Macro Sach

Recently found a little attachment lens for my iPhone. It was only £20 bit of an extravagance but I had demolished a disposable camera and was using one of the lenses and holding it in front of the camera in order to take macro shots so I decided to buy it.

It takes macro (close up) and semi fish eye (wide angle) photos.

All photos have been taken on my iPhone 5, some of them have been edited on Instagram but all on the iPhone. I’m kind of impressed for a £20 lens from a clothing store!!

Here are some of my shots…












Life Fail

I am somewhat, lets call it ‘snowed under’ at the moment.


With the wedding a mere couple of months away, a full time job, part-time Masters and therefore assignments literally suffocating me, I am dying. Mostly, dying metaphorically, but it feels real. Plus I swear I found a grey hair… or five.


Then theres the normal day to day things which take up an alarming amount of time when you have none; such as cooking, cleaning (and why is the house always messy when you have no time to clean, and more to the point why do you feel the need to clean it when you should be studying *screams procrastination* but if I know its procrastination why can’t I seem to stop tidying instead of studying?!). You have washing (clothes and myself!), feeding the cats, making lunch for work yada yada yada; you get the point, we all have to live.


Then when any normal human would have enough to do, my insanity kicks in and I decide to add various things that apparently I do

a) for shits and giggles


b) to turn myself grey even quicker

Like attempting to write my first novel, and trying to start up an amateur cake company and lose weight. What the F*** was I thinking, doing these things in my SPARE (ha) time .


AND obviously thats before I have a social life. Which I do enjoy.


or more importantly a relationship, with the future wife.


Basically I am failing in all aspects of life right now.


I fell off the side of the planet about 18 months ago


Drowned in to do lists months ago


Was lost to coffee addiction and exhaustion weeks ago


and finally popped my clogs and entered ‘hysteria’ this morning when I had to get up extra early to car share with a colleague, because obviously I can afford to lose another half hours sleep… why not…


It’s really not like the cats don’t wake me up on the hour every hour because they can’t decide whether or not they want to be in or out of the house, and without a cat flap, Sacha has to dutifully get out of bed to let them in an out at all hours of the morning! Whos idea was it to have pets anyway, idiot.


Whilst I am on this rant, why is it with weddings that you get through one to do list, and twenty more appear… literally? Ok not twenty, but more, definitely more!


We finished a to do list, and I must have been momentarily on crack to enjoy the fleeting pleasure that crossing off the last item gave me. Because in that instant the gf turned round and asked me to write another one for all the other things we have to do, the fucking thing was twice as long.


And with that, I felt the last shred of hope that was clinging desperately to my soul being ripped out mercilessly!