#BloggersBash | How Geoffle Saved the Day OR How the ABBA’s Nearly Never Were

Ali has written this UH-MAZE-ING story all about the bloggers bash and awards – you simply HAVE to read it



“You!” a voice commands imperiously, a purple talon pointing in my face. “You will help me.”

I gulp. We get a lot of weirdos in this joint. You know the type; pale and pasty from inhabiting the dark watches of the night, hunched over their computers, spewing their innards into Ebooks which they sell for the price of a hamburger on some wretched E-retailer site called Leprachaun, or Amazon, or some such.

But despite their technology and dislike of publishers and agents, they can’t keep away from real books. Faded ink printed on yellowed paper. Musty, dusty, intoxicating, addictive.

“What are you looking for?” I sigh, booting up the old library desktop. Some obscure volume of love charms and youth potions, from the looks of her.

She takes off her aviator goggles, and fixes me in a piercing stare. “I’m looking for a man.”

She’s weirder than I thought. “You…

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