Writespiration #67 – 60 Second Stories

Write a story in 60 secondsYes, I know. I’m  cheating massively this month with writespirations. But hey, I am doing NaNo, and I know lots of you are too. So after the rather hard task of horror last week, this week is nice an easy. We have done it before.

Get a timer, set it for sixty seconds, DON’T click through to this post until you are ready to write, the word is at the top of the post this time. Look at the word, write for 60 seconds…. Ready? GO!


Her breasts curved into the perfect cleavage. Sumptuous. Deep. Tempting. My groin tingled. She was forbidden. I shouldn’t feel this way, it was wrong. Father said so, “girls marry boys. Not other girls, Lara.”

But as she walked past, brushed her hair behind her ear and parted her plump lips at me, I knew I had to have her.


Now to last weeks writespiration and the minds of the disturbed.

First in this week was Gordon with a spooky little rhyme

As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish that man would go away.


Next Ali with this horror

It started with the little things; objects moved, disembodied shrieks of laughter, a lone chair balanced on one leg and wildly spinning, the menacing thud of an intruder’s slow steps in the next room, but that’s not where it ends.

In the dark of night, I am woken by the weight of a body settling in the bed beside me, although I live alone; my eyes snap open and I am confronted by a shadowy face on the pillow only inches from mine, so close our noses almost touch, his yellow eyes, so full of malice, staring deep into mine…


Next up Myriad Ways wrote something inspired by Edgar Allen Poe:

Persistent furtive tapping, echoing up from the eternally dark basement, drew me down into the abyssal dankness. Now I wander lost in this subterranean vault, haunted by the unceasing touch of a thousand spectral fingers searching for my soul.

or H. P Lovecraft, I guess. If you replace fingers with tentacles.


Marje slicing horror all over the page

The hilt of the knife moulded with the dark shadow’s skin, he thrust it, slicing an evil rip into the night sky, uncaring who or what it came in contact with. He had work to do, no one would dare encroach upon his approaching shadow.


Jane paralyses us with this terrifying story

In the dream, she lay in bed, facing the dimly-lit window, paralysed, feeling the displacement of cold air, the presence in the doorway behind. In terror, her eyes snapped open to the palely moonlit room, her pounding pulse accelerating as the presence stroked the back of her neck.


Jim found us through twitter and participated with this humorous horror

The switch at the top of the stair,
did not light washer’s basement lair.
My heart beating fast,
my whole life flashed past,
when the cat jumped into my hair.


Dylan grosses us out as well as terrifying us!

He felt her cold, dead lips press down on his own, stifling a moan as a maggot attempted to crawl into his mouth. So this was the true meaning of undying love.


Geoffle with a realistic and horrifying entry

Millie let the shop door close behind her, her smile hidden in the flowers. She bent to kiss Amy’s head but the pushchair stood empty, accusing.


Luccia gives us a terrifying twist

My chest ached from lack of oxygen, my legs trembled with exhaustion, and my hand shook as I pushed the key into the lock, kicked the door open, and threw myself onto the safety of my worn carpet.
Minutes later, I stopped panting and looked up, ‘Did you think there was only one of us?’ he asked.


Roger is an absolute pro at horror, I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish them! If you’re feint of heart – be warned these will give you nightmares.

There was a delicious morsel of bacon wedged between her back teeth. He prised open her dead mouth to taste it.

The Surgeon’s voice was hushed, as it always was when the moment came to call the Time of Death. ‘Tomorrow at noon.’ he said.

The body was battered and torn, open now, spilling its contents. The children all agreed it was the best Pinata ever …

He’d unglued his eyes on the way home. They stared at her, white as scar tissue, staying open as she kissed his sewn-up lips.

“How about some scrambled embryos?” She made the same awful joke every day, but when I saw my plate I knew she’d taken it too far.

“Lucy lost my yoyo, but she helped me make a new one.” The boy smiled, unspooling the wet thread of ganglia and the bloodshot blue eye.

She joked that she’d turn into a pumpkin at 12. She didn’t, but I still carved her a new smile and filled her eyes with candlelight.

The twins asked to be Freddy Krueger & Pinhead for Halloween. Their mother blowtorched the girl’s face and hammered nails into the boy’s skull.

Some of the med students took notes about the exposed, bisected brain. The others just wished the patient would stop screaming.

I thought the little redhead girl had a spray of freckles upon her nose. Until I saw the empty crib and the fine blonde baby hair in her teeth.


Sarah makes your skin crawl with this one

A worm slithered from his cuff, then another, before he loosened his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. “I guess it’s time to show you who I am, love.”


Last but by no means least, Erin entered via twitter with a young persons nightmare.

I don’t know the wifi password. Hey, isn’t that your mom over there?



    1. Lol.. Sorry, meant to say busy… the dog has just been sick while I was writing and I got a bit distracted! Now there’s a horror I have to go and clean up…

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  1. I just did a ‘Bounce’. I admit, I cheated. It took me three minutes from start to finish partly because I didn’t have a page in front of me to write on. Excuses, excuses. Here it is anyway.

    The apple dropped. We didn’t hear the whoosh as it fell, just the thud as it hit the ground and rolled into the long grass. It was a beauty, green streaked with russet. And it had only one worm hole. Baby picked it up and gazed at it in awe.
    “Round,” she said.
    We beamed. Such a bright child.
    She toddled to the path, apple clutched in chubby hand, and slung it to the ground.
    She looked up at us, eyes full of reproach and shook her head.
    “Doesn’t bounce.”

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  2. Great scary entries last week! Loved your Bounce. So much said in such a short space. My bounce is inspired by 25th November. So much violence stems from childhood teachings and experiences. We’re all responsible. Schools, society and families. Here it is:
    Ball Games
    They taught him to bounce the ball, kick the ball, throw the ball, hit the ball, score goals, and win the game. He thought life was a game, and dating girls was the most exciting game he played.


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