Hotter than Hell

In the UK we appear to be having a heatwave. Now usually I would be delighted at the prospect. However, being pregnant in this heat is really not fun.



I genuinely feel like someone opened the gates to hell, and is pouring its fiery death heat all over EVERYTHING.

I really, genuinely do not know how african or any women living in the southern hemisphere cope.

Also, I would like to add, why the fuck does mother nature think its funny to skip the last three summers… and then the year I fall pregnant, pour 30 degree (86 F) heat all over us. I mean I know thats not that hot to some countries, but for England it’s ridiculous. We are not used to this kind of weather. We’re lucky if it breaks 25 over summer. So reaching 30 is KILLING ME.

I cannot cool down. Once I get hot, I am a sweating, irritable, waddling mess.

I have had to take my wedding rings off and everything, my fingers are swollen, and my skin is clammy.


P.s. we had the 20 week scan… I will up date later…. and we know the gender! 😛