Lunar Waves and the Mystery of the Holographic Moon

Lunar Waves & The Mystery of the Holographic MoonI was going to write about the Hollow Moon theory in light of the post I wrote about Hollow Earth, but as a result of last weeks Flat Earth post, and a future post I am writing as a follow up to that, where I have a real life discussion with Mark Sergeant – creator of the Flat Earth Clue videos, I decided to focus instead on Lunar Waves, and the video footage that is going viral over YouTube.

Have you ever done a presentation in front of a projector screen? You know, the ones with a pull down plasticky screens that shoot up into its roll if you don’t secure it properly, then sending an endless ripple across your carefully crafted powerpoint presentation. Well hold on to that thought whilst you read and watch this:

It appears that during key times, any lay person with a camera and telescope can capture what looks like waves rippling across the moon, as if someone prodded a holographic screen and a ripple washed over the moons surface.

These events only seem to be happening at key times, like full moons. The suggestion is that what we see as the moon is actually just a projection of the moon. There are two parts to this.

The first, which would support the flat Earth theory that suggests there is a dome or firmament (as genesis says) sealing us into a flat Earth. The theory suggests projections are displayed on to the dome (ceiling) producing what we see as the moon and stars.

The second theory is what Crrow777 the original filmer of these mysterious waves thinks. He says the moon actually is up there. But what we are seeing is a projection of the moon, on to the moon in order to stop us seeing something else that’s going on.

Richard C Hoagland an ex science advisor to CBS News has discussed what’s on the moon on multiple occasions and maybe it’s this they are trying to hide. But one discussion I recall seeing recently was after the Chinese moon landing (Jade Rabbit). Hoagland analysed the footage which the Chinese released publicly and demonstrated that there was a dome (yeah I know… another mention of a dome) on the moon. It’s two hours long, so you would be in for the long haul, but it is fascinating to watch, check it out here.


Image curtsey of Unsplash - Blood Super Moon Eclipse

Image curtsey of Unsplash – Blood Super Moon Eclipse

Is the moon a hologram? I have no idea. What’s odd, is that this footage is no longer an isolated occurrence, there are plenty more videos spreading on YouTube showing the same thing. This makes it harder to swallow a ‘camera’ fault or whatever.

Of all the theories, I really hope this one isn’t true. I have been obsessed with the stars since childhood, I love nothing better than staring at a clear night sky in awe and wonderment.

I don’t often thank baby black for waking me up in the middle of the night. But a couple of months ago he woke up at precisely the moment of the super blood moon eclipse. It was breath taking, and the thought that what I saw might not be real, pains me.

I suppose the hologram theory would explain why we see an illusion of the moon not rotating. That is something no matter how many times I try and read explanations I don’t understand. Here, is another explanation.

“The moon orbits the Earth once every 27.322 days. It also takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observers from Earth to be keeping almost perfectly still. Scientists call this sychronous rotation.”

Effectively they are saying they spin at the same rate proportionately which is why it appears still. Seriously what? I don’t understand that at all. Not one bit. Maybe I’m just spatially inept.

There are examples of holograms littered in films and literature. I don’t however recall a story suggesting everything we see is a hologram – other than perhaps the loosely connected Matrix. So perhaps one of you could write the story. What’s going on behind the moon? Is it for our own good? Maybe an alien invasion?

Either way, it’s a cool theory that got my brain thinking of yet more stories, and an awesome way to start the New Year. Hope this year is the best one you have ever had.

What do you think? Did it inspire you? What do you make of the video and the theory?


  1. Wow, that’s a big consideration! Fascinating, though. I love theories that shake us out of our assumptions. My favorite tv commercial is by the Wisconsin Cheese Council. It’s a big shot of a full moon and the voice-over says, “For hundreds of years, man thought the moon was made of cheese. We landed and discovered it was not. We’ve not been back.” So if the moon is some projection, why do ancient texts and petroglyphs refer to the moon and stars? I’ll have to go back and check out these flat earth series! Great stuff for a sci-fi writer!


