A Writer’s Journey To Self Discovery – aka The Intervention

self-discoveryI’ve been interventioned. Intervened? Whatever. I’ve been told to back away from the keyboard and sit my plump ass down.

You know when you watch movies and a group of friends actually stage an intervention and you laugh because you’re like HAHA that shit never happens, and it would definitely not happen to me.

Well it did.

Believe me, post its and actual man sized flip charts were involved.
But before I tell you the story, let me explain… as the year draws to a close, I’ve been getting a wickle bit reflective. Especially because next year is going to be a big year.

I hit the big 3.0, I’ll publish for the first and hopefully second and third time, and there are some other BIG secrets I can’t reveal yet.

But for now, another year has past and while lots of things have been achieved, my dreams have not been met… YET. But instead of being disheartened it force fed me petrol and made the fire inside me burn hotter than a million Kelvin.

Let the reflectioning begin…

My friends, lets call them Black Hole (yes there is a story behind this, no I will not tell you…today ever. Cough.) and Tasmanian Devil (TD) for short.

Black Hole and TD were concerned. (more…)

I’ve Lost My Mojo Baby, Yeaaah


I really hate January 1st. It’s the ultimate come down. You partied hard the night before, fuelled by booze, contagious enthusiasm and ever more ridiculous resolution promises. The night seemed alive, 2015 was going to be THE year. It’s your year, your time and your chance.

What a load of shit.

Woke up this morning, feeling more bloated and fatter than ever, with a raging hangover and more resolution promises I will break before the end of month. Stepped on the scales, didn’t I?

WHY, did I do that?

Now ELEVEN pounds heavier than I was in August.

Fuck January. Fuck my life.

January 1st – berroca in the morning 11am hangover starting to disappear, better make an effort – healthy yogurt and bagel for breakfast. By 1:45pm I’d eaten chocolate, hated myself for eating it so ate more to console myself.

F***ing January. I’ll start tomorrow!

Looked at the insanity DVD pile with enough hatred to send me straight back to the chocolate drawer for another round of “stuff my face and hate myself some more” I’ll start insanity tomorrow.

Looked at my beautiful treasured Mac laptop lain unused for the entire Christmas break. Not a word written, not a thought for my assignment nor my much in need of an edit WIP. Looked at it, hated on it. Then hated on myself for slacking. I’ll start tomorrow.

Looked at the calendar, only 3 more days off till I go back to work. And the awful realisation I’ve wasted my entire precious Christmas holiday doing sweet fuck all. Something I can’t abide – waste. Spent most of the first week off being ill with a stupid cold I couldn’t rid myself of for a month. Happy to say the last two days have seen it finally bite the dust. But still. I hated on myself some more for behaving like the thing I hate – a waster – sleep is for the weak!

So where did it go? When did I lose my mojo? It’s been gone at least a month. I have no motivation AT ALL. Not to exercise and lose the weight I need to, and not to pick up my technological pen and write.

How do you get motivated when you and your mojo are lost?

Maybe you should tell me tomorrow?!

Sacha’s Emporium of Goals

I have just about recovered from my hen do last weekend. Which was might I add, one of the best weekends I have ever had. The drunken debauchery was astounding! the quantity of alcohol drunk, vile. It was truly an epic weekend and has put me in a much better frame of mind. I can officially say that I am excited about the impending wedding which is now less than two weeks away. (Despite having several Hulk rage like moments because of work and my family)

With a kind of realisation that life’s too short, and a whole new section of my life is starting. There are a lot of things I would like to do. So like many before me, and many after, I decided to write a bucket list. Except that it isn’t a list. I don’t like lists, you can throw them away. So I decided to write a bucket full of goals, that I will pick and choose from until I complete them all, even if it takes my whole life! This is moveable feast, that will get added to and edited. Enjoy…



Ok, so this might be a long way off at the moment, but it’s guna happen! I just changed gyms and I am a little chunky but not obese. I have decided that due to multiple injuries from running that my body was not designed for running, but for building muscle, which I do easily. So I have booked a personal training induction, and have brought some body building books. OK I know I sound like Bridget Jones and her Man book case throwing out one lot of self help and in with another load, but seriously. I am making this my first goal, and I am giving myself a year to complete it. Believe me I am under no disillusion about how hard this is going to be I am a self confessed chocolate addict.



I am the original jack of all trades, I can take my hand to anything and be ok at it, sometimes even good. But never great. I am master of absolutely nothing. So I want to become really good at just one thing, I want to be exceptional at something. As yet, I dont know what that thing is, but I will work on it.



I have two books planned. Well one three quarters planned and another part planned. Two completely different genres but both need to be written. I will give myself a year to complete each one, but those years wont start until I have finished my dissertation in September 2013. Also, I want to get one of them published.



Ok a traditional bucket list item. I not only want to see the seven wonders of the world but do several other things too. I want to spend several months travelling Asia in particular Japan and China, as I am fascinated with their culture and heritage. I have a whole plan of where I want to go in China mapped out already, and have done for about 6 years! I have already trekked up to Mt Everest Base Camp, but I would like to climb a few other mountains and possibly summit some of the more realistic ones, see the world, the northern lights, etc etc.



ok so this one is a little shallow, but I have never felt happy with my wardrobe, and I have never had enough money to do something about it. With a fat pay rise at the end of my grad scheme on the horizon, I am going to treat myself to a ridiculously large wardrobe that will make me happy and comfortable. I think some of this is to do with the fact I am not happy with my weight. See goal 1!!



Buy/own a house.



Refer to previous blog about becoming a millionaire!



Produce an off sprung….



I have a tattoo designed, have done for a while, I need to grow a pair and go get it done already!

UGH. I have just gone back and re read this, as I had stalled momentarily, and  as I read, I was alarmed to find that they are all so boring and bog standard. I need to get a grip. I like to think of myself as a wild child. BUT In trying to write a comprehensive, fun list of things to do in my life, and I have written the most boring list ever. I need to try again.


I’ll be back with a much BETTER more interesting list.