VOTING NOW OPEN – Annual Bloggers Bash Awards


You nominated in your hundreds – literally! I had to enlist a committee of fabulous bloggers (Ali, Geoff and Hugh) to help organise all the nominations and sort them into this, the official voting post. To find out more about the #BloggersBash event have a look at this, this or this.

11733474_10207031963138573_162371955_nBefore we begin voting, there’s one more thing to add. The lovely Geoff decided we needed to stand out from the crowd so that y’all can find us at the British Library on the 1st August. So he has ordered some Annual Bloggers Bash t-shirts. The committee will be wearing them, but it was cheaper to bulk buy, so inevitably we have spares. SO, if you win one of the awards then a t shirt is yours! But if you would like a t-shirt anyway then they will be £6 on the day. Geoff is modelling one for us!

To business – Let the voting BEGIN…

 Voting Closes 12pm 30th July

Please vote once in each category

I have tried to include every nomination – however, some links were not effective and where I haven’t been able to track the blog down unfortunately I have had to exclude the person. I can only apologise for this.

Best-Overall-BlogBest Overall blog

Sally CroninDylan HearnGeoff Le PardEd MooneyHugh RobertsPeter WellsAli IsaacSophie – Reviewed the BookJane DoughertyJo RobinsonCindy – A Woman’s Wisdom, Craig – ColdhandboyackChris GrahamCharli Mills, Rose B Fischer, Dragon Story Addict, Seumas Gallacher, Carol Hedges,

Services to BloggersServices-to-Bloggers

Chris Graham, Suzie Speaks, Rosie Amber, Nicholas Rossis, Sally Cronin, Katherine Grubb, Susan Toy, Dylan Hearn, Sacha Black, Lizzi Considerer

FunniestFunniest Blogger

Amanda Lyle – From Inside The Life of Moi, Hugh’s News & Views, Tara Sparling, Sarah Louise, Geoff Le Pard, Alienora, Seumas Gallacher, Barb Taub, Live Love Laugh, Russell Gayer, No Facilities, Blonde Write More, Sarah Brentyn, Paula Kelly Ince, David Robinson

Most-InspiringInspirational Blogger

Suzie Speaks, Yvonne Spence, Norah Colvin, Sacha Black, Just Pondering, RockstarDinosaurPiratePrincess, Hell4HeatherAli Isaac, Kate Ann Jack, Natalie’s Lovely Blog, Ritu Bhathal-Padhaal – From But I Smile AnywayCindy – A Woman’s Wisdom, Sue Vincent, Shelley Wilson, Charles E Yallowitz, Margo Kinberg, Nicholas RossisSeumas Gallacher, Sherri Matthews, The Sister Wives, Yvonne Spence

Informative BloggerMost-Informative

Chris McMullen, James Michael Sama, Cathy’s Reviews, Barb Taub, Chris Graham, Ali Isaac, Olga Nunez Miret, Sue Coletta, Write On Sisters! Nicholas Rossis, Ronovan Writes, Sacha Black, By The Letter Book Reviews, Jenny in Neverland, Natasha Borton, Ryan Lanz, JB Wye, Norah Colvin, Authors Supporting Authors, Anne Goodwin, Elizabeth Barnes of Autism Mom

Best Dressed BloggerBest-Dressed-

James Elkington, Sue Vincent, Kay from Suddenly They All Died, Concierge Librarian, Barb Taub, Seumas Gallacher, Kevin Hotter, Cathy Ryan, Sherri Matthews, Charli Mills, Jane Dougherty, Dorne Whale, A Girl Called Jack, Paul Militaru,Carol Hedges, Derrick Knight, Irene Waters



Thanks for voting and good luck to everyone nominated.




  1. Reblogged this on aliisaacstoryteller and commented:
    Have you voted for your favourite blogers yet? There’s still time. Hundreds have already. Only 12 days to go until #BloggersBash! Stay in touch via the hashtag or the FB event page (link to your right in my sidebar).

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  2. Good luck to everyone nominated! The winners will be hard to select from as all the nominees I know there truly deserve a win! 🙂


    1. Sarah, tut! don’t forget whatever you do, I have checked the polls and is it genuinely neck and neck – some of the top spots only have 1 vote in it….. #justsaying! by the way – I’m reading the testing you ever read it? kinda fallen in love!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh. Already looked up The Testing. Looks right up my (our) alley. The well-lighted alley with the bakeshop. You know the one. It has great coffee. All three are out, too, which is a bonus for me since I’m a binge-reader of trilogies.
        So…mine. Well, I adore LaFevers. That said, they were unusual. But I liked them. Note that though it’s a “trilogy”, it’s really not. Each one has its own story, its on ending. Three separate stories, three separate characters. Also, it’s not dystopian. But it’s an interesting world.

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      2. Ok interesting I feel like u have told me about LaFevers before (makes mental note to hurry up and read more). Indeed it is right up our alley! 😋 let me know if u read it

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    2. Whoa…wait a minute. Why is there a Lemony Shark name on here?! I thought this was for those meeting up for the big I’m-not-envious-in-any-way-bloggers-get-together. Thank you so much. I’m speechless. In the sense that I will say that I’m speechless but then babble about HOW COOL this is! 😀 Awesome! Could not have been nominated by a better crew of bloggers. You all are the best. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hell no! The bash /get together is for those that can make it, but the whole point of the awards was to include those that couldn’t make it. Besides you are hilarious and totally deserve it 😄😋❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “OMG!” *smooths gown* “This is, like, so awesome! I can’t even believe it!” *fixes hair for tiara* “I never dreamed…!” *cries crocodile tears* “I am, like, SO happy for all the other contestants!” *glares at other contestants* “OMG!”

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  3. Thank you for your inspirational thought provoking posts ,.. I look forward to their arrival. .. Keep them coming


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