This time next year Rodney…. we’ll be millionaires


OK, don’t laugh…. actually you probably will because this sounds ridiculous.

But, I have decided I am going to be a millionaire!!!

I have 10 years. By the time I am in my mid 30’s… I am going to be a millionaire.

I am sick of working for other people and not being pushed, or challenged. I have been miserable for a year because I hate the job I am doing. Well nothings going to change, unless I change it. Well here I am taking the first baby step… I have made a decision.

I am going to be a millionaire.

Now I am sure loads of people say this all the time. But I am beyond determined. I have reached another level of drive, another level of conviction, of perseverance and dedication.

I want out, and I want it now.

I honestly believe that half of getting what you want out of life is about your mental attitude. Positive mental attitude, and having the right mindset. I have always believed this and the only thing I have ever failed at is my driving licence.

I don’t know how I am going to do it yet, but thats not the point. It’s more about having a positive attitude, not letting anyones negativity push you down or make you feel useless or incapable. I have felt lost for so long, without a direction or goal, well now I have one. It’s not a firmed up or particularly descriptive goal, but it’s a goal, and why shouldn’t it be my goal?

The thing is, I actually believe I can do it as well! I know I am going to come up against I know people will laugh, but I will let them, and then I will show them.

I have another goal.

I want to live in New York.

I am done with the UK. I am done with shitty countrysides, with incestuous villages where everyone knows everyone else’s business and slow boring lifestyles. More importantly I am done with uneducated close minded people. Don’t get me wrong, I know you get that everywhere, but I am done with the UK.

In 10 years, I will be sipping cocktails at lunch with the girls in a bar a few blocks away from my Manhattan town house, with a summer house in LA, wearing my Jimmy Choos, Trim and muscly, married to my beautiful wife, and working hard.

Is this too much?

I don’t think I care. I am going to work on it anyway.

You only live once.

Heres to new beginnings.