Interview with James Howell – Author of the Disturbed Girl Trilogy

James Howell Author Interview

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I first found ‘A Disturbed Girl’s Guide to Curing Boredom’ in DIVA, a magazine for lesbians. It had the tiniest of blurbs (as all their reviews do) about this little book with a rather intriguing title. I absolutely HAD to read it. So I did, and I was an instant fan. His trilogy is one of my favourites… EVER. So it had to make my ‘books that MADE me write‘ list, because it was just that good. (more…)

Sacha gets published… well Sasha does!



Ok, it’s not like its a novel, but do you remember the piece of flash fiction I wrote about depression… which you can find here?

Well I received an email from the editor who has created the third anthology and he chose my piece as one of the pieces which will be published… its on amazon and everything….


Having just looked in the contents page (I’m on page 45) I was disappointed to see they spelt my name wrong… but at least it’s a step in the right direction.