Same-sex marriage

An Historic Day for British LGBT People

Today was an historic day for British LGBT people.

Any piece of legislation in the UK must jump through several hoops before it gets passed into law. Including, several ‘readings’ in the house of commons, debating, reports and committee stages. It then has to go through the same process in the house of lords. Then back to the house of commons for a final run through any amendments, before getting passed up to our dear old queeny for signing into law.

I am over the moon to announce that the same sex marriage bill has successfully gone through the house of lords today. Which means – thats it…. it WILL be law. In a blink of an eye, Queeny will be passing it into law, and by 2014 I will be able to marry my wife!

We had a civil partnership last year and will be one of the hundreds of thousands of LGBT partnerships converting as soon as possible.

I have noticed that France and New York have been celebrating their same sex marriage passings in a very public way….


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Personally I am hoping that they either light up ‘Big Ben‘ the houses of parliament, or even better, ‘Buckingham Palace‘ !! but something tells me were still a tad conservative for that!!

Yet another uneducated homophobe

If you have ever needed motivation to become an LGBT activist, this video right here is it…

I have posted this on QueerLandia, and I try to post different things on the two blogs, BUT I am so enraged by this total fucking idiot that I had to post it on my blog as well… besides I can swear on here!

Should same sex marriage be taught in schools? Was a question asked on one of the biggest day time TV shows a few days ago.

I have to say it has been a while since I witnessed such atrocious, narrow minded, uneducated drivel on my TV. There are no words strong enough to describe how abhorrent I find this video, I am beyond disgusted and it makes my inside boil.

He freely states that being homosexual is unnatural, and that you ‘shouldn’t be proud’ to be gay.

Not only that, but that parents should ‘correct’ their children when they come to them and tell them that they think they are gay. In so many words states that parents should suppress their children’s gay tendencies. Not only that but apparently being gay occurs because of a mistake or problem in our childhood development.

I hurled some expletives at youtube at this point. Feel free to join me…

Furthermore, he refers to ‘gay lifestyle and practices’ although, he never actually clarifies what these so called ‘practices’ are.

He so much as says that children are unsafe in homosexual families, and that statistics prove it…

I would love to know what statistics he is referring to because I have read studies that say precisely the opposite…

Such as this study, or this study… If he wants to go ten rounds on ‘statistics’ and the evidence, how about show me some hardline positivist research packed full of statistics. I bet he has none, IN FACT I bet he doesn’t even know what positivist means.

These fucking uneducated narrow minded bigots preaching about made up statistics. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE, because I have read studies like the ones I just posted above that say the total opposite. I hate that we even need scientific studies ‘proving’ that gay and lesbian families produce well rounded kids. In fact I find it positively insulting that we need studies.

Please tell me I am not the only one furious over this…???

Some People are Gay, Get OVER It.

A friend was telling me about their theory, there wont be equality for everyone fitting into a protected characteristic (like LGBT, mental health etc etc) until there is equality for women. Interesting. I have to say I kind of agree.

I mean the Church of England won’t even allowed women bishops for goodness sake, why are LGBT people expecting gay marriage to be allowed in churches? Of course I think they should be allowed, but I am just saying we don’t stand a hope in hell, when the CofE can’t even sort out a simple vote to have women bishops.


The UK government recently held a consultation on whether or not they should allowed gay marriages, and with a staggering 228,000 responses, it seems likely that the government is going to legalise gay marriage, at least civil marriage anyway.

The BBC’s report is here. I blogged a few times about the CofE’s ridiculous response to the consultation too: here, here, here and here.

What gets me now, and I am going to try HARD not to rant about this:

1. Apparently I can’t divorce my wife for cheating on me unless she cheats with a man. The rage I feel brewing about this, is ridiculous, I am once again turning green with a Hulk like rage. It annoys me that I even have to justify this. OF COURSE it’s cheating if she slept with another women. HOW DARE the government try and tell me it isn’t cheating. I tell you what cameron, how about I give ol’ Sammy Cameron a good poking, and then you see how you feel about it, and when she’s had the best night of her life, then come and tell me you don’t feel cheated on. Prick.

2. They are going to make it opt in for churches? I mean reaaally? This is not going to help religious LGBT people get the weddings they want. Personally I couldn’t give two shits if the churches don’t want us marrying in their ‘sacred’ grounds, I am not religious in the slightest. But I am not naive enough to think that there are no religious LGBT people. Therefore, being the egalitarian that I am I think that churches should be made (eventually) to conduct religious same-sex marriages.

Churches spout the reason that same sex marriages should not be allowed is because marriage is to enable children. WELL I got news for you god botherers, science has enabled something called sperm donation,  IVF, and surrogacy, so single women, gay and lesbian couples, and even single men can still have children. You might wana read the news sometimes. Oh and if you try and tell me that lesbians can’t parent or whatever, then how about bring some hard facts to back up your argument, otherwise, keep your bigoted opinions to yourself. I got more news for you, studies such as this one (and there are several others saying the same thing) state that not only do lesbian families rock, they smash straight families… BOOM. How do you like them apples ‘father.’

Also, whilst I am ranting, what REALLY pisses me off, is when Christians, pick and choose what aspects of the bible they want to follow:

your not supposed to wear mixed clothes

or eat shellfish

If your husband dies you marry his brother

If your wife isn’t a virgin when you marry her she gets killed.