    1. I know right. Of all the conspiracy theories I have investigated – this one is the one that is the hardest to swallow. Its a little far fetched – BUT – that kind of makes it all the better for sci-fi / fantasy writers.

      I have no idea about ancient texts and petroglyphs – I don’t look for these theories to suggest I believe in them – just as a source of inspiration – but it does make me want to investigate a whole bunch. let me know what you think of the series.


  2. This is fascinating indeed. Out there … to the furthest detectable reaches of the known universe … could just be part of an atom.
    We could be part of an alien experiment. I mean, when you look at sub-atomic particles they are presumably unaware of the observation.

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      1. Dark City which is a must watch. Osmosis Jones on the other hand is not a recommendation. It is a cartoon in which the people are all part of a human body like red and white cells, but don’t necessarily know it. As a whole it is rather silly.

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  3. Sacha, I cannot imagine that theory. I really can’t. Even if there are more videos on YouTube they can all just want to spread confusion. It is really hard to believe that a hologram is visible this way all over the planet…. and who are the secrets keeper for quite some time…. It is really hard to believe… I think you should enjoy the memory of the blood moon. I couldn’t see it behinde the clouds unfortunately!

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    1. Ahh Erika, this is the thing with conspiracies. They often just provoke interesting debate, and really we have no way to prove it right or wrong. Some of them are much more plausible than others. I never really know what to believe, all I do know, is that as a fantasy writer, they provoke serious stories lines in my imagination and that’s why I read up on them.

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      1. Lol. He did. Proper believes it. I’d be more inclined to believe that the moon is real and somethings project on it than its just a projection in itself. But either way this one is a smidge extreme. Makes me go all tangental and wonder what else we could think we’re seeing but actually aren’t – so big brother!

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      2. I know, right? I’m fascinated by all the archaeological discoveries which, because they don’t fit the ‘accepted’ version of human history, are just discounted.
        This moon one is a doozy, though LOL. Who was projecting on it during the centuries of history before projection technology was invented? 😀

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  4. The moon exists, at least somewhere, as I have gotten to touch moon dust, which is not like any dirt I’ve felt before. However, the idea that there is a projection played on its surface to hide something in the background could potentially have some merit. Especially if the projector is something we’ve spotted and just not understood like that dark tower (I can’t quite remember what it was called). I can’t wait to hear about your interview though. That would be a fascinating conversation.

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    1. Wow u touched actual moon? I am well jealous! Agreed the projection onto the surface is more believable – still hard to swallow though.

      Yes I know the one you mean, although the name of it now eludes me – I’ll dig it out.

      Haha it was proper awesome – I’m trying to figure out what to do with it – whether to just post the audio recording or transcribe the most interesting bits.


      1. Well I suppose it could be a very complex lie, but that’s what I was told. It feels like the softest talcum powder and once touched clings to everything you touch like the worst kind of glitter.

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      2. It got in everything! Then I felt all sorts of conflicted. There was this grey dust on anything I touched, but I hated to wash my hands because it was a piece of the freaking moon and that seemed so disrespectful.


      3. So weird. I really am going to have to put it on my bucket list to feel moon dust. It sounds almost like your skin was a magnet and the dust was attracted to it. which is even weirder!


  5. You are the queen at finding these alternate theories. What imaginations we humans have. It’s a good thing too. Without imaginations I fear there would be no scientific discoveries or inventions. They both require an ability to see beyond what already exists.

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    1. Sorry for the exceptionally long delay – thank you will have a look – I have watched many a youtube video in the hopes I would find a good enough explanation but to date, I still don’t get it. 😦


  6. I’ve seen these hologram waves when watching TV. They usually appear when there are other screens on the screen of the TV you are watching. I’ve also seen them when watching movies and seen them on my computer. They are usually very hard to detect when the screen is bright, but on dark screen they can just about be seen.
    If the moon is not really there then what causes the waves on the sea? If there was anything else going on on the moon then I’m pretty sure the SpaceStation would have picked it up? Surely those people would have said something when they got back to Earth?

