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Writing Challenge Entries #5

Writing challenge entries

Another week flown by… My weeks are merging into one, dissolving in a mess of words sleepless nights and anxiety. But nonetheless I have completed the usual challenges

First up, Esther’s weekly writing challenge, this week was even harder than last week: This week’s challenge is for a ten-word story, using the words ‘Easter’, ‘bucket’ and ‘cat’. (more…)

Writing Challenge Entries #3


I have surprised myself this week with the quantity of challenges I managed to submit to. When I first started submitting them I struggled to do one or two, but I guess with practice the more you do them the quicker they become. This week I completed six and I even tried a new challenge, Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. I’ve never written a Haiku before either, so I completely failed the first attempt only putting 6 syllables in the second line, HA, attempt two saw me get it right… I think!

First up is Esther’s  weekly writing challenge – this week the challenge was to write a story in just 10 words: (more…)