Earth’s Secret Race of Giants and Their Connection To The Annunaki and Nephilim

Earth's Secret Race of Giants & Their Connection to the Annunaki and Nephilim

Giants are all over fiction stories like fairytales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and the BFG, but what about actual giants? You know, the ones that lived and breathed on planet Earth? Some argue it’s just another conspiracy. But I wonder if they saw a giant skeleton, knew about the ones hidden in the Smithsonian, heard about the theory connecting the Annunaki and Nephilim and the references littered in the Bible, whether they might change their mind…

This is the second instalment in my weekly wonder series, designed to provide inspiration for stories. This time I wanted to think about different creatures or beings you could create and so, giants sprang to mind…

There are a plethora of newspaper articles from the 18 and 1900’s that describe discoveries of giant skeletons. There was an explosion of discoveries in America during this time. This is fact. We know they exist, skeletons were found. A definitive explanation for how they came to be or why they died out still alludes us.

Photo Taken From 'The Giants Who Ruled America' By Richard J. Dewhurst

Photo Taken From ‘The Giants Who Ruled America’ By Richard J. Dewhurst

The newspaper articles I’ve seen claim skeleton heights from 7ft tall all the way up to 19ft tall. IMG_0384There is an interesting quirk to how a lot of these skeletons were found. The ones in America particularly, were often found in groups under burial mounds.

Something I found fascinating was that they were buried in circles, sat upright, with all their feet pointing into the circle. I haven’t done enough research yet to know what the suggested reasons for this are ye. But it certainly generates a lot of sparks for ideas around ceremonies and unusual traditions around death and burials which is particularly helpful for me as I have a death and funeral of sorts in my novel.


There are other interesting things about these skeletons, for example, one report I read stated one skull had teeth which grew the other way around. Instead of being flat facing like ours (lets call our teeth horizontal) some of theirs grew vertically – as in a 90 degree rotation.

Many of the giants skeletons have red hair. What’s interesting about this is that some of the Paracas skulls (the long head – or conehead- skulls, and if you don’t know what they are that will be another post) also have red hair, and some of those too were famed for being Giants albeit slightly shorter at 6″7 – 7″6. In addition, their children (Nephilim) were often said to be either blonde or red headed.

Sumerian Doorway in The British Museum, London

Sumerian Doorway in The British Museum, London

Something else that I have always wondered about is the size and scale of some ancient structures. Take for example the Sumerian doors in the British museum. I can feel myself about to talk myself round in a circle but bear with me. We have been told that thousands of years ago technology was primitive…

So why therefore would these primitive societies go to such lengths to build enormous doors? Particularly when most things were made for functionality and efficiency. Generally speaking the most efficient thing to do is construct buildings and structures appropriate to the need. Its Pareto’s law – 20% effort for 80%.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that these things were built so massive just for the sake of grandeur and displays of wealth. Sure the rich and royal adorned themselves with diamonds and jewels – but epic sized doorways and buildings…? hmm, I’m less convinced.

My Hand and an Egyptian Sculpture, The British Museum, London

My Hand and an Egyptian Sculpture, The British Museum, London

Lets think about sculptures in general, and replicate that thought across. Why are some sculptures huge and others tiny?

When you look at a lot of sculptures (ok, I know this doesn’t apply to all sculptures) – they are life size or almost life size… I figure it’s easier these days to make extravagant oversized sculptures because we have the technology to do it – but this is G.R.A.N.I.T.E we are talking about. Not some soft soapstone or alabaster, pure rock hard, needs a diamond tipped saw to carve it, granite.

Why would they choose to create oversized sculptures using the hardest most impossibly difficult stone to carve? Personally I don’t think they would. Which leads me to think that these Giants, (given that skeletons have been found all over the world) were in fact.

860-850 BC, Shamash Temple, Sippar, Southern Iraq Photo taken at the British Museum, London

860-850 BC, Shamash Temple, Sippar, Southern Iraq
Photo taken at the British Museum, London

Take this tablet I photographed in the museum. A tablet found in an Iraqi temple. You could argue that this tablet is symbolic, that the seated person is in power and therefore depicted larger. But why? Why would you leave symbolic tablets for future generations to ‘interpret’? Would you not be more literal, factual, to the point to save for translational errors? The seated figure is sat and yet still twice as large as the humans below him, can you imagine if he stood? Sounds like a giant to me, possibly one of the 18ft ones.

Look at his hat. The humans have normal shaped heads. The giant has a large hat on his normal shaped head… or maybe he just has a long hat for his long Paracas shaped head. Just stating the obvious…

More interesting than this though, is the connection between giants, long heads, the Bible and the Nephilim.

