Just Keep Writing…One Day You Will Win…

Just Keep Writing, One Day You Will Win

I woke up this morning to an email titled ‘Congratulations’, obviously it was junk. Except… I read on, just to be sure. I’ve been entering so many competitions there was just the tiniest iney weeny slither of hope that maybe, possibly, I could have won??

I did. I won a writing competition. An actual, real life writing competition. Cue my jaw hitting the floor, several re reads of the emailed followed by some extreme bouncing on the bed, jumping up and down and hooting. Yes, I was that much of a kid!

What did I win?

There is a weekly competition called less than 100 words, it’s a bargain to enter at just £0.99 per entry. You have a prompt which you must either include or write about the theme.

My prompt was to use the following as a first line:

She heard a whisper behind her.

Here’s my winning entry:

She heard a whisper behind her. It made her breath catch in her chest.

“You kept your promise,” she smiled.

Eleanor eased onto her bed rolling to the far side. His side. She padded the pillow, it made one of his grey hairs fall onto her arm. A twinge pinched her heart. She wasn’t sure if it was the loss or heart disease. Probably both.

“It’s time,” a familiar rumble drifted through the air. She couldn’t see him. But she knew. He’d promised he would come back when it was her time.

“Jim?” she smiled, and closed her eyes.


You can see the winning entry, past winners and enter yourself here. Why not give it a go yourself 🙂

Does this mean I can call myself a writer now?! :p


  1. Many congratulations Sacha. What great news and what a great piece of Flash Fiction. I hope that feeling you got when you read that email stays with you for a very long time. Enjoy the limelight and carry on with those story winners. It’s when things like this happen to us that we usually get a huge boost of confidence and are taken to the that next level of our writing.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. I have to say – I am still riding the high. I laminated the email I got sent saying I had won – is that sad? I have stuck it on my bookshelf so it’s the first thing I see every morning to help drive me on!

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    1. hehe, thanks Debbie. It is an interesting concept though – I know a few people who struggle to accept that they are a writer. I suppose it comes down to the separation between being a professional writer, and your definition of writer. Or I suppose ones internal concept of writer, is it merely the act of writing that makes you a writer? the quantity? quality? habit? Interesting thought anyway! 🙂

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