The Zen of Earth – The Mystery of Our Origin

Mystery of Our OriginWhen I first heard the word Hiraeth, I knew it held greater significance than just the feeling assigned to its meaning. If you don’t know what it means, its:

“Homesickness for a place to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I have lived in a shit load of places, more than 20 houses. But like this word states this homesickness is more than just wanting to plants seeds and sow your roots into one building. I don’t think I am the only one who has never quite found home.

It got me thinking. I have seen and read so many things that make me question whether we are really ‘from’ Earth. What if we’re not? What if that feeling so many people can’t get rid of is because  this isn’t really our home at all?

Now before you get your knickers in a twist, this is a thought piece. Of course I was born here, of course it’s my home, but the points I’ll make are interesting nonetheless. So for the time being, humour me and keep reading.

Lets start with the physical evidence:

photo from wiki

photo from wiki

Sunburn – animals don’t get it. Period. There isn’t an animal on this planet, not even the scorpions living in the depths of death valley in the searing heat that could brew you a coffee in half a millisecond, that get sunburn. It just doesn’t happen. Cause they are indigenous to this planet right? So if you’re guna be living under the sun it makes sense to evolve ‘a thick skin,’ right? So why haven’t we? And don’t tell me it’s cause we haven’t had time, the fucking monkeys don’t get sunburnt so they managed to evolve it. Lizards can lap that sun shit up all day everyday, almost as if dinosaurs should have been the indigenous population all along. And does anyone else find it bizarre, that the exact same conditions on this planet didn’t make way for the same creatures (dinosaurs) to make a come back after the extinction?

photo from pixabay

photo from pixabay


We’re chronically sick. Sure, part of it’s cause we’re chunk butts now, but were plagued by illness, how many grown adults do you know that don’t have something wrong with them? Even if t’s the tiniest thing? And what of one of the most prevalent ailments – back ache? Why is it MILLIONS of people suffer with back ache? and yet, animals don’t…It’s almost like our backs can’t take the pressure of our own weight. Almost like we weren’t meant to live in a world with quite the amount of gravity we do.


And on the point of being chronically sick, one of the arguments is that our brains are hard wired to a 25 hour day… weird, seeing as we ‘evolved’ on a planet with a 24 hour day.


Every animal on this planet has offspring with the right sized head to make childbirth, if not easy, bearable. When was the last time you saw an animal screaming in agony through childbirth… Just saying.


We, as a species, generally have an aversion to raw food on this planet. And yet, that is what every other animal on the Earth eats – raw food. So why do we have such an aversion to it? The minute we struck that first spark, we were cooking our food. Strange thing to think to do, burn your food, when the food you scavenged in the cave days was so rare…


photo from Wiki

photo from Wiki

There are plenty of theories suggesting we didn’t come from this planet, one is even accepted by mainstream science – Panspermia.

“the theory that life on the earth originated from microorganisms or chemical precursors of life present in outer space and able to initiate life on reaching a suitable environment.” – Google

All I have now is an image of a monkey riding a comet through space! Moving on, we know that Tardigrades and extremophiles can survive in the vacuum of space, so why not something else, something more human like. I mean, I could just go all out there and suggest we were ‘put’ here.


dome Earth

dome Earth

Which brings me on to the concept of Earth as a prison planet. There are whisperings of this in ancient stories like the ‘watchers’ or angels being banished to Earth for eternity for teaching us monkeys about society and ‘life’ (Adam and Eve story too).

If you believe the Flat Earth concept, then you already think we’re trapped in a dome we can’t escape. It isn’t that much more of a stretch to think we’re prisoners.

Maybe this is all just coincidence…Maybe not.

What I do know, is that I love this concept/theory. Some of you will know I am in the midst of writing a novel in a dystopian world that’s flat. But the idea of not coming from where you think is one that can be translated into any genre. 

What do you think? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find home? Why do you think we have so many oddities that we can’t explain?

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  1. I used to feel like that, until I came to Ireland. I feel a deep connection here, not to the people or culture or lifestyle, but to the actual land. Can’t describe it really. As for the other things, I think animals can get sunburn, well, dogs and pigs can, but maybe that’s because we’ve bred them so far from what they originally were. I know dogs suffer from many of the ailments humans do, but perhaps when you have four legs to support you, backache isn’t one of them. Lol! Love this post, love the concept of Hiraeth and totally get the yearning which can consume you. And am very open to the idea that humans originated ‘some place else’. Too many stories about that to ignore. Very thought provoking.