The bible is littered with references to giants. More often than not this has been interpreted symbolically – Giantism a symbol for wealth and power. (Hold on to that thought)

Numbers 13 (NKJ Version) is an infamous quote about giants:

“…all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. 33 There we saw the giants[d] (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

But what if like the buildings these scriptures were meant literally. What if the 12 spies that Moses sent to Canaan really did see giants? The Israelites wrote that all their knowledge came from the giants. What if the first humans were giants? But what if they came from somewhere other than here? The Sumerians one of the first recorded civilisations wrote that their knowledge came from celestial beings. Beings that ‘came from the heavens’ creatures they called the Annunaki.

This knowledge included (but not limited to) concepts of law, policing, writing and complex buildings. The Sumerians’ were the first race to ‘do’ many of these things. That’s a lot of change and innovative thought for one society to miraculously discover. Perhaps it is more likely that these Annunaki/watchers gave them this knowledge.

The Annunaki have an identical story as the Watchers. Watchers religiously known as the angels came to watch over Earth. They saw women and decided they were beautiful and took them for their wives – creating the Nephilim – a race of giants. This particular race were destructive. It is said, one of the reasons for the great flood was to wipe out the giants…The Apocryphal book of Baruch specifically says the great flood wiped out 409,000 giants.

Sadly, many of these skeletons recorded in the news, photographed and written about have disappeared. Particularly the more controversial ones. Some do remain, particularly the Paracas skulls I will discuss in a different post, but very few giant skeletons remain on display, many being rumoured to have been sucked into the secret underground archives of the Smithsonian.

That’s enough wondering from me. My brain is full to the brim with ideas about worlds of giants, both good and evil, humungous temples and buildings and stories about angels. I have ideas for the history and creation of the world I have created in my novel too. But more than anything I’m left with questions about where we came from, and who the giants really were…

This is an interesting film about giants, but if you want to watch it – be warned it is about 40 minutes long.

What did you think of this post? Did it inspire any stories? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Finally! Somebody’s wondering about it! Thank you! Yes. I have heard of it.Also heard about the Smithsonian Museum hiding skeleton of giants.It’s said that after the flood some giants survived.

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    1. Hehe I take it you are a wonderer too? I have a feeling this is the start of a lengthy series of posts on and around topics like this.

      I had heard that some survived – there are still extremely tall people alive now – genetic throw back maybe?

      Thanks for reading 😊

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      1. See the question I asked about what color is when the hair is described as the color of new wine? At my site Rob said auburn. Yup, that’s what I thought. See years ago there was this book called 101 bible facts. In it there were letters written by a king to another king talking about a man the king have met. Guess who he was talking about? Yup. The dude who got beaten, nailed to a wooden beam and murdered.

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      2. That’s how the king who wrote the letter described him! Also the king said, Eyes the color of the sky! I assume it’s blue?
        Cassarian? What is it? A race? Julius Ceaser and Cleopatra’s son?!! That’s new to me!!!

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  2. Interesting. As I can find nothing in terms of evolutionary records that would support the appearance of extremely large hominins (our species is becoming taller as diet and living conditions improve), it is possible that any such skeletal remains are of species not native to this planet.
    I have no doubt whatever that information is held in some institutions (but denied to the general public for reasons of ‘national security’, I imagine) that could support or disprove that hypothesis, information that is unlikely ever to see the light of day. But maybe that’s just my inner conspiracy theorist at work, or maybe I’ve read too much Dan Brown.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Keith, agreed there doesn’t seem to be anything evolutionary pointing to a race of Giants

      and no no, I think you are 100% right, that information will never see the light of day and I don’t think its just a conspiracy!

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  3. In my time most mysteries involving humans stem from cock up not conspiracy so I will remain highly sceptical about the Smithsonian nonsense. Why them? They came late to the party. The British were digging graves the world over one before the Americans and the Chinese and Iranians before us. As for Giants isn’t it a failure of the pituritary gland that means people don’t stop growing but eventually ligaments and muscles can’t cope with the excess bone growth and the heart isn’t strong enough to pump the blood so far to the head so they collapse. As for believing the Bible, don’t get me started.

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    1. What makes you think it’s cock up rather than conspiracy? What examples do you have? I think its the smith because there were SO many of these skeletons found in the US, therefore naturally taken to their museum – the smith. They were on show, and then they got lost…

      failure of the pituitary gland is one reason for the giants we have now, its a mutation of a gene i believe which regulates one hormone. But that is a ‘mutation’ it explains freak occurrences, not an entire race of these giants.

