Don’t Let Writers’ Self-Doubt Beat You – 4 Steps to Conquer it

self doubtI’m getting increasingly frustrated. The kind of frustrated that leads to drastic, probably stupid, but definitely life changing behaviours.

I’m frustrated because I have shit to do, books to write, stories to tell. Yet two things are standing in my way. Life bullshit and self-doubt.

What do I mean by life bullshit? Oh you know… The crap, the stuff and the things… Shit that incessantly fills my day like, work. Fuck work, I should be writing. Having to pay bills. Tut. Such an inconvenience. Chores, cleaning, cooking. ALWAYS cooking. Then there’s life admin, you know, keeping myself clean enough I don’t get lice, my eyebrows neat enough I don’t poke someone’s eye out with a stray hair, emails, meter readings, food sho….sorry I fell asleep writing the list.

If that bore list isn’t enough to prevent me writing, I have to wage a daily war against the smarmy king of mind fucking himself: self-doubt. I hate it.

So here I am. Standing Sitting in front of you sharing my battle plan to nuke my self-doubt into the next mass extinction.

Grr from minions dressed as a princess. Photo from here

Gru from minions dressed as a princess. Photo from here

There’s this phrase: ‘Surprise people. Be who you say you’re going to be.’ I love that. The concept that we’re spending the majority of our time masquerading as something we’re not. Like fat middle-aged men dressed as clowns…

But it’s kind of true, isn’t it? I mean… are you really the same you in work as you are out of work? I’m not. I doubt you are.

It’s like friend circles. We all have more than one circle of friends and usually they don’t mix. It’s so we can be (however slight) a different version of ourselves. I’ve spent a long time trying to hide different parts of me, thinking I couldn’t possibly show all of me because…because why? Because the skinny bitch at work with big tits and fake everything, except her really big nose, might think I’m weird? Jesus. I need to get over myself. I was born weird. What the hell was I thinking?

I can pin point the first broken link in my chainmail. Someone once told me my personality was a risk to my reputation. Over the last 5 years I’ve let that… and a bunch of other really helpful shit people have said to me, fester in my subconscious. The result is I can’t recognise the person looking back at me in the mirror. Worse, I don’t even like this version of me. I’m negative to the point of irritation. I’m plagued by fears, self-doubt and a chronic case of not being able to see the wood for the trees. So much so it’s paralysing my writing to the point where this year alone, I’ve almost quit. Several times.

No more.

Blonde bitch tits and her jumped up mates can go rubber duck themselves off the cliff…

*wipes brow, sips wine, takes deep breath*

Let me start again…

Where are you going to be in a year?

No, really…

Not where you tell people you’re going to be, but where are you actually going to be?

photo from pixabay

photo from pixabay

Are you one of these writers people who wants to be a writer and says they write but actually either a) fucks about writing blog posts instead of her novel, yes I am talking about me, procrastinates on social media and professes to write? or are you b) an actual fucking writer that sits down and bleeds claret over their keyboard?

Self-doubt is a plague. A fucking plague. It’s worse than Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde. It will freeze you up. For life.

So let me ask you again. Where are you going to be in a year? Are you going to continue to be person A? or are you going to be who you say you are and be person B?

STEP ONE – Decision Time

The first step to reducing self-doubt to a snivelling, pant wetting wreck in need of palliative care is to make an effing decision.

And I don’t mean the: “hmm, shall I have the custard or jam filled donut?” while you scratch your arse and fanny about with work emails, kind of decision.

I mean the: how much do you really want your dream, kind of decision. Do you want it enough you’ll work after work, late into the night until your eyes are bleeding and your fingers are begging for a hot oil massage?

Have you got what it takes? Are you prepared to make sacrifices? Are you ready for a marathon? To stick to your work until it is done and edited for the 29875248975th time?

If you answered yes, then what the fuck are you doing standing in your own way?

See that’s the thing. Once you make the decision. A real one. One that cuts deep into your soul, there’s no going back. Not even a little whiny bitch like self-doubt can get in your way. If it does,  punch it in the fucking face and walk on by. Unless you decide you’re going to achieve something, you’ll never try.

I choose person B: In one year, I’ll have finished two books, minimum.

Who do you choose?


STEP TWO – Draw your sword

You made the decision to achieve your dream, in spite of self-doubt and fear. Awesome. But decisions require action. If you’re guna achieve Stephen Kingdom then you actually need to, god forbid, do some writing.