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    1. Thanks my lovely. 🙂 I love that you have found home, maybe I just haven’t found the right location? Interesting that dogs can get sunburn – hmm and what you say about breeding. *scratches head* Glad you like the theory – I agree that there are a LOT of theories and stories around this, too many to ignore I think.

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  2. What a great thought provoking post, Sacha. I do sometimes wonder if all the craziness of the universe was placed on Earth with a big cosmic warning saying … Dangerous, steer clear. Who knows.

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  3. I find it hard to think of any one place as home, Sacha, because I have lived in lots of interesting places. I think of myself as a citizen of the world, and that is my home. Home is a state of mind.

    But i agree that we do, somehow, seem very poorly adapted to life in general.


  4. You and I are So alike in so many ways – I’ve read about this before and I find is fascinating. I agree with the feelings that this isn’t where I’m meant to be and it’s the fact that our brains are wired to the 25 hour day that’s most compelling.

    The thing we have to consider is did we come from Mars? Are we the Martians we constantly seen on the red planet. I say this becasue:
    1) 1 Day on Mars is 24hrs and 40 mins – that’s prett much 25 hrs.
    2) There’s less gravity on Mars so it would be better for our backs.
    3) It’s further from the Sun – better for sunburn.
    4) We are constantly fascinated and compelled by Mars and when you look at the pictures…. why does it look so familiar?

    The possibilities of Scifi storeis from this are immense (my mind buzzes with ideas from it and I’m in the early states of working with it). But as they say fact is stranger than fiction. Are we on Earth becasue we’re seeking refuge after a massive nuclear war on Mars? They say this is possible becasue of some of the background radiation signatues they’ve detected. What about if we go there one day and find human remains or the remanants of lost technology we left behing god knows how many years ago.

    Loooooooved the post!!!! 🙂

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    1. YES YES YES.

      Have you seen my post on Mars?

      I have so much more I could write on Mars its unreal.

      I do think that there was life on Mars at one point. Supposedly it had an atmosphere which was ‘ripped’ off. That’s when life ended there. Do you know about the Annunaki? See apparently they used Mars as a stop off. They collected the gold from Earth (having created a slave race to mine gold) and then dumped it on the moon/Mars and then shipped it back to Nibiru. Whether there’s an substance to that I don’t know. But I watched a seriously awesome YouTube video on the moon recently that BLEW MY MIND. I’ll see if I can find the link for you.

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      1. Oh wow – you are a mine of great stuff. I will look at your post and if you find the youtube video that would be great!
        I had no idea about the story of the Annunaki. where did that come from – I’ll have to look that up.
        It makes you wonder about Egyptian slaves and out own place here. Are we slaves to another race? What’s out true purpose?

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      2. Oh god, you wait. I am going to BLOW your mind at the bash. If you think this is interesting, I can answer some of those questions. Have you read anything by Zacharia Sitchin? or (an easier read, Erik Von Daniken)

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  5. I think there are “things that make a great starting point for a piece of fiction” and “things explained perfectly well by science”. I’ll leave it at that 🙂

    And yes, animals do get sunburn! Even whales (as I learned from Octonauts)!


    1. Yep – but if you take everything science says at face value, you don’t get any inspiration for stories!

      lots of people have said about sunburn! I’ll remove that one when I get a minute! :p

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      1. The fact it disappeared in the dead centre of the road, where it could have come into a contact with a car, made me immediately think “ghost”. What if animal ghosts are all around, but we never even realise it?

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      2. Interesting. After one of my cats died I kept thinking I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I figured I just missed it, but maybe I didn’t. What if it was a portal, or if it got abducted by something sinister? What if… what if…. what if Hitchcock’s back from the dead and stealing birds to re-enact his film… *shudder*

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  6. This takes me back to a conversation with a friend when we were teenagers, not so long ago, aherm, (nose grows), we were talking about everything and we both agreed that we did not feel as if we belonged on this Earth. We weren’t drinking honest, the oldies had got wise enough to lock away the drink. I love this post, so thought provoking and you just know I`m going on you tube later. lol hope you having a great day Sacha.


