Sacha’s Emporium of Goals

I have just about recovered from my hen do last weekend. Which was might I add, one of the best weekends I have ever had. The drunken debauchery was astounding! the quantity of alcohol drunk, vile. It was truly an epic weekend and has put me in a much better frame of mind. I can officially say that I am excited about the impending wedding which is now less than two weeks away. (Despite having several Hulk rage like moments because of work and my family)

With a kind of realisation that life’s too short, and a whole new section of my life is starting. There are a lot of things I would like to do. So like many before me, and many after, I decided to write a bucket list. Except that it isn’t a list. I don’t like lists, you can throw them away. So I decided to write a bucket full of goals, that I will pick and choose from until I complete them all, even if it takes my whole life! This is moveable feast, that will get added to and edited. Enjoy…



Ok, so this might be a long way off at the moment, but it’s guna happen! I just changed gyms and I am a little chunky but not obese. I have decided that due to multiple injuries from running that my body was not designed for running, but for building muscle, which I do easily. So I have booked a personal training induction, and have brought some body building books. OK I know I sound like Bridget Jones and her Man book case throwing out one lot of self help and in with another load, but seriously. I am making this my first goal, and I am giving myself a year to complete it. Believe me I am under no disillusion about how hard this is going to be I am a self confessed chocolate addict.



I am the original jack of all trades, I can take my hand to anything and be ok at it, sometimes even good. But never great. I am master of absolutely nothing. So I want to become really good at just one thing, I want to be exceptional at something. As yet, I dont know what that thing is, but I will work on it.



I have two books planned. Well one three quarters planned and another part planned. Two completely different genres but both need to be written. I will give myself a year to complete each one, but those years wont start until I have finished my dissertation in September 2013. Also, I want to get one of them published.



Ok a traditional bucket list item. I not only want to see the seven wonders of the world but do several other things too. I want to spend several months travelling Asia in particular Japan and China, as I am fascinated with their culture and heritage. I have a whole plan of where I want to go in China mapped out already, and have done for about 6 years! I have already trekked up to Mt Everest Base Camp, but I would like to climb a few other mountains and possibly summit some of the more realistic ones, see the world, the northern lights, etc etc.



ok so this one is a little shallow, but I have never felt happy with my wardrobe, and I have never had enough money to do something about it. With a fat pay rise at the end of my grad scheme on the horizon, I am going to treat myself to a ridiculously large wardrobe that will make me happy and comfortable. I think some of this is to do with the fact I am not happy with my weight. See goal 1!!



Buy/own a house.



Refer to previous blog about becoming a millionaire!



Produce an off sprung….



I have a tattoo designed, have done for a while, I need to grow a pair and go get it done already!

UGH. I have just gone back and re read this, as I had stalled momentarily, and  as I read, I was alarmed to find that they are all so boring and bog standard. I need to get a grip. I like to think of myself as a wild child. BUT In trying to write a comprehensive, fun list of things to do in my life, and I have written the most boring list ever. I need to try again.


I’ll be back with a much BETTER more interesting list.