Writespiration #68 The Odd One Out

The Odd One Out

Often, heroes are the odd ones out because they think outside the box and solve mysteries or problem. But this challenge isn’t confined to heroes. You could write about inanimate objects, or kids or animals, maybe the black sheep in a family. You could write about any number of things that are odd or unusual.

This week there are two parts to the challenge. 1. write a story or poem about the odd one out. 2. do it in 200 words or less.

Here’s mine:

Three buttons stared at me. One, black and dented, another rusted and the last shiny. He said if I chose wrong, the contents would be destroyed and I’d never know what he wanted to give me. His face was sharp and stern as he watched me. What the hell was it?

I took a deep breathe, my stomach churned. The shiny silver one was too obvious and he hated black. I hovered over the rusted button. But he knew me. Knew I’d reason my way into choosing the rusty one. I switched to black. Bubbles of my garlicky dinner stabbed the back of my throat. What if I got it wrong?

“Go with your gut,” he said, standing in the doorway.

I hadn’t realised he was there. The tips of my fingers tingled. I couldn’t take the anticipation I needed to know what was in there. I switched to the rusted button. Back to black. Rusted.

“Go with your gut, Liz.”

I closed my eyes. Pushed the pad of finger onto the rusted button.

A whirring, whooshing of air and cogs filled the room.

“Oh god, have I destroyed it?” I said, turning to him. But he was knelt on the floor staring up at me.

The lid popped open, and beneath the lid sat a beautiful silver ring, with a solitary diamond in the centre.

I just checked my word count, 226 – I am clearly incapable of adhering to any rules. Tut.


Now to last weeks writespiration and 60 second stories.

Jane created a gorgeous piece about equally gorgeous children. It makes you want to squish their cheeks and love them to death! You can find it here.

The apple dropped. We didn’t hear the whoosh as it fell, just the thud as it hit the ground and rolled into the long grass. It was a beauty, green streaked with russet. And it had only one worm hole. Baby picked it up and gazed at it in awe.
“Round,” she said.
We beamed. Such a bright child.
She toddled to the path, apple clutched in chubby hand, and slung it to the ground.
She looked up at us, eyes full of reproach and shook her head.
“Doesn’t bounce.”




  1. ‘…Iain Robinson Independent 21,412. I declare Iain Robinson is duly elected to be Member of Parliament for Rushworth North.’

    Iain looked at his new shoes. First day of the new term – worse than first day at school. And as lonely too, the only Independent member in this intake.
    ‘Mr Robinson? If you have a minute the Prime Minister would like a word?’

    Iain blinked. Well that was unexpected, the flattery still ringing in his ears. ‘You can help your constituents – that bypass, for instance – if you support our plans.’ Iain smiled. He’d replace ‘support our plans’ with ‘prop up our minority government.’ Still nice to be wanted.
    ‘Mr Robinson? If you have a minute the Leader of the Opposition would like a word?’
    Iain straightened his tie. This time he was prepared, this time he had a shopping list in his head. Maybe he wasn’t going to be so lonely after all.

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