      I certainly don’t believe in the bible Le Pard… but I do love it when you can read into what’s said and interpret it completely differently! nothing like having a big spoon and stirring :p….. ooooh I am going to love your reactions to these posts 😀 x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok what race of giants? What evidence? You say they are tucked away in the Smithsonian, but really? Someone has written about it, like they wrote about the moon landing being faked so that makes it true. Yeah right. Come off the meds, they are making you paranoid. There’s a reason it’s hidden and that is because IT IS BULLSHIT. But then again maybe it’s all like the Matrix and we are the sick construct of a bunch of aliens living inside a computer programme…. Bring it on!

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      2. There are lots of books containing information about the skeletons that were found, academic papers evidencing and outlining these skeletons. I say race because there were hundreds and hundreds of these skeletons and all found around the Native American tribal areas in and amongst their remains. I’ll drop you a book cover to prove my point! Ps…. Now now, this is all friendly debate no need to accuse me of being insane! :p

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  4. Those Sumerian doors aren’t all that oversized when you think about how they needed to accomodate a chariot that was drawn by 3-4 horses abreast, carrying people often armed with very long spears. Also, Sumerian city walls were backed by packed dirt fortifications that were wide enough to allow for chariot riding on top of the walls. We humans seem to have an innate sense of proportion, and the large doors look “right” on the massive walls. Sumeria was an awesome and whacky place by modern standards. At one point, they abandoned their capitol city and relocated thousands of people because the king was slain in battle and they weren’t able to recover the body.

    People put out strange and enormous efforts when they feel properly motivated. Once you get beyond basic survival, all that motivation comes from cultural constructs, often ones that are entirely alien to us modern folk. Giant statues, giant doors, giant art and actual giants can all exist without having anything much to do with the other. See also pyramids. They exist all over the world in different cultures not because of aliens or cultural diffusion, but because humans like to build pyramids and geometry makes it a relatively attainable shape.

    I’m not saying that Giants never existed or to give up on them. Only, beware of syncretism. It is not your friend!

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your views and find your thoughts fascinating, although I am not sure I agree with you. But thats ok, we can’t all agree, if we did life would be boring!

      And I certainly wouldn’t ever skirt round syncretism. I am not religious in the slightest so blending religions is definitely not going to happen for me!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.


  5. In really ancient times, many living creatures we’re much bigger than they are today. I’m not just talking dinosaurs. Think of the giant elk, bears and cattle whose name has just gone out of my head! So why not a race of man?

    Incidentally, the Tuatha de Denann we’re tall red haired people who I’ve also seen linked to the Annunaki.

    A fascinating post, Sacha! I am intrigued… keep them coming!

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    1. I just saw this post and one of the first things I though of were the Tuatha de Denann! Those stories have always fascinated me, especially since the Biblical account of Nephilim is sparse but sounds rather similar to some of the Tuatha de Denann stories. I’m glad I’m not the only one to connect them 😀

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      1. Hi Estyree, I have just published a post today on my blog about the Denann, if you’re interested, and there are some quite interesting comments coming in! I’d be happy if you’d join in the conversation!

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  6. Reblogged this on aliisaacstoryteller and commented:
    Sacha Black is already well known for her blog on the writers journey, but there is a secret side to her, a penchant for the weird and wonderful, the mysterious and unexplained, which she is now starting to reveal to us with her new weekly series entitled Weekly Wonders. I thought followers of this blog might find her posts interesting, so sit back and enjoy…

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    1. Hell yeah I do. LOVE it, we take the mickey a bit and call crazy haired George, Gorjus George! hehe. Best programme ever. Officially. Welcome to my new series 🙂 I have to say I have been surprised how many people have shown an interest in this stuff 🙂

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      1. I love Georgie too! I think it is really interesting when you blend our DNA, religion, and ancient alien theories together. The aliens are already here… In us! I will love your weekly series. Woo hoo, Sacha! 💗👽👽💗

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  7. As an archaeologist I am always sceptical of stories of hidden things in museums, as if they are genuine why not publish. Any archaeologist (or palaeontologist) would love to be known as the discoverer of such things. As for not fitting into theories (or ‘disproving Darwin’) any scientist loves to disprove theories, that is what they are there for (theories and scientists).

    The Bible, like many ancient texts, and the Bible is a remarkable survival, contains references to giants and strange, huge monsters. I suspect that these legends have their origin in the discovery of ancient, massive, bones – dinosaurs, giant mammals etc. If you want a fascinating read try and get hold of The First Fossil Hunters by Adrienne Mayor, she looks at many stories and links them to fossil finds.

