Writespiration #60 The List

Write About The ListThis week is all about the list. Write a story about a list. Any list you like, maybe its THE list, her list, or his, or both of theirs, maybe its a good list, or an evil list, or a list of chores. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Last week’s writespiration was all about fairy tales and what happened after, happily ever after. I owe you a story for that, I’ve cheated and loosely incorporated last weeks theme with this weeks. (more…)

Writespiration #14



How could I post an inspiration anything but Christmas related given that it’s Christmas Eve?

Well here it is, I won’t be posting tomorrow, I will be drawing in carrot peel roast potatoes and frantically pulling wrapping paper out of baby black’s mouth!

To the picture.

Where is it? Is it in our world? Looks like a fantasy world to me… but don’t take my word for it. Who lives in the houses? What creatures are they? Who is crossing the river under the bridge? What’s the mountain range called? How long does it snow for? Is it always winter? Who is in charge of the village?

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

SB x