Writespiration #2

fairy tale

Neil Gaiman has inspired this post, with his soon to be out ‘Sleeper and the Spindle‘ fairytale where there are not one, but two princesses. Which is coming out later this month.

Why don’t you try writing a brand new fairytale, maybe something set in this village, what happens? is it traditional? Or are there two princesses? Or two princes’? Are there fairies, dragons, or made up creatures? Who is your target audience? Is it children? or adults, or teens? Who do these houses belong to? or maybe you could just remix a current fairytale.

let me know if this helped, and if you wrote a fairy tale.

A REAL fairy tale

‘Memoirs of Sacha Black’ is a month old today… So I thought why not write something a lil’ different in celebration…

Looking back at your childhood, don’t you think that there should have been more ‘Real’ fairy tales??

Well I found this picture earlier today, and just had to write something!!

This is the kind of fairy tale I wanted as a kid….

Once upon a time, lived the most beautiful girl in the whole world, some even said she was princess.

She had hair, dark as the night; chopped short like a pixie. Her ice blue eyes made every man, women and child melt before her.

She was powerful too, independent and full of courage. She had her own castle, and her own land, that she ruled all by herself, with the love and respect of her people.

But she was sad, there was something missing from her life. She was unloved, and couldn’t find her prince charming.

But it wasn’t for lack of trying. She had travelled many lands and crossed many terrains looking for her prince charming, but found no one.

One day a nasty witch who’s heart was blackened and broken from bitterness, decided that she didn’t want the princess to be more successful than her. she was jealous, and hated that she was loved by so many people. She enjoyed the fact that she couldn’t find her prince charming.

She wanted to be powerful like her. Unfortunately for the witch, she didn’t think to ask the beautiful princess for help. She was so kind that she would have taught her how to be powerful like her.

But the nasty witch never asked the princess for help, and so grew more jealous and more spiteful.

When her heart had finally crystallised into a black lump of coal he took up her wand and stood for a week, day by day, night by night, by his metal cauldron, brewing, stirring and mixing.

She threw in to his battered cauldron:

frogs legs, spiders eyes, dragons breath, rats tails, and eye of newt.

After a week, her potion was almost finished. She just needed one final ingredient. A heart. She sacrificed her loyal cow who had given her milk for a decade, and took the dripping heart to the cauldron, and stood over the bubbling potion; holding her wand she began to whisper

‘O princess, beauty of our land,

may your sadness last a lifetime,

take from me my blackened heart and sleep.

Sleep until your fictitious prince charming can awaken you.

Only the kiss of true love, will wake you once more.’

and with that she cackled viciously and stabbed the heart with her wand tossing it into the pot.

The cauldron exploded in a firework of light and purple mist. It launched the witch back and she fell to the cobbled ground.

Angry, she gathered her robes trudged back to the pot and scooped up some of the potion. Using her wand she coated an apple with the liquid, and pushed some into the apple core and sealed it with magic.

She picked up her broomstick and flew out into the night. The air was cold and flushed her cheeks, making her look old and haggard.

Eventually, she reached the castles village. It was morning and she was exhausted. She walked through the village looking for the princess knowing that she was kind and spent time giving money and food to her people.

She walked through an archway into a big open square and found the princess giving out bread, fish and wine.

The witch stood in the cue and when it was her turn she took the bread, fish and wine and offered the princess the apple in return. She said

“oh kind old witch, I surely wouldn’t take your apple, when you have nothing, and I have plenty.”

“I insist beautiful princess, you have such a kind heart, I offer you my last apple in thanks” The witch replied.

“Well thank you” the princess said, and reached for the apple taking it in her soft hand and biting a chunk from its centre.

She chewed a moment, and then her ice blue eyes widened in horror as she felt her heart crack and crumble and blacken.

With a last fearful look at the witch her knees collapsed and she dropped to the fall fast asleep.

The princess slept for a lifetime, the witch would visit her often, and watch the princes come from lands afar to try and wake her. But none of them could. Her people lost hope, and the village and castle fell into disrepair.

One day, an unusual girl heard the story of the beautiful princess and was shocked that she was still asleep, and that no one had managed to awaken her. Some say that the unusual girl was also princess, although she was a very strange princess who always wore jeans, instead of the dresses young girls were expected to wear. She had shaggy brown hair, and dark brooding eyes. And her right arm was covered in funny pictures, inked all the way up to her shoulder.

The unusual girl decided that she wanted to see the princess for herself. So she travelled across land, and sea for 5 weeks before she could find the beautiful princesses castle. When she got there, the village people scorned her because she was different, and they refused to give her food or shelter.

So the unusual girl carried on walking until she got to the castle. She opened the big oak gates and walked through the court yard and up into the tower where the princess laid.

The unusual girl was tired, she had travelled for so long and hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in the last day. Looking at the tower stairs she felt weary but something compelled her to carry on.

When she finally entered the room where the princess slept she was overwhelmed by her beauty.

The unusual girl ran straight to the princesses bed, and took her soft hand into hers, she didn’t understand why she was doing this, but she felt the need to be close to her. After staring at her for some time, she decided that she truly was the most beautiful women in the world, she had the most perfect lips, and her beauty gave her butterflies in her tummy.

Without realising it, the unusual girl had lent down and her face was almost touching the beautiful princesses. She wanted to kiss her. To feel her soft pink lips on hers.

So she did. She touched her lips to the beautiful princesses and as she pulled away the princess awoke, and kissed her back.

When the princess opened her eyes, she gasped at the sight of the unusual girl in front of her.

“But your, your a princess, not a prince.” The confused beautiful princess whispered, shocked.

“I am, BUT, I am your ‘princess charming.'” she said smiling back at the her.

The beautiful princess realised in that moment, that she had never found her prince charming because she wasn’t really looking for a prince, but for a princess.

This princess was her one true love, and her saviour.

The beautiful princess felt warm and happy inside, she was now complete, and they lived happily ever after.