Writespiration #47

Write for 120 seconds

A little while ago I set a writespiration challenge to write for 60 seconds, using the word silence as your inspiration. It was so successful I thought I would re run it. Like last time don’t look at the word till you’re ready to write.

Write till the time is up and share wherever it took you in the comments. Ready?






















Your word is:


Here’s mine:

It dappled his brow like specks of dirt, he repulsed me. His beedy eyes glared at me poking holes in my protective front. I wouldn’t let him get under my skin. A droplet of grey coloured sweat trickled down his forehead. I could smell the filth. The black under his nails. He wasn’t going to beat me


  1. Sweat? Not even a cold shower will make me look less like a freshly boiled lobster for more than a few minutes… and sleep is going to be a problem, even with the windows open. I remember being scared of that… All Christopher Lee’s fault of course. Vampires… that made me sweat as a child…Perhaps that’s why going to France was such a good idea? Living there I learned all about garlic… and the second-hand ooze of it through the pores of overheated bodies in the Metro. Keeps more than vampires away! Except, you don’t even notice it when you are as bad yourself… Paris was hot in summer too, but I loved it…I remember cooling hot legs in the fountains…mint tea in the Algerian café… and 3am raids on the all night deli for champagne and wild strawberries… Though perhaps I should draw a veil over that particular association…

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    1. Sorry for the delay – I am a terrible blogger! struggled to keep up this week.

      LOVED your stream of consciousness! especially garlicky armpits and metro madness! I too have experienced the Parisian metro in the height of summer….. i’ll say no more. :p


  2. I sweat – none of that gently glowing or perspiring nonsense. Genuine suppurating pores, pouring pores if you like, that’s me. Not proud of it just have to live with it. But it has it’s advantages. The cooling bit, the fact I don’t get very dry skin and the dog loves me as I’m the best way he has to get salt… So there you. Another conf

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  3. Okay, I gave this a go and it took, shall we say, a somewhat disturbing turn. So here it is:

    ‘It’s hot in here. But then that’s not surprising, I guess. I shift a little on the stone floor, hugging my legs in close, tucking my clothing close around me as I huddle against the curving brick wall, my eyes closed tight against the glare. Sweat. I am drenched in it, great pools under my arms, trickling down to sting against the scored lines in my skin, the edges crackling in the heat of the vast oven. How did I get here? What was my life, that it should come to such a pass?’


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    1. Sorry its taken me an age to get back to you – been a rubbish blogger this week.

      oooooooh you are feeling dark! I LOVE it. I had a couple of dark weeks too recently. Produced some strange stuff to say the least! I love this though… screams full length story….

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      1. Thanks Sacha 😀 it was a bit dark, wasn’t it? Though I must agree, I was intrigued to write the rest of the story too. Though that often happens to me, I can also see my penguin-loving Velcro-shoe-wearing protagonist sitting on his bench at the zoo 🙂 Yes, have had some up and down weeks, guess that’s why it came out a bit dark. Hope alls well with you xx

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      2. You ok?

        Ooh let me know if you do write the full story. I’ve had a few flashes inspire me to carry the story on but haven’t had time so far.

        Hahaha u have to write the penguin story my wife would love it.

        I always find dark stories appealing God knows why! Must say something about my personality though! :s

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      3. I’m ok – just recovering from surgery, family visiting as well – it’s all good 🙂 and yes, if I write the penguin story I’ll pass it on to you for Mrs Black 🙂 definitely. And I like a bit of darkness too, had some stuff creeping into my Ambeth books and I’m thinking ‘where is this coming from? You are a terrible person’ LOL

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      4. Not terrible at all, it makes you wildly interesting and one heck of a story teller. Surgery?! 😱 I hope it wasn’t serious and that you are recovering speedily x

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  4. Sweat? Why do I think of Rugby Players when I hear that word other than the awful substance which glows out of my body as soon as the temperature soars over 25C? Now I don’t mind rugby players and heat, but humidity and oppressive days can go and do a runner for all I care. They are unwelcome and not wanted by most of the population. As for sweat – stop damaging the underarms of my clothes, you beast!

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