So step two is to take your pen out. AND write. Write proper words, not a blog post, or a piece of flash fiction. Write that big scary horrible beast you’re afraid of…your novel, or your competition story, or whatever Hansel and Gretel yarn you’re currently spinning. Just for five minutes. Everyone has five minutes. Taking a dump can last longer than that, so do it on the toilet if you really can’t spare any other time.

Ease yourself in. Write for five minutes. Break for ten. Write for Ten. Break for five. REPEAT until you look up at the clock and find it’s actually 12pm Sunday and not 12pm Saturday.

Or if the self-doubt is eating away at your ability to share your work, then take just a snippet. Start with just 200 words. BUT GIVE IT TO SOMEONE other than mumsy. Feedback is a gift.

If you’re too scared to submit to a competition, then JUST DO IT. Do a flash fiction one if you must, but this is your choice and your career. If you don’t submit/write/share you’re always going to be person A.

STEP THREE – Reward your inner child

IMG_6730I can’t claim this one. Joanna Penn’s idea of using a calendar, setting daily targets and marking them on it, is proper good’un!

It appeals to my inner child (as well as hers) and reminds me of my stars and cloud chart I had as a terror tot, angelic child.

By appealing to my inner child, and the thought of a) a reward and b) knowing that my word count is there, visible for all and sundry to see, is enough to make the shame of having zeros on display beat the self-doubt back down.

As you can see I had a bit of a dodgy end to the month (but I only started on the 20th). Green ticks are days I achieve my target, which is a minimum of 1000 words a day. Edit days are different, the word count is irrelevant. However, really, I should still be writing 1000 a day. So here’s to hoping May is better.

If I get more than 15 green stripes next month, I’ll reward myself, I don’t know what with, but it’s something to aim for.

STEP FOUR – Theme Tune

Everyone needs a theme tune. Find yours. Whatever your song is, it needs to be the one that never fails to focus you, to motivate you and to give you that Rocky on the stairs moment where you know you’re guna smash it.

Once you found it, play it constantly, listen to it in the gym, whilst you’re cooking and ironing. Set it as your alarm clock so you wake up on the ‘write side’ of the bed. Every time you hear it, you’ll know a) you rock, and b) you should be writing instead of listening to it!

What do you do to conquer the self doubts? Have they paralysed you before? Let me know in the comments.

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      1. Yea good. Went out for dinner with a non-writing friend last night who loved my new ChickLit novel. It was genuine ‘that sounds great’ – went home and wrote words and words! It is amazing what a bit of encouragement can do to a writer

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      2. I think I need two recordings on my phone:
        1. Someone saying ‘that’s really good, you should work on that!’
        2. Someone screaming ‘get your lazy blonde ass into that bloody chair and shut up moaning! Now write!’
        How about at the Bash – you record number 2 for me?

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  1. You have such ferocious energy, Sacha, all you need to do is apply it to promotion and you’ll be a wild success. Don’t doubt, just write, then TELL the world that you’ve written a great story. Other people who’ve written a massive bucket of shit sell their books because they beat the public over the head with how good it is.


    1. Um. Blush. Thank you. See I went to reply to this comment and all I was doing was responding with ifs, buts and I doubts. Then I realised I was basically doing the opposite of everything you said. So… um… I will try to do what you say…*beats negativity back in*…but….but….but….. :s

      You’re right about marketing though. It’s not always talent that shines through, sadly.


      1. I think you have to be prepared for that. Talent is nowhere near enough. In fact, talent can be the least of your assets as long as you have a marketing plan that works. But at least if you do what you know you ought to, and what you produce is true and vibrant, you know that if you don’t succeed it isn’t your writing ability that’s the problem, it’s the people you don’t know 🙂

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      2. That’s very true. Although, I know how my brain works, and if I don’t sell any books other than to my mum and dad, I will assume its talent! Even though I shouldn’t.


      3. There’s no reason why you can’t be oozing with talent and still sell zilch. The market isn’t geared to picking out literary masterpieces. It just listens to who yells the loudest and buys publicity in the right places. I keep telling myself this because I don’t sell anything and if you judge on sales figures, I’m about as talented as a dead rat.

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      4. It’s true. No ifs or buts about it. It’s all about Marketing. I’m doing LOADS of research on marketing at the moment and its 100% true. If you don’t market you don’t have a market to sell too sadly.