    1. WOW – I am glad it’s not just me. So many people think this way and its not spoken about. I suspect the vast majority of us don’t feel at home, sadly. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x


    1. Yep a couple of people have pointed that out too. I think it’s the ones without much fur. But I think the majority don’t. I’ll do some more research into this specifically 😀


  7. Either I haven’t found the right place yet (not much time left if this is the case) or I’m from another planet. It must be nice to feel ‘at home’ somewhere…


  8. Loads of mammals get sun burn. Pigs, whales, dogs where the skin doesn’t have a fur or thick hairy covering. We get back ache because we started out walking on four legs, like other primates aNd adapted over time to two because we used more tools which being on four legs inhibited, but so far our evolution hasnt caught up in the musculature of the back and core. Lovely thought piece mind…


  9. I love the word Hiraeth as well – when spoken it has a yearning sound, very appropriate for its meaning. As to whether we are from here – well, I don’t know. I do know that they’ve just carbon dated a circular structure in a cave in France to 176,500 years ago, meaning it was built by Neanderthals, rather than modern humans. And so, perhaps they were the original inhabitants here, and our arrival is the so-called ‘missing link’ that led to them dying out? Just throwing it out there. Can’t wait to see Geoffle’s comments on this post 😀


  10. Sacha, Those origin thoughts have crossed my mind since I could walk on a grassy lawn for the first time. Everything you have questioned and more, I have too. We are stuck on this planet albeit, a beautiful planet, that we are quickly destroying. I think “they” got rid of us a long time ago because of our violent nature, inborn stupidity (i.e. Trump) and Lemming-like responses to almost everything. KD


    1. Its funny isn’t it – so many of us feel that way, yet rarely do we share or talk about it. I think you might be right about them getting rid of us. Trapping us here because of our nature. It’s horrifying and sounds like the plot of a dystopian thriller, but yet, still feels completely plausible.


  11. Interesting idea. Though I do believe animals that lack fur (elephants, rhinos, etc.) can get sunburned as well. Some creatures use mud, water, and other natural products as a natural sun blocker. Humans don’t seem exceptionally bright when it comes to living within nature or knowing our role within it. This is why we alter stuff instead of adapting. Not to switch topics, but I’ve wondered if our species is really an evolutionary dead end that refuses to take the hint.


    1. Lots of people have mentioned the lack of fur thing leading to sunburn. hahahaha ‘humans aren’t bright’ you got that right!

      If the Matrix and Agent Smith are anything to go by, then we are a virus, and viruses tend to get exterminated. Just saying…


      1. True. I think Agent Smith was right on some accounts. The difference is we’re a virus that could work to change how it operates and adapt. Like how there are different strains of flu, so at least one always survives. Humans seem determined to go down with the entire ship.

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      2. Think the frustrating part is that you can point a finger at a fraction of mankind who brought this about or let it keep going on. The rest of us seem to have gone along for the ride whether we liked it or not.


  12. Interesting post, Sacha. Of course, having read my own posts regarding our origins, you know how I feel about this subject, A couple of corrections, however.

    Many other animals can get sunburned, including elephants, dolphins, and dogs. Fur protects most mammals and feathers protect birds. Most animals avoid sunburn by not staying in the sun too long. Basic behavioral ecology. Only humans purposely stay in the sun long enough to burn. Even so, different people have differing susceptibility to burning. Darker skin people (those with more UV-absorbing melanin) take longer to burn. So I’m afraid this is not a very good argument.

    Regarding our many chronic illnesses, I suspect most of that has to do with the fact that we’ve been poisoning ourselves (and the planet) for close to a hundred years now. DDT, PCBs, PFOA, fire retardants, pesticides, fluoride, synthetic food additives, the list just goes on and on. Probably the biggest recent culprit is glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp. Google RoundUp and Autism or Roundup and diabetes and see how the increasing incidence of those chronic diseases exactly matches the dramatically increased use of RoundUp in the last 20 years.

    As for Mars, I am strongly suspicious that we will find artifacts on that planet, but they won’t be from our ancestors. The evidence strongly suggests that Mars did not have a habitable biosphere long enough to allow complex life to evolve. However, that’s not to say that Mars wasn’t used as a base by a technologically advanced race that visited our solar system, perhaps even the Annunaki mentioned in Sumerian texts. The current Mars rover keeps seeing very odd things that NASA explains as “rocks” but which certainly don’t look like rocks to me.