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    1. Unless they aren’t allowed to talk. do you notice most astronauts don’t talk about odd things they saw until they retire… or unless we haven’t really been to space… All require a bigger conspiracy. Who knows. I think one of the premises behind this is that the projection is ONTO the moon. So the moon is there, we just can’t see it as what we are seeing a projection of the moon ONTO the moon.

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      1. If that’s the case, then doesn’t whatever is doing that projection, have to be huge? And wouldn’t we see the light it projects during the nighttime? Oh, and as the earth spins, wouldn’t we also have to have more than one projector? Then again, if the Earth is flat, then it would work. 😉

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      2. Lol, I don’t have the answers – all I can do is give you the info I get from reading up – there was less info on this theory – but the convo I had with Mark Sargent has a few more tidbits.

        What’s your fave conspiracies?

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      3. I don’t think I really have one, although I would love to know what really goes on in Area 51. However, I always love reading these conspiracies. Your series on them is very intriguing. I hope we can chat more about them when we next meet up.

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  7. No. No, no, no. Silliness. 🌝 I love the moon. I’m with you – stargazing is wonderful and this one can’t be true. Though I do want to read what you come up with from all these conspiracies. World-building! 🌎

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  8. I did wonder why the moon seemed to look the same every night. Now I know. So what is going on over there on the dark side of the moon? Hmmm. I think the moon is a real thing as much as everything else is … When we start thinking about everything as light and energy, the possibilities blow wide open. Thanks for another amazing post, Sacha!


    1. I know right. I still don’t understand the whole sychronus movement of the moon. Tried to watch videos too. There’s two parts to this theory though – the one that says the moon IS there and we just see a projection onto it, and the other one that says it isn’t and were in a dome and seeing a projection.

      Thanks for reading it – glad you like it- I love finding new sources of inspiration 😀

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      1. I’m trying to write a book on a world with three moons – It’s crazy trying to keep the phases straight for each one as they travel at different speeds. Plus the impact on nighttime light and the tides. Why do we do these things to ourselves???? 🙂

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  9. Well, this was an interesting piece Sacha, fascinating. Becca and I watched the clip, saw the ripple anomaly and listened to what he said. It is interesting that he said when we see a crescent or a sliver that what we are seeing is real. It appears to happen only when there is a full moon. It has got us talking and thinking up theories. I am a little perturbed, though, we know that we are all affected by the moon, especially women, and our tides. Please don`t let them be up there doing something with the moon that would affect our tidal rhythms, like the weather machine that makes tornados. Will absolutely enjoy the series you are writing about this and the flat earth. Thanks Sacha, keep investigating. Two of my favourite quotes: Ask questions and keep asking. A little paranoia might save your life one day. Hope you all had a great Easter.


    1. Glad you liked it.

      Is Becca your daughter?

      Yeah – I thought that was interesting too – like they only do stuff when it’s a full moon – He thinks there IS a moon out there, and what we see at a full moon is a projection of the moon on to the moon. But a lot of the flat Earthers don’t think the moon even exists!

      I’m not sure they are doing anything TO the moon as such, more landing on it and using it as a base – or thats how I read it anyway.

      I’m so glad you like this series – the next two move away from Ancient Aliens but I’ll be back to it after that. 😀


  10. Whatever the ‘answer’ is, there is no doubt in my mind that the moon is extremely powerful. By that I mean the pull on people’s moods and nature is extraordinary. The same goes for the sun. I’ve never heard of the dome theories and have problems getting to grips with them but they’re interesting all the same. Popping over from #ArchiveDay

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    1. I have no idea what the answer is either, but I do love all the ideas that spin off these bizarre theories. I agree about the moons power though, I swear it sends kids nuts when its a full moon! Thanks for stopping in 😀


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