in fertile

Sacha’s Birthday Insemination!


So it’s my birthday tomorrow (the 10th) and as irony would have it, it’s also Mother’s Day!

And my birthday present would be….

An insemination! Yes if valentines wasn’t ironic enough now were going for Mother’s Day and my birthday!!

Lets hope this ones a good omen.

I would like to thank everyone for all the advice on my choices choices post. It was greatly appreciated and as you can see I went with your advice and will be hopping on a plane at silly o’clock tomorrow morning!

Lets hope IUI #2 goes a bit better than the first!!

I seem a lot more relaxed this time, in fact almost laissez faire about the whole thing, I even forgot to do an ovulation test one night!

I’ve gone from one neurotic extreme to a horizontal other!!

The two week wait already feels like a bitch!!