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Yet another uneducated homophobe

If you have ever needed motivation to become an LGBT activist, this video right here is it…

I have posted this on QueerLandia, and I try to post different things on the two blogs, BUT I am so enraged by this total fucking idiot that I had to post it on my blog as well… besides I can swear on here!

Should same sex marriage be taught in schools? Was a question asked on one of the biggest day time TV shows a few days ago.

I have to say it has been a while since I witnessed such atrocious, narrow minded, uneducated drivel on my TV. There are no words strong enough to describe how abhorrent I find this video, I am beyond disgusted and it makes my inside boil.

He freely states that being homosexual is unnatural, and that you ‘shouldn’t be proud’ to be gay.

Not only that, but that parents should ‘correct’ their children when they come to them and tell them that they think they are gay. In so many words states that parents should suppress their children’s gay tendencies. Not only that but apparently being gay occurs because of a mistake or problem in our childhood development.

I hurled some expletives at youtube at this point. Feel free to join me…

Furthermore, he refers to ‘gay lifestyle and practices’ although, he never actually clarifies what these so called ‘practices’ are.

He so much as says that children are unsafe in homosexual families, and that statistics prove it…

I would love to know what statistics he is referring to because I have read studies that say precisely the opposite…

Such as this study, or this study… If he wants to go ten rounds on ‘statistics’ and the evidence, how about show me some hardline positivist research packed full of statistics. I bet he has none, IN FACT I bet he doesn’t even know what positivist means.

These fucking uneducated narrow minded bigots preaching about made up statistics. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE, because I have read studies like the ones I just posted above that say the total opposite. I hate that we even need scientific studies ‘proving’ that gay and lesbian families produce well rounded kids. In fact I find it positively insulting that we need studies.

Please tell me I am not the only one furious over this…???

Binge Reading, Binge Watching

Do you ever get so sucked into something like a box set or tv series, or even series of books, that you obsessively read or watch all of them back to back??

I am the ultimate binge reader or film/TV series watcher.

I did it with ’24’ and would sit there and watch a hole series without moving, I did it with Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a teenager, I did it with Prison Break, House, Dexter, Numbers, greys anatomy, Boston Legal, Alias, The L word, The Real L word, Lip service, The list is endless. I obsessively read almost all of Patricia Cornwall’s books,  Jostein Gaarder, all the True Blood novels, Harry Potter, twilight… just some of the recent ones.

I do this thing of finding an author and demolishing everything they have ever written, or made ever!

The problem is, I get so sucked in, that I forget Im living in the real world. I start thinking that I live in their worlds, that I am part of what is happening. I don’t tend to read words, after a couple of paragraphs my eyes switch off and I just ‘see’ what I am reading, its akin to TV for me. So I feel really attached, especially if there were a lot of books, or a lot of series.

When it’s over, I feel like I lost something, a best friend, a group of friends, a home, its like someone died, and I cant go back because if I watch or read it again, it doesn’t have the same effect, I know whats coming.

Well anyway, I have been watching the West Wing, and there are 7 series, and  I am on the penultimate disk… I dont want it to end. I love this series so much!! :*(

If anyone has any decent book, or TV series recommendations to help me through my imminent mourning period… Please do comment.