Liebster, and everything you ever wanted to know about Sacha Black… well sort of!

I am a bad blogger, I was nominated for an award, and because life got in the way I didn’t have a chance to follow it up. Not only that, but a dear blogging friend, tried to cheer me up with some interesting questions and I didn’t get the chance to do them.

Firstly A H Amin who asked me the following questions:

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten in public?

hmm, probably nothing that strange, I am a veggie, and a fussy one at that. I don’t really eat weird things, but I have tried Deer in Nepal, and some other strange meats that I have no idea what they were. But as for strange… literally nothing!

2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why?

Gandalf? Clearly a sick wizard!

3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next?

Politely decline and make a hasty retreat!! Or reach for the shotgun that’s clearly stowed behind the door of the cabin, and tell him to back the fuck away with the rodent!

4. If you were given biscotti, would you prefer it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Not drinking caffeine currently for obvious reasons, but I am partial for a mocha!!

5. In your opinion, who is the funniest man or woman alive today (comedian)

Lee Evans, or Michael McIntyre.

6. If you were given thirty seconds on television to say something, what would it be?

Well I have been on television, I was the lead character in a children’s programme that aired twice a week for six weeks when I was 16… but if I told you what it was I would have to kill you!

IF I got to go on prime time TV now and say something meaningful?

“Keep chasing the dream, and never forget it, love well, live hard, and sleep when you die!”

7. What is your idea of the most romantic date setting ever?

I dont have a single romantic bone in my body. er… Dirty weekend away? Ok maybe not… um… Dinner under the Eiffel tower? Ugh, god I duno. I give up!

8. If you could go on one date with a movie or television star, who would it be and why?

As long as the wife’s not listening then Ellen Page

"Defiance" at the 2008 AFI Fest Closing Night Gala

Because I fancy the shit out of her!!

But if the wifes listening… ah fuck it, she knows I think shes hot!

If not her, then maybe Mila Kunis… nom nom nom.

Altho… Thor is pretty hot, and I always thought Ryan Gosling looked like my wifes brother, so I can’t help but find him attractive!!

9. What is the worst song you have ever heard?

All things R&B, Rap, Hip Hop or heavy metal…. sorry for any fans out there!

10. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Duno about live… but I would be right here….


11. Who- in your opinion- was the greatest person to ever live?

Da Vinci. No questions. Fucking Ledge.

Ok, so the other two people I owe a posts to are Rebecca, and 2cagedbirds for nominating me for the Liebster award


Ok so there are lots of rules related to the Liebster, but instead of nominating and asking questions etc, I am just going to answer the questions asked of me, and I will add another page to my blog, with a list of all my favourite and regularly read blogs…. That will happen… shortly!

1. Your earliest childhood memory?

Waiting at the window for hours on end, asking my mother if “that was daddys car”

“is that daddies car, momma?”

He would never turn up.

2. Music playing when you made love for the first time, or associated with your first love

er… cant remember or dont want to remember… in fact I dont think there was music on.

3. How you feel about that person now

First person I loved wasn’t the first person I made love too. The first person I made love to I feel indifferent about, the first person I loved… I still think they are attractive and I hope they are happy.

4. How you feel about that music now


5. Favourite recent song

ooh, too many, I like

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Lies – Otto Dix

Perfect Replacement – Example

6. What hurts your feelings most nowadays? One example please!

Tough, because I very very rarely get my feelings hurt. I have a ridiculously thick skin, and a pretty big sense of humour.

I dont like people mugging me off, or disrespecting me.

7. What you would like to do next in your life

Have this baby, and finish my bloody novel.

8. Are you attracted to your own sex?

Fuck yes.

9.What is the worst aspect of the opposite sex?

EVERYTHING. Usually rubbish in bed (sorry!) they can’t communicate and most of the ones I have known are pretty ignorant.

10. Can pets replace people in your life?

Probably! I have two cats, and I love them dearly!

11. Will you fall in love again?

I hope not, not in romantic love anyway, I love my wife too much to fall for anyone else. But I imagine I will fall in love with my baby in a different way, a parental love.

  1.  What was your favorite book as a child?

Thats impossible to answer, I read everything, literally everything when I was a kid. So much so, I had to change libraries cause I’d read everything! Also depends what age you mean by kid? as a young child I like wierd books by babette cole, as a teenager I read everything under the sun, from kids books by jacqueline wilson, to classics like of mice an men…. probably my fave from my teenage years was ‘A Solitaire Mystery” by Jostein Gaarder

2. What are your favorite midnight snacks?

dont tend to snack at night, but probably a bagel, and juice!

3. If you got to have a fictional dinner party, who would you invite?  Your list better include me and Harry Potter, or you can just skip this question.

Do you know, I probably would invite all my fave bloggers, I would also invite some of the characters from my novel, and Da Vinci, Mandela, my mum and my bezzie mates

4. When you were a kid, what did you want your name to be?  Be honest, everyone goes through that phase.

I have no idea, I always wanted to change my name though, because my real name is ridiculously long. but I love the name Sacha Black, and I have considered changing my name by depole to it. Sometimes, I feel like I am more Sacha Black than I am the real me. I will certainly be publishing my work under the name Sacha Black.