      5. I doubt it. Not when so many others are trying to look into /break into it as well. Sadly I think this game is more about chance than anything


  2. Haha! You DO have a way with words, Sacha! Has anyone ever told you you should write a book??? Lol! JFDI, that’s what I say. And procrastinate… moi? Never. Ahem. With that I’ll just go and make myself another coffee…

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    1. Jedi? or jfdi? lol can’t help myself with these sodding words, they vomited onto the page with this one! at least I was ranting at myself and not someone else! write a book…. hmm….. maybe I should do that. MAYBE I SHOULD ACTUALLY FUCKING DO THAT! lolllll

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  3. OMG I love this post! I have suffered with self-doubt for SOOOO long that it’s like a favourite aunt that pops up to say hello every time I sit at my desk lol. I am s-l-o-w-l-y starting to believe in myself but shit it takes so much effort! Keep writing, keep blogging, keep being YOU because you’re awesome and we love ya 🙂

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  4. Great advice Sacha!
    I stopped procrastinating and started on the layout of my poetry book yesterday evening! (Way to spend the first night sans enfants in months, eh!)
    Hubby Dearest just sat next to me on the sofa bless him!!!!

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      1. Hey… if I feel passion for something I gotta act… shame it wasn’t quite the passion he was hoping for lol!!! 😂😂😂📚📚📚

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      2. Hey… maybe one day those words will make our fortunes! !! They should be grateful! !!
        Oh I’m so looking forward to finally meeting you… I have a feeling it’ll be a meeting of like minded crazy writer women!!!!

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  5. Yes, yes, yes! Who did not experience self-doubt at one point? It is normal and shows some humbleness. But then we need to remind ourselves what our intention was to start writing, what was our motivation? There is a dream within and that dream wants to be shared. So f*%& self-doubt and enjoy feeling the warmth of the burning flame inside and bring this warmth to others with the flow of your words! YES!!! Love that post and the Rocky Theme is one of my favorites next to the message behind!

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    1. Thanks Erika. I completely agree. If that flame is burning bright enough NOTHING will get in the way. Not even ourselves. THat’s the thing. I really believe we just need to make the decision what we want something and then boom… we make it happen. Haha, I love a bit of rocky! My friend is the spitting image of stallone!

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  6. Sometimes it’s never as easy as you think to stand up and do what is right for you. So many other things, people, emotions and inability get in the way. All most of us can do is dream of the day when the clouds part and we can see the way to our dreams. Until then I will simply do the best I can for the moment.


      1. Democracy is never wrong… Well, ignore that Trump business. And our Tory government…

        So, democracy is sometimes right. Listen to the voice of the people!

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  7. Sacha, God love you, (a Dublin saying which simply means you are a star.), you have written this post just when those bloody doubt monsters were entering my own head. Becca and I talked about self-doubt just this morning over coffee. Reading your post made my inner writing warrior stand up and say, “YES”. I`m going to be in this for the long haul and I`m going to win. I do spend long hours bleeding over the keyboard but then I spend long hours listening to them damn voices in my head, and not the ones I`m on meds for lol. The doom and gloom dust motes, so I`m thanking you muchly and now going onto You Tube to pick an anthem. Fantastic post, I`m so re-blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, thats a great saying. Ah I love it when there’s a stroke of good timing. Don’t you dare let those doubts creep in Adele. Your writing warrior isn’t just within… YOU ARE the writing warrior. Let me know what anthem you choose and we can anthem it up while we make our fingers bleed! :p


  8. I keep track of my daily goals in my planner as well. I have to stick to my routine no matter what. I think it definitely helps.
    Great post. It was refreshing to hear something like this.

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  9. Wow! I feel the force in your words and am now picking myself up! All so true…inspirational writing and you make it all seem so possible. Thank you for giving us a kick, giving us the tools and ideas how to proceed. Terrific post, Sacha! 😀

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    1. Hehe, well I was telling myself off so I had to make sure it was a proper good one! The thing is Annika, IT IS possible. You just need to decide it is and then boom, you open the door to all the possibilities and all the ways you can achieve your goals. 😀 ❤

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  10. Although I don’t struggle very much now with self-doubt, I needed to read your post this morning because I’m coming off of completing the A to Z Blog Challenge. It was a blast and now I’m burned out. So I needed a good swift kick.


