Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… Or NaNo?!

Hate to gloat… Actually, no, no I don’t. At least not in this instance… because…. drumroll please…..




It’s official, November 26th took me to a staggering 50,070 words… I celebrated and then promptly wept into my repetitively strained fingertips at the realisation I still had another 30-40K to go dawned on me. Did I mention the need for several redrafts?


I am also at the point where I can’t decide whether to add in a twist, which would fundamentally change an aspect of the book.


Anyway, good luck to all those still NaNo-ing. As Dory would say “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming”



    1. Keith, were you an accountant in your past life? I love your maths related comments! technically a fraction quicker because I had two days I couldn’t write at all, which I shall ensure is not the case next year. I haven’t. Also not donated. But it’s pay day tomorrow, so will do both in the evening :). What a relief. Now another several thousand words to go though! *sobs*

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