Bloggers Bash SPECIAL Announcement

Bloggers Bash Awards 2016I promised this year would be bigger and better and it really is.

I feel like a school girl at a backstreet boys, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Take that, fuck it showing my age Justin Bieber concert. But…. here is our next big announcement…. *Drum Roll Please*

Ha… just kidding, first, we must do some thank you’s, and yes, I could have done them at the end, but where’s the fun in that? This way, I am still making you read on…and on…. and the tension is building. Unless of course, you got fed up with my blatant time wasting and skipped to the end.

Anyway, my heartfelt thanks go to Geoffle and Rachel for helping to organise this for us, without them this wouldn’t be happening.

I am totally super excited to announce…………………………………………………………..

That we have a guest speaker who is going to deliver a seriously awesome masterclass on using social media to promote your blog.


Photo taken from Luca’s website

Luca Sartoni is a Growthketeer and works for Automatic the people behind wordpress who help to keep us, happy!

Luca is an international speaker at global wordpress events (like this wordcamp in Europe in June).

We’re totally jump up and down, squeal, flappy hand dance, honoured to have him speak, and I for one, will bring the fattest notepad and pen I can to take notes.

To find out more about Luca, you can see his blog here, or his twitter account here.

Not coming to the bash yet? Think you want to now? Why not drop us a line if you haven’t already and confirm your attendance. We need to know if you’re coming before the end of April.

For those new to these awards, they are part of the Annual Bloggers Bash. A physical get together in London, England, every summer. This year’s is on June 11th, if you’re interesting in attending then drop us a line on:


You can find more information here, information about the venue here. If you can’t make it but want to follow electronically, you can join the facebook group here, or use the hashtag (#)BloggersBash to follow the feed live on the day.

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  1. Thrilling! I’ll be bringing notepad, pen, as well! It’ll be like being in school again (only better)! 😛 Have you all neared an agenda for the evening? At least a breakdown of the Bash hours… Wondering if I can fit in some siteseeing or wandering through the park, dinner rezzie… That sort of thing.

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    1. We don’t have an agenda, not yet, not sure if we will do a ‘formal’ one as such, but we will release finalised timings. If you want a rough idea it will be APPROX 1-2pm arrival, and then the awards and speeches and formal bits will be done by 5pm. Then everyone will do the socialising bit, some people will stay the whole time others will drift, always late comers and early goers – its free for you to do as you wish. Some of us will stay and have dinner there so up to you if you want to join us, Are you only there for one day? cause could do all the sight seeing the day after or in the morning?

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  2. Good to know! We arrive on Friday afternoon, I believe… (Must check my flight details.) I wasn’t sure if it would be a daytime or evening thing. But I was thinking we might do a show–or have some real Indian food, or do something particularly London-y in the off-times. 😀

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    1. Last year we started at 11 and most were gone by 8. But we are starting later this year 2 kick off I think, and probably won’t finish till 10 – but it depends on peoples train times, the formal bit will be finished by 5 but that won’t have allowed much time to socialise. Maybe a show on the friday night? I saw Wicked last year, that was FAB!

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      1. What it means, Sacha, is that anyone attending who works for themselves in a capacity which includes blogging (e.g. using the blog to promote their business) can probably justify treating all related expenses in attending as business expenses. If it was purely social, that wouldn’t be the case, but as there is some educational content that might help their business, they can. (No, I’m not an accountant, but I have worked for myself for 20 years.)

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      2. Didn’t intend to be funny – just thought it might offer an additional incentive to some people (not that anyone should need more incentive than to see your happy, smiling face). How many are coming so far?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I just told an old lady who looked shocked at my air punches that I am off to the Blogger’s Bash – I then asked whether she was too? Lol! Think I have had too much coffee…need to go lie down…

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Now that I have got to know some people like you, Uncle Geoffle, Hugh, Sue V, Suzie, Esther, Helen… I am super excited!! You are all people like me and it’s great when you find others who share your passion 👍🏻👍🏻 been searching for years 😆

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  3. Oh Sacha, I would love to come but my daughter is getting married in Italy on 30th May; the following Saturday I have to travel to Cardiff for an examiners conference; after which I’ll be marking GCSE papers.. It’s all happening at once! next year, definitely 🙂

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      1. Absolutely, Sacha! Btw. Ritu and I were chatting about the Blogger Bash and we pondered whether there were tables or not, and if there were if it is meant to even reserve some seats to sit together… just a thought.

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      2. Hi Erika, so from 1-5 we have an entire room booked out for our speaker and the awards and it’s reserved for our bash only. Then after 5, we have an area reserved in the bar downstairs, so don’t worry, we have it all in hand 🙂

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      3. Oh, no, I did not mean to question that. It was just us pondering if we had to book a table or something if we wanted to sit together. But I see that this is not even necessary. I hope you didn’t mind my question. Big hugs and have a lovely weekend 😊

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    1. Alas, not at the moment, but maybe one day we will make it happen, I know a few bloggers in Australia so you never know, it’s also worth checking the wordcamps that WordPress themselves do.


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