am into this, I’m prepared to be challenged on this. I don’t think it will change my view but who knows.

        I’ll look at them and messenger you 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome. I was a naysayer too. Then i did my own research. And as much as I want to disbelieve I keep coming back to it as a concept. Especially after I fly and can’t see a curve!

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Hi ya – I’ve finally seen these and it’s quite interesting. What this guy has done is he’s taken set of events, some of which are strange and some not and cobbled them into a set of linked events which kind of support his theory. What’s not scientific about this and the trap all conspiracists fall into is because something happened and we don’t know what. There has to be something in it. There are few, if any actual facts on why the Earth is flat and he’s not backed it up at all scientifically.

    But I liked it, it gets you thinking.

    My questions are this – if we live in a dome, where do the rockets go and where do the meteorites come from?

    I’ve already come up with some simple plans I hope are going to settle this scientifically. Because now the damn question has been asked – I have to answer it lol



    1. I don’t know. I think there’s quite a lot of science involved. There’s the military officials and pilots and naval officers who all contributed to helping him to the math etc. Perhaps those were on interviews I listened to though? But certainly I have heard from high ranking officials who are in agreement with him.

      I think the rockets is interesting – he mentioned this in one of the videos – why do rockets arch? If we weren’t trapped in a dome, shouldn’t they just go straight up?

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  16. When you consider that we’ve known the Earth was round since the time of the ancient Greeks, it’s certainly fascinating to see how the how flat Earth conspiracy woo can still catch people out. Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of the Internet, one we could never have foreseen, is that instead promoting science, knowledge and greater wisdom, it would become the ultimate platform for every barking-mad conspiracy theory and crackpot idea. I find it both sad and a bit depressing really. We are slowly edging towards making the movie Idiocracy a reality.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s cool to use conspiracy theories for imaginative fiction and have fun with them. But sadly we live in an age where people swallow dangerous fictions as fact. That’s why we have to be so careful not to contribute to the dumbing-down and anti-science backlash. Conspiracy theorists may be mostly harmless, but we’ve seen how the rise of the anti-vax movement has led to actual harm, with kids not getting vital shots and the potential for once beaten illnesses to rise again. That’s probably the biggest reason this subject gets me riled…

        Good luck with your stories Sacha. And stay away from the edge of the Earth 🙂

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