Writespiration #56 The Zen of 3

Write about the zen of the number 3

There’s a phrase, ‘everything happens in threes.’ I don’t know about you but, it describes my life story.

I can’t go through a day and just leave my phone at home, I have to lose my wallet and get a nail in my tyre all within the space of a few hours. There’s something almost karmic about it. It’s like the world has to balance all it’s Yins and Yangs, and the only way to do that is by f***ing my life up three times over. I guess the good thing about that is when Karma is on my side, I get three lots of luck. 🙂 (more…)

The Mystery of Sound Propulsion, Coral Castle & the Pyramids

The Mystery of Sound Propulsion, Coral Castle & the Pyramids - Weekly Wonder #1I spend a lot of time sharing things I learn about the writing process. But after some lengthy discussions with fellow blogger Ali, on what inspires us she instructed encouraged me to begin sharing some of the more ‘strange and unusual’ things I find inspiring.

As a Fantasy and Sci-Fi writer whilst my own imagination is useful, it sometimes needs a little help. Which is why I spend a lot of time researching the strange, unusual or controversial – I find it provokes lots more story ideas than the mundane. (more…)