    DNA evidence makes it pretty clear we evolved on Earth. However, as I alluded to earlier (and as I have explored in my blog), there is some evidence that we were genetically manipulated at some point in our development. This could explain the childbirth problem. Our brains got too big too fast, outpacing the ability of the female pelvic structure to adequately accommodate. However, there are also some very real anatomical and biomechanical limitations on just how much the female pelvic region CAN accommodate and still allow efficient bipedal locomotion, so this particular issue is still unsettled. Still, the very rapid expansion of the human brain continues to perplex evolutionary biologists. Several plausible explanations have been offered (e.g., increasing tool use required more brain power, or increasing dependence on social structures required more brain power), but they suffer from the chicken-and-egg problem.

    Regarding panspermia, it is certainly possible that life on Earth originated via seeding of life forms or complex molecules from space. However, I have to laugh when people use that as a way of explaining the origin of life — because it doesn’t. If life came to Earth from space, it still had to evolve somewhere else. So the question of how life first evolved is left unanswered. The panspermia theory is just kicking the can down the road.

    The oddness of our preferred 25-hour circadian clock is definitely confusing. The Earth’s rotation has been slowing down, so if anything our internal clocks should prefer a shorter time period rather than a longer one.

    Still, all that being said, I like how you address the broader question, albeit obliquely. That is, the very strong feeling that we are not alone in this galaxy.

    Always fun to read your posts.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Jim. A number of people have commented on the sunburn issue. I don’t think a lot of animals in the deserts get sunburnt though.

      I am not sure I agree with you on the DNA evidence that we evolved here. What if whoever messed with our DNA had VERY similar DNA – like the Annunaki… Sure they spliced it with chimps – but that still means we’re not fully from here… if you know what I mean, and given it was done in recent history, we wouldn’t have had time to evolve here anyway.

      On MARS, I have read a few things that have suggested it was a base, but that it also had an atmosphere, which was ripped off, and I use the word ripped purposefully. Whether that means life was there or whether it was a base, I don’t know, but it’s interesting to consider either way.

      Agree on the poison. We are poisoning the Earth as much as ourselves 😦

      Thanks for dropping in, I really like your points – especially the one about pelvis and baby heads – that got me thinking 😀


  13. There’s also myths of aliens visiting the earth in rockets simliar to the ones we are using and/or flying saucers. For instance the Chinese myth of The Yellow Emperor, Huang-Di

    Then there is the story of God and Moses and the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai.

    There are other ancient myths on this topic:

    What if humans did not come from another planet but were a DNA experiment –alien DNA spliced into a primitive earth primate? After all, look what science is doing with DNA and genetics today. Maybe the human species was genetically engineered for a specific purpose in a remote location in the galaxy or was just an isolated experiment to see what would happen?


    1. Hi Lloyd, sorry for my delay on your other comment- I am trying to get to it. I know about some of these stories. I allude to them in some of my other posts on this topic. I am interested in the Ancient Aliens theories too, so I do know about the alien splicing DNA – I think Zacharia Sitchin is probably the most well known supporter of this theory. I have some of his books, and obviously there is the Ancient Aliens TV series – have you seen it? It’s fab.


  14. Excellent food for thought. Up until now I just figured that some people are born wanderers and that we, as a species, simply evolved poorly by selecting mates that have some differentiating feature that they’d survived in spite of (i.e. s/he’s so cool!) rather than a feature that made them more equipped to survive without unnecessary hardship (i.e. boring life story) – kind of like the whole, chicks dig scars sort of mentality.

    There is a theory circulating out there that suggests our species home planet was actually positioned where the asteroid belt is now and that we relocated to Earth more as refugees than colonists just before the whole thing went BOOM. Perhaps that theory is not so ridiculous after all.

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    1. ooh you know there is a hole in the asteroid belt the size of a planet too?! Maybe that one has some legs. Although I also heard another theory that it’s the mystery planet in our solar system that comes through every 3600 years. God only knows if thats true. I still need to reply to your comment about lobsters – I haven’t forgotten the bash got in the way!

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      1. It’s a great character name too.

        Nyx is the Greek goddess of darkness, night and mystery which is I think fitting under the circumstances. Unfortunately there is already an asteroid Nyx and a moon named Nix so it would be very doubtful the planet will get the honors which is a shame.

