Want The Perfect Hero? Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes

Perfect heroEverybody wants to create the perfect hero. I know I do. But creating the perfect hero means more than just perfection. It means imperfection.

I like examples, I like learning from examples and I just happen to have read another book (Independent Study (The Testing Trilogy Book 2)), so I am going to use the hero from that to explain how not to create the perfect hero. (more…)

Secrets of Antiheroes – Master Villains or Master Heroes?


What is it about Anti Heroes that is so damn appealing? I can’t help myself. If the protagonist is an antihero I am like a salivating dog. I cant get enough of whatever it is I am reading or watching. I’m a self-confessed Antihero Addict. I want to explore what it is about them that we all love so much. (more…)