    And as for red hair, if a body is preserved, in peat or naturally mummified, or even frozen, the hair frequently turns red. Old reconstructions of Mammoths show it with red hair as that is the colour of the hair as found, now analysis shows that Mammoths were probably dark brown.

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    1. Hi Gordon, thanks for the fascinating comment.

      I agree that those scientists or ‘gists’ of whatever background would indeed want to have their discoveries recognised, I guess I am a but more of a conspiracist and think that theres more hidden than we realise – whether that be covered up discoveries or otherwise.

      Yes, I agree, I suspect that some of the references in the bible must be based in some truth. Thanks for the book recommendation, I have found it on Amazon and popped it on my wishlist.

      I did not know that about red hair, I am going to tell Ali, as she would be fascinated to hear that. 🙂


  8. I know that hand! (The British Museum is such a wonder. Sigh)
    Who knows? All these fairy tales, all the similar mythology from various sources? Usually a grain of truth somewhere. Keep digging and dreaming.
    (Oh some of the NBA basketball players? The extremely tall ones like Akeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming have serious health issues – their hands and feet are so far from the pumping hearts. I’ve been next to them in air ports – really really big guys)
    Cool post

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    1. No way!? have you been to that museum then? I want to do a post in this series that looks at all the different mythology and compares the similarities – its on my list!

      Good point about the basketballers – definitely some genes that have survived. Thanks for reading.

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  9. Do you remember the TV show Land of the Giants? Maybe not because you are a lot younger than me, but you may have heard of it.

    I find it so strange that evidence about these giants ever existing seems to have disappeared. It’s almost as if somebody is frightened that we will find out. Is it another ‘area 51?’

    I’m also of the opinion that a Yeti is a very tall creature and I do believe they once existed. Maybe some of these skeletons are of the Yeti race, which sadly has almost died out?

    I’m loving these posts Sacha. You’re the new Arthur C. Clarke (you may have to look him up).

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    1. erm…. rings a bell! lol, not sure I remember it though! :s

      I reckon it probably is another area 51 – there’s too much evidence proving they existed – medical/scientific journal articles, news papers, photos for goodness sake. I just wonder if someone tested their DNA, and it got quashed because of the results…

      Yeti… is that like big foot?

      hehe, glad you like them – another one next week all lined up…. oooh its guna be a good one – think you will like this one especially…

      oh dear… Arthur C Clarke? erm…. hang on lemmie google :p

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      1. I thought Big Foot was a myth? Are Big foot and yettis the same thing?

        p.s. wheres the next part of your bash story… no pressure but the entire bloggisphere IS waiting you know!

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      2. Yes, Big Foot was/is a Yeti (so most people think). If not exactly the same then they come from a similar species of creature.

        I’m publishing Part 5 of the story today 🙂 Wonder what I got in store for us in that pub?

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      1. I can’t wait Sacha! I am with you all the way. I might have to start a feature similar! We shall see! ☺💗 Exciting!

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    1. Thanks my lovely – bet you are all relieved now your book is live :D.

      I know, I love researching these weird intricacies, think my brain is so wired to think of strange things it makes all kinds of random connections. But it’s so true, I reckon a lot of things in life, like old stories, and myths are based on some truth…

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    1. Thanks Estyree, another one tomorrow, think I picked tuesday for this series. Thank you for taking the time to read it. AND for making that link, Ali and I often have convos about aliens, mythology and all things strange we talk at length about the links, it is FASCINATING 🙂

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  10. I have no doubt Every book bought and read by Sacha , no library was safe , with goose bump excitement a pile of books carried out to be dissected after every visit , it is of no surprise an interest in giants.. As an open interested mind is full of a wealth of knowledge … Assumptions as to popping pills is a little harsh to evaluate an interest in all subjects ..We have a new race of big people all around us.. My Nephews start at 6ft and finish at 6ft six .and growing !!. Keep the diverse interesting subjects coming .. Off to my library I feel a new creative project coming on …..

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  11. Really interesting article and it is a topic I’ve wondered about. People always say there’s nothing new under the sun, especially when discussing stories but inspiration for fantastical creatures must have come from somewhere. I always a bit skeptical when reading about history or anthropological findings but maybe there were some extraordinary beings and beasts that inspired today’s creatures in fantasy.


    1. Thank you Zezee – is Zezee your name? If so thats an awesome name :D. I too am a bit skeptical of traditional history books. The topics I research and post about in this series I don’t necessarily 100% believe either to be fair, but I do think they are interesting and seriously thought provoking when it comes to giving me story inspiration.


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