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    1. Hi Patricia thanks for stopping by 🙂 Shalom. How did you find the A-Z? I haven’t done one yet, not sure I could its a real marathon, I admire all you bloggers that do. I’m not surprised you’re burnt out, I was after a NaNo. Anyway, I am glad it helped! 😀


  11. Excellent post and I know exactly what you mean. There’s this ‘thing’ with adulthood where we have to act like those around us. Work a job for money, never complain about that job, avoid all things connected to immaturity, and be rather dull. Yet, we also get flack for not being interesting or having much to say. I ran into this when I simply hated my job and that was the only thing I was doing. How do you tell someone about your day when they don’t want to hear complaining, but that’s all you have? That’s not even counting putting the ‘work mask’ on to make sure people don’t realize you’re more than a company-loving drone. You can see my bitterness on the whole thing.

    I actually ‘snapped’ and went full author when I couldn’t take the office world any more. Once people started saying I should medicate myself to get through it, I had a feeling that I was in the wrong world. The thing is that it doesn’t always stop the self-doubt. Aside from us doing it to ourselves, there are those around us who feed it. Usually in the name of Devil’s Advocate or ‘For Your Own Good’. It’s really amazing how this doesn’t get brought up much, but it’s probably one of the biggest obstacles of our lives. It’s relatively easy to shrug off someone doubting us because we can prove them wrong. Totally different when it’s our own brain standing in our way.


    1. Charles.. forgive my my hideous delay in responding. I am beyond swamped on this side of the pond.

      I completely understand. That work mask, the bitterness you have to hide, the not having anything to talk about other than your hatred of work… yep. Been there.

      As if people suggested you medicate just to get through work…?! WTF.

      I agree about self doubt though. It’s a horrendous thing to truly conquer. Akin to climbing Everest in my eyes.


      1. No problem. Delays abound everywhere lately.

        I know people who have gone the medication route because they felt it was the right thing to do. I’ve stated that I couldn’t do that. Part of me would know it’s the drugs and not the situation that’s making things appear better. Not to mention that I worry such medications would block certain emotions that I would need to put into certain book scenes. This might be why so many authors in history had problems.

        Everest is a great analogy. Makes me think of avalanches and feeling like you’re suffocating, which is oddly appropriate.


      2. sigh… I really really feel your pain. It’s such a frustration. I am just desperate for clear time and headspace. not something I am going to get any time soon.


  12. You do make me smile/ laugh, Sasha. Yes, self-doubt is a killer. It took me years to admit I wanted to write, then get past the”putting it out there” fear. But I’ve done it, and after three and a half years I have two books in a series done, the second one about to be self-published next month. A bit of advice for what it’s worth…two books in one year for is a lot for you (with work, motherhood, general living….) Perhaps one might be more achievable? Just a thought, and love your calendar. Go May!! PJ

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    1. hehe, glad you enjoyed it. That’s an amazing achievement you have and how exciting about another book release.

      Two books is a lot. You’re right. The second isn’t a full length one much smaller. But my logic is, if I only set my goal at 1 book, that’s all I will aim for. But if I say I want to achieve two, then I will aim for two and work even harder to finish both. If I get to the end of the year and I am I have 1.75 books done thats a win in my eyes, even a book and a half finished would be fab.

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  13. Great post, Sacha. Aimed directly at me!!! This morning I was gong to sit down and write, ignoring emails and blog posts. It’s now after 1pm and what have I achieved – zero, zilch, not one word have I written. Well, I’ve written words in emails and left comments on blog posts but the book remains untouched. I do have huge chunks of it written but it’s crap, the beginning is all wrong and the middle loses direction and, and…
    I’m going to re-read your post and maybe try the write for five minutes, take a break, write again method.


    1. hehe, thanks Mary. Technically I might have been shouting at myself! but if it works! lol. Did the 5 minutes thing work? Did you make a decision about the bash too? wasn’t sure if you had 100% confirmed you were coming or not.

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      1. Yes, definitely coming to the bash. I thought I’d confirmed. I’ll need to sort out somewhere to stay as I don’t think I can get back home the same night. I’ll check train times but if you know of any reasonably priced places near the venue let me know.
        As for the five minutes writing thing – yes, I tried and yes, it sort of worked. I think I can move on with it and sort out the opening later.
        Did you take your own advice? 🙂


      2. Ok fab 😀

        Ah well see, we got ourselves a bit confused there, because some have said they definitely ‘want’ to come, rather than, they definitely ARE coming, so like any bunch of writers, there was some semantic disagreements and now we’re double checking everyone! :p

        Take my own advice… lol… erm. Actually I do normally. Anything I put up here tends to be stuff I have tried! It’s all lessons I’ve learnt the hard way haha 😀

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  14. Thought this quote was appropriate:

    “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steve Furtick

    I love to joke and adjust the nerd/geek/conspiracy theorist dial to 10 with you but tend to forget that as polished and awesome as your posts are, behind them we might be struggling in the same place.

