Month: August 2015

Writespiration #53 That Awkward Moment When…

Awkward Moment

Life is full of awkward moments… Those embarrassing occasions when life takes over. You lose a bit of control and something hideous happens. Maybe you show a bit too much skin, or vomit somewhere public… whatever it is, I am sure we have all had our fair share of them. So this week, the challenge is to write about that awkward moment when…

Here’s mine: (more…)

The Mystery of Sound Propulsion, Coral Castle & the Pyramids

The Mystery of Sound Propulsion, Coral Castle & the Pyramids - Weekly Wonder #1I spend a lot of time sharing things I learn about the writing process. But after some lengthy discussions with fellow blogger Ali, on what inspires us she instructed encouraged me to begin sharing some of the more ‘strange and unusual’ things I find inspiring.

As a Fantasy and Sci-Fi writer whilst my own imagination is useful, it sometimes needs a little help. Which is why I spend a lot of time researching the strange, unusual or controversial – I find it provokes lots more story ideas than the mundane. (more…)

Writespiration #52 Dormiveglia


I think a symptom of being a writer is having vivid dreams. Perhaps it’s more a symptom of having an imagination, all I know is I have always had surreal dreams. I know people who have had dreams that replicate daily life almost completely. I am not one of those people. My dreams are more like a Dali painting! Which is why I knew I needed to use this as a writespiration, I do so love a Dali!

Dormiveglia is one of those words that can’t be translated into English, I used a welsh word recently Hiraeth as another inspiration. Dormiveglia is an Italian word and it means the moment between wakefulness and sleep, or sleep and wakefulness. I heard somewhere that this is where Dali drew his inspiration. He would sit in a reclined arm chair with two marbles in his hand. When his hand relaxed just as he fell into sleep his hand would relax and the marbles fall to the floor. Waking him and allowing him to record the oddities his mind gave him during his Dormiveglia.

So this week, use the concept of Dormiveglia to write a few lines, a story or a poem, whatever comes to mind. Here’s mine: (more…)