5. Got any tattoos?

yeh one, that said I was a dick when I was 18!! My arms the one in the middle, my friends are mocking me, its meant to be the symbol for psychology…. which looks like the symbol next to the photo, but thats what happens when you draw things in a tattoo parlour when your inebriated in a foreign country… told you i was a dick… can I also point out when I have been drunk and passed out my mates think its funny to draw a spoon and a knife next to the fork!!

tatpsychology copy

6. You can visit anyplace, real or fictional.  Where do you go?  

fictional…. the world I have created in my novel….

real life… China or Africa

7. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever actually visited?

Ive trekked up to Mount Everest Base camp….


Everest is the tall black mountain in the back right of the photo. Its black because its so high it is in the wind currents and the wind has blown all the snow off.

8. In detail, tell us how you feel about shag carpet.  (I may or may not be struggling for ideas.)

shag carpet? What the thingy thats white and fluffy… um, they are usually itchy! but i kinda like them!!

9. Stealing from Amy this time.  Write a haiku about your favorite article of clothing.

not sure how to do this, so I will get back to you on this one!

10. Do you like “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog?  If you’ve never watched it, go do so now.  Netflix or Youtube.  I’ll wait.  Ok.  So, did you like it? 

not sure i get it… but I did youtube!!

11. Favorite musical artist?

good question, I like loads.

Example, Swedish house mafia, gemini, flux pavilion, Otto Dix, James Arthur, ludovico einaudi, Missy Higgins, Snow Patrol, Pink, robbie williams! basically anyting dubstep, or basey,  oh and Emeli Sande, which can I just add everyone thinks I look like her! One day when I reveal myself, I will do a separated at birth type post with a photo of me and her!

Thats all folks… will post up the list of bloggers shortly….


I LOVE games like this, and after a pretty shitty day to find that I had been tagged in this Q&A game by DystopiConvert, cheered me right up :D.


The game involves answering a group of questions and then formulating yours, and passing them along….

The rules are as follows:

1.  You must post the rules.

2.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

3.  Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

4.  Tag eleven people with a link to your post.

5.  Let them know they’ve been tagged.


So the questions I was asked and my responses…


1. If you found out you were going to die tomorrow what are the three things you would do today?

Make love for a seriously large part of the day, visit my mother, and lastly make sure I saw all the people I loved.

2. Name three things that make you happy

Money, Sex, Writing (not in that order)

Money gives you the ability to have quality time with your loved ones doing fun things, Sex… is well Sex!! and lastly I was born to tell stories, I just need to focus, and not let life get in the way!! Plus it makes me very happy.

3. If you could go back to the past and change one thing, what would you change and why?

Dont like regrets. If you change one thing then you wouldn’t be the you, you are today. I would be someone else, living another life. But, for the purpose of this, I think, I would do it all again, only BIGGER, BADDER, and MESSIER hahahahah


4. Beer or wine?

Wine darling, every time! Rose to be precise. Or tequila!!!! Not that, that was an option!!


5. What is the best book you have read this year and why?

eek. Ok I am guna cheat, the best book I read in the last two years was the day of the tryffids by john wyndham because it changed my view on life.

But the best book I have read this year was a little indy book called

‘A disturbed girls guide to curing boredom’ by James Howell, who has just released his second novel, that I still need to read.

6. Name the song you have listened to the most this week?

ERM…. not sure either the Mash up song of Oasis and greenday – wonderwall and  boulevard.

Or the gemini remix of Ed Sheeran’s You need me, I don’t need you.

7. If you had the power to change the world in one way, what would you do and why?

I would cure depression. It’s a vile, disgusting beast and a silent killer. Actualy writing a piece of flash fiction on it.

That or I would make chocolate calorie free!!!! hahahaha Oh and good for your health!!!!!!

8. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

flew to the other side of the world (california) and then took an 11 hour bus ride to hollywood just to meet the fling of the moment. Ah well, thrill of the chase an all that!!

That, or climbing two thirds of the way up Mt Everest…. Got to base camp, that was pretty mental!!

9. Name one icon you admire and why

Hmmm… I dont really idolise people so this is a hard one. My great Aunt (RIP) was my hero. but someone famous…

10. If you could go to one place before you die, where would it be?

China… I need to get a bit of China and Japan in my life, got a two month travelling trip already planned out.

11. Home boy/girl or party animal?

P>A>R>T>Y             A>N>I>M>A>L

All the way. No question.


OK, My questions:

1. What book has had the most influence on you, e.g did it change your perspective on life, touch you emotionally, leave you traumatised etc etc.

2. Tell me in a paragraph or less about the ‘one that got away’ The person you loved and it didn’t work…

3. If someone wrote a biography about your life, what would it be called, and why?

4. What was the last thing that made you cry (good or bad)?

5. What one thing pushes your buttons and makes you mad without fail?

6. Would you rather have super strength, or super intelligence?

7. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

8. You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, and you wont have any ill health side effects… what is it?

9.  Who or what inspires you?

10. What couldn’t you live without?

11. What was your best night out ever??

Can’t wait to see some of the answers to this….!!

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