Binge Reading, Binge Watching

Do you ever get so sucked into something like a box set or tv series, or even series of books, that you obsessively read or watch all of them back to back??

I am the ultimate binge reader or film/TV series watcher.

I did it with ’24’ and would sit there and watch a hole series without moving, I did it with Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a teenager, I did it with Prison Break, House, Dexter, Numbers, greys anatomy, Boston Legal, Alias, The L word, The Real L word, Lip service, The list is endless. I obsessively read almost all of Patricia Cornwall’s books,  Jostein Gaarder, all the True Blood novels, Harry Potter, twilight… just some of the recent ones.

I do this thing of finding an author and demolishing everything they have ever written, or made ever!

The problem is, I get so sucked in, that I forget Im living in the real world. I start thinking that I live in their worlds, that I am part of what is happening. I don’t tend to read words, after a couple of paragraphs my eyes switch off and I just ‘see’ what I am reading, its akin to TV for me. So I feel really attached, especially if there were a lot of books, or a lot of series.

When it’s over, I feel like I lost something, a best friend, a group of friends, a home, its like someone died, and I cant go back because if I watch or read it again, it doesn’t have the same effect, I know whats coming.

Well anyway, I have been watching the West Wing, and there are 7 series, and  I am on the penultimate disk… I dont want it to end. I love this series so much!! :*(

If anyone has any decent book, or TV series recommendations to help me through my imminent mourning period… Please do comment.