Or do you not fancy following those rules? Just the ones that make you homophobic bigots?


3. THE EQUALITIES minister, has made 4 loop holes to prevent people going to the court of human rights, the worst of which is that they will make it legally binding that:

It is NOT discrimination to refuse to marry a same sex couple.

Words fail me at this point. I have nothing polite or clean to say about this. Seriously Maria Miller have you been puffing on the crack pipe again?


One lesbian against the Church

Today I am aghast that in 2012, there could be so many bigoted, fascists left in this world. I am not naive, in that I appreciate there are extremists and militant views left in the world. However, in a country with such a penchant for freedom and equal rights, how could there still be so many members of society left with such elitist, bigoted views.

I would like to point out that I do know there are many gay people who don’t want ‘gay marriage’ legalised, like the journalist Andrew Pierce:–Mr-Cameron.html 

and thats fine, but I do, and it’s my blog!

In the last couple of days the BBC news and many other stations have been debating whether or not it is ‘right’ to legalise gay marriage.

The Church of England has lashed out savagely at the government and homosexuals releasing a response to the home office consultation. See here: 

The Church starts out by saying that it can’t support the gay marriage proposals. Ok fine. Everyones allowed an opinion… even if it is a bigoted one.

They continue to say: “Marriage benefits society in many ways, not only by promoting mutuality and fidelity” Sorry last time I checked the definition of fidelity  was:


  1. Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.
  2. Sexual faithfulness to a spouse or partner.

I find it a little (when I say a little, I mean ALOT)  insulting that the church is brandishing all homosexuals incapable of fidelity. In fact I think considering 75% of marriages end in divorce, it isn’t ‘gay’ people who are incapable of fidelity.

The Church continues “material inequities between heterosexual and same-sex partnerships have now been satisfactorily addressed.

Now I am not sure who they have consulted or who exactly it is that has judged that inequalities have been address, because it sure as hell ain’t my or millions of other homosexuals views. I won’t start spouting feminist rants now, but women are still not equal in society plus it was only 1992 that the Church of England allowed women priests, women are still not allowed to be bishops (unless your in Massachusetts) and wages are still not equal etc etc.  So I am damn sure that ‘material inequalities’ have not been satisfactorily addressed.

Particularly because legally, civil partnerships DO NOT have the same legal status. I am not allowed to call my civil partnership a marriage, I am not allowed to call her my wife.

More to the point, I thought God was the only one who could ‘judge’.

They continue  “We also believe that imposing for essentially ideological reasons a new meaning on a term as familiar and fundamental as marriage would be deeply unwise.”  (as opposed to the ideological view of marriage with of a man and a women then?… hypocrites) how much more ideological do you want to get?

The Church says “Many, within the churches and beyond, dispute the right of any government to redefine an ages-old social institution in the way proposed.” 

It continues: “The consultation paper wrongly implies that there are two categories of marriage, ―civil‖ and ―religious‖….The assertion that ―religious marriage‖ will be unaffected by the proposals is therefore untrue,”

Firstly there is a difference. Otherwise anyone who wasn’t religious couldn’t get married.

Secondly, the state has for centuries, precisely since the Marriage Act 1753 decreed that non religious people can marry… LEGALLY. CofE might not like it but its true and it’s the law. Get over it!

If you can’t then devolve the church from the state, there are plenty of countries in the EU who have. BUT stop trying to deny humans, equal rights.

 The Church has also said in their consultation response: “Because we believe that the inherited understanding of marriage contributes a vast amount to the common good, our defence of that understanding is motivated by a concern for the good of all in society. “

I think you will find that I (a lesbian) am part of society thank you very much. It would do me the world of good if I could MARRY the women I love. Besides, as I have already pointed out 75% of marriages end in divorce, divorce has been scientifically proven to have a negative effect on children, so how much good can it really do?

Why would I want to get married then? You ask.

Whether or not I want it, really isn’t the point. I should be able to, this is about freedom and equality.

I have heard religious people on the news over the last couple of days say the following:

‘legalising gay marriage will make society and children suffer’

‘it will damage society’

‘But gay marriage, it says, is a step too far. Gay marriage, it says, would be “divisive” and “unwise”.’

I am beginning to use this phrase all too frequently, but serious are you on crack? Two loving parents irrelevant of gender is better than one single parent family or an abusive family unit.

SERIOUSLY being gay is not a choice. If there is a god then he made me this way, and I will stand proud on judgement day. Heck, the bible says that God made us in his image, WELL, wouldn’t that be a turn out for the books, not only could God be a women, but a lesbian; boy would I love to be there on some of the CofE’s judgement day’s to see their faces.

On a serious note, if there is a god, do you really think that he/she is full of hate, who hates anyone who aborts a rape baby, or a gay person, and sees those ‘sins’ as the same as the sins of a ‘pedophile’ I don’t think so. And if he does, then fuck it, I would rather be in hell.

I am not going to rant about the whole of the consultation response but on a last note. They write: “This distinctiveness and complementarity are seen most explicitly in the biological union of man and woman which potentially brings to the relationship the fruitfulness of procreation.

Haven’t they heard of a sperm bank…??!!