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  15. Very interesting stuff!!!!! I thought pigs could get sunburned. My Mum says the reason we have so many intestinal ailments is because our intestines were not meant to be folded upon one another and really should be hanging gently, attached with mesentery, in other words we were not meant stand upright, or be bipedal, but designed for a more hunched over posture. It is an interesting thought.
    I was born in Australia, but lived most of my life in the US, I have never really felt quite at home here, like there was always something missing (maybe it is those meat pies injected with ketchup – yumm)

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    1. Yep, a few people have mentioned that pigs can actually get sunburnt – the majority of animals don’t though. Certainly not the ones that live in the dessert. Interesting point about intestines. Really logical, I wonder if thats true? haha and also a bit eww to the pies! I’m a veggie! :p


  16. Love this post, Sacha. You have some convincing thoughts. However, I always thought pigs got sunburn. I googled “do pigs sunburn” and one article says they don’t (but whales do) and another said they do. So there you go – no closer to the truth. If pigs could fly maybe there’d be even more proof. I like your dome theory. We are all prisoners of one kind or another I think, with our brains trapped within the confines of our bodies – and the worst prison of all from which there is no escape: the limits of time!

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    1. Lots of people mentioned pigs and sunburn, yep. I think a lot of the animals in the desert though, don’t get sunburn.

      Ugh. Time. I HATE that prison. I think what you said about our brains confining us is very poignant though. You have sent me off thinking about all sorts of things now 😀

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  17. Interesting. I’d actually never heard the term Hiraeth. Homesickness, grief, longing… Maybe for something you don’t quite know, can’t put your finger on? What a fab bit for a MC to deal with. That would be awesome. Like the locksmith! 💖

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  18. I’ve been convinced for years that I could actually be a Changeling, just waiting to go back wherever it is I’m supposed to be, so I can totally get on board with this idea!

    Except I read an article which explains why humans have painful childbirth and animals don’t, and now I never want to reproduce. Much respect to you!

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    1. hahahaha. Ok, don’t tell me about that article! To be fair, I am sure there are plenty of reasons why, Michelle mentioned that it’s cause were meant to be on all fours when we push them out. Someone else said it was a genetic thing. Either way, I can’t say I actively advocate pushing babies out, it REALLY hurts! lol. A changeling… not heard that term before. But I agree on the principle – what do you make of the afterlife? IS there one? Are there many? or just an endless black void?


      1. It’s something to do with the placenta…I don’t know, I kind of repressed it. I know the Egyptians had women kneeling because then gravity does the rest, and it was only when men took on gynaecological roles that they forced women onto their backs, which is really unnatural.

        I like the idea of an afterlife but I also believe in ghosts and the multiverse. Just wish the people who’d gone before could let us know which thinkers were right!

        Lord, maybe we all just end up having tea and crumpets on the lawn of eternity.

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      2. Placentas are minging. and like the size of a frigging pizza! I shit you not. I was gobsmacked. TYPICAL men. Not that I am a man hater.. *coughs* but typical! *eyeroll*


  19. Very interesting post, Sacha. I’ve never heard of the prison planet. Painful childbirth? Maybe we’re not meant to be on our backs while delivering, but standing up. Keep writing these thought provoking posts, Sacha. You’ve got my attention.

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    1. That’s a good point about not being on our backs. I have seen plenty of TV programmes about midwives where they encourage women to give birth on all fours. Thanks for reading 😀 Hope you’re having a lovely week

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  20. Fascinating post, Sacha, as always. I’d never heard the term “Hiraeth” before, but I love it. Wish I’d known it before I published yesterday’s blog post, because it speaks to exactly what I was discussing: Gen X’s insatiable yearning for the bygone analog world.

    I love all the physical evidence you present. I have heard that our disproportionate head size has something to do with the fact that our brains got bigger after the invention of fire, because all the energy we once expended on digesting uncooked food got reallocated to develop our cerebral cortices. But, you know I’m fascinated by the panspermia hypothesis and all that Erich von Däniken stuff! Keep it coming!

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    1. I think there are probably a lot of arguments either way for both. including the fact that some animals do get burnt – so lots of people told me. Interesting theory about the fire / food / brain thing. I will have to have a google of that. Thank you for stopping in and commenting. I am off to look at your link 😀

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