    You can do this. You will do this.

    Otherwise, I might just have to hop a flight to London and glare at you until you do with my strongest mom gaze.


    1. Haha, I think I need that glare… partially because I just want to meet you! 😀

      But yeah, I am… a complete wreck on the inside. Didn’t used to be. Used to be full of confidence. What happened?

      Wait one… you’re struggling too? Is that a joke? cause…. WHY???????????? You’re super talented, I can see that even from your flashes and posts. WTF?

      P.s. I havent ignored your lobster comments, I just wanted to gather/read some research papers together before I replied… I will come back to you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally want to meet you too! Unfortunately as my lovely home state has once again decided to cater to the lowest denominator i suppose it is on me to budget accordingly. Darn Atlantic! You wouldn’t happen to know of any factories in the consumer appliance space in need of auditing, would you.

        I read once that almost every overnight success actually takes a minimum of five years, but man, that kind of time just eats at you.

        Ha! I may have overreached myself in the lobster comment. Telemenes and biological immortality fascinate me (note to self: send Sacha link to awesome documentary on aging) but there are probably better examples to choose from.


      2. umm…. I mean… no… but I could check!? :p :p

        wowza – overnight success is 5 years…???? *gulp* I had better chill out then! lol

        ooh cool, yeah do send me a link 😀


  15. Self doubt is the biggest thing that holds people back. I faffed around for about two years writing bits and pieces of Ambeth, then one day I sat down and said ‘it’s time.’ I started writing that day and, even though it’s been a slog at times, I’m so glad I overcame everything that had been holding me back. Have you read Big Magic yet? It’s all about being brave enough to create and get it out there, and not to worry about how people might react – the key thing is to create, to be Person B, as you say here 🙂

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    1. No I haven’t. I’ve barely read at all for a couple of weeks. I finished the last book in a trilogy I’d been reading and I had a book hangover, not been able to touch anything since! I will though. My TBRs are ridiculous and I have a target I need to smash on goodreads! But yes, precisely. If I want to write I need to actually write. Not just blogs. Not just comments. Actual book words! That must always be my priority. 😀

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  16. You know what? I’m going to be type B! I have in fact struggled been struggling with writing these past few months but I’m declaring now that it’s over!
    I love your writing style and how encouraging it is. I’m planning to post encouragement on Fridays and your post has given me an idea for the next one.
    Thanks for writing this! 🙂

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    1. That’s exactly the kind of decision and statement I love to hear. You’re a legend for making a stance against self doubt. Thank you for saying such lovely things 😀 you made my day.

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  17. I am just finishing up the A-Z Challenge, always one step behind everyone else, I like to say I march to my own drummer, or perhaps my own orchestra. You are right though, self-doubt is such a destroyer of creativity, and sometimes you just have to say Poo on it, just because nobody else does it that way, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Thanks for the kick in the butt!!!!

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  18. Oh, Sacha, you are so lovely and talented. What’s this self-doubt stuff? I like your list, although for me, flash fiction and short stories are forms of procrastination when I have a novel to write. Getting into “novel groove” takes time and other writing forays become a distraction (including blogging – the one exception I make). Life admin is tough, and I so admire anyone that has kids and holds a job while trying to write. I know I couldn’t do it. Kudos to you for even trying! That’s miraculous. I waited until I was 50 to start writing…so compared to me you are years ahead! How’s that for a bit of perspective 🙂 Take a breath and shoo the inner critic out the door. Then enjoy yourself. 😀


    1. um.. *blushes* thank you ❤ I can't help it. I am infected, I am host to a parasitic worm of self doubt that is rather fond of feeding off my very limited reserves of confidence!

      I think that's fair, I agree. At the moment anything that isn't editing my novel is procrastination unfortunately.

      Ha! ok, fair point. Perspective taken, maybe I should try a parasite cleanse, see if I can shift the fucker out! :p

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      1. Yeah, really, self-doubt isn’t doing you any good. It comes in handy for big things like marriage, kids, buying a house, jumping out of airplanes – it keeps us from making huge mistakes – like dying. But writing a book? It’s risk free until you hit the publish button, and there are lots of people willing to help you reduce the risk before then 😀


  19. The self doubt never really goes away, but here I am, at the age of 33, less inclined to give a fuck about what other people think. I reckon, hey, I have 5* reviews on Amazon from strangers so I mustn’t be a bad writer, and I’ve got umpteen books in the “almost finished” stages, so balls to it, I’ll just put ’em out.

    And my theme tune is totally the Undertaker’s entrance music.

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    1. Haha I hear that your 30’s do that to you… enable the don’t give a fuck thing. I am RAPIDLY approaching 30, less than a year to go and if you are that empowered then quite frankly, I can’t wait to be rid of my twenties! Undertakers theme! lol! wicked choice I love it 😀


      1. I think I am finally going to! I’ve been dreading it, but actually, I don’t know a single 30yr old who isn’t empowered. So I shall embrace it with both hands 😀

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  20. What now? Because you know… I remember a time when some writer, um…what IS her name… Anyway, this writer chick had a serious bout of life-itis and self-doubt and “I need to get the hell out of my own way” and… I do believe it was you, Miss Sacha Black, who got all scrappy telling her off about it.

    Well, I do declare! 😉

    We’ve all been here. And we all get out. (Most of us get out. You’ll get out.) And I like that this was a venting, ranting talk to yourself but, really, can apply to a lot of writers. Except for the blonde lady at work. I don’t have a fake-boobed blonde lady at work. So. Yes. 2 books by next year. See you on the other side, word weaver. ❤

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    1. hehe, I was in a right mood when I wrote this one! Proper scalding I gave myself! I guess if you can’t take the mick out of yourself then what can you do! :p Thanks for reading Michelle. ❤

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  21. Lol, I love your ‘weird’. That’s what makes you YOU! Man, you gotta stop being so hard on yourself. Ya, it’s sucks big time having life get in our damned writing ways, I can attest to that one. But oh well, gotta keep moving on after the self lashing lol. Oh, and I get you on ‘are you the same at work’ thing. I guess the great part about being a writer is that we do get to be who we are all the time. That’s what I love about it. 🙂 xo


    1. haha thank you, I am rather fond of my weird too! :p

      I know. I know. I am VERY hard on myself, but I kinda think that’s why I achieve so much. Otherwise I would be a lazy bitch and slack off.

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  22. I’ve never thought of the purpose of different friend circles being so we can express different sides of ourselves. That’s an interesting thought!

    And good luck on your writing in May!

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      1. I think it’s true. But I don’t know if we realize it all the time. I want to do some more thinking on that.

        I’m getting my art ready to put in a local sci-fi/fantasy convention art show. This year the theme (for the Con) is “Steampunk Noir” – so I’m also trying to prepare a 50s themed Link & Zelda cosplay to do with a friend. I’m also doing costumes for my kids (fire elemental and Fire Nation member) – so a bit of a busy month! I keep saying “Now, in June, I need to do…. ” Thanks for asking!


      2. OH MY GOSH, I love steampunk, so the thought of steampunk noir is right up my ally. HOW AWESOME. I so wish I could come and see it. Good luck 😀 😀 Let me know how it goes.


  23. Wow! LIke Boot-camp man..far out!! (sorry I do slip back into my old hippie vibe)…Anyway, very good post. Every writer having a tough time should have this pasted near to hand.

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  24. But I love my blog so much, I couldn’t possibly leave it and write 😀

    Good to see you get all of that off your chest. Now just go and put all those words into practice. No excuses…none whatsoever, because you’ll have me to answer to and I’m not a very nice blogger when there are no Jammy Dodgers in the house.

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    1. haha well it depends what you want to write! If you just want to write blog posts then ignore the other social media and blog! Sounds like you don’t procrastinate though! which I am both pleased for you about and extremely jealous of! :p

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      1. Oh, I do suffer from it. Just look at how I’ve put off publishing my short story collection. For me, it’s more about being afraid of not knowing anything about what I’ve never done before (if you get my drift?) Plus, I hate asking anyone for help because I know how busy everyone is.


      2. OMG. serious. I’m guna have to knock that shit out of you at the bash. haha, bash you at the bash. THat’s the point of learning and researching your way through the process. Enjoy the learning and research don’t fear it. We all love your stories Hugh, everyone wants to see you publish. ❤

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