Five Day Photo Challenge #1 – Spidermare

Challenge Photo 1

I was nominated to take part in this photo challenge by Ali Isaac, who has a wonderful blog filled with fascinating tales of Irish mythology – check it out if you haven’t already, you learn something new with every post. I would like to nominate three of my blogging compadres to take up this photo challenge…

1. Ula because I think she’s fascinating and would love to see what she shoots

2. Keith – because he’s an awesome photographer already

See the rules below, never been much of a rule follower, so not only am I doing this over five weeks instead of five days, I highly doubt I’ll only post one story too! :p

The photo is of a common garden spiders nest of babies. Whilst they are growing as eggs they shed a skin. Once born they cling together usually in balls – but in trying to capture a macro shot I disturbed them – until they shed their second skin. 


I really hate spiders, mostly because I’m terrified. Not just a little squeak and run away scared. I’m the shove you out the way, jump on chairs, hyperventilate kind of scared. It’s those dark hairy legs. *shudder*. The thought of one crawling over me with those eight little legs dancing on my bear skin. Oh my god, I have to stop describing it my shoulders are twitching and I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

As part of the challenge I have to do a story – I’m going to do two (told you I couldn’t follow rules).

First up a personal one:

The wife and I had taken a jolly in her car – unusual at the time because I had just bought my new car and so understandably we were using mine a lot. The wife drove, she always does. I have no idea why because I constantly get car sickness unless I drive. But anyway, she was driving. If you know me – you know I have a thing about eyebrows – I could go out in crappy clothes covered in baby puke and without make up on. But I cannot leave the house unless my eyebrows are penciled in. Just can’t. Well I took my trusty artists pencil with me and needed to slap the paint on. So I pulled down the visor. I swear it was the size of a horse. Not a pony, but a fucking great big shire horse.

My wife says she can’t recall a time she has seen me move faster and she certainly can’t understand the physics of how I ended up still strapped into the front passenger seat whilst being physically located in the back. She also could not help unstrap me because she was in pieces laughing at my shrieks of horror. I was not laughing. I was cursing her for having a three door car. I was trapped in the back, with the tarantula about to advance on me and EAT ME. I was not laughing because I was too busy trying to climb through the boot to get out of the car. Here’s the little bastard:



My second story is in honour of my challenger, Ali. Ali is amazing at retelling mythological tales, so I thought I would do some research in her honour and look to see if their was a myth based on spiders, although I shan’t attempt a retelling – I’ll leave that to the expert :).

The symbology of spiders is an interesting one. I had wrongly (because I’m shit scared) assumed it would be all horror stories and pincers. But actually although spiders are predators they are commonly seen as the Great Mother. A weaver of destinies. Weaver coming from their web creating skills. In Cameroon they represent diligence and wisdom and in China a spider on a thread is a symbol of luck. Spiders weave webs like we do our lives, making choices that become the constructs of our lives, as they are the structures for their houses.

The Hopi (Native Americans) have a creation story with a spider woman as the goddess of the Earth. With the sun god Tawa, they created the first two beings.

In Greek mythology there was a girl called Arachne who was arrogant about her skills as a weaver. She refused to acknowledge that her gift came in part from the goddess Athena goddess of war and handicraft. Athena gave Arachne the chance to beg for forgiveness and be humble- when she refused Athena challenged her to a weaving contest. Arachne produced stunning woven work and Athena was angry at the high quality of her work so in a war like rage she destroyed it. Arachne became depressed that her masterpiece was destroyed and hung herself on a rope. Athena took pity and loosened the rope noose which became a web and she turned into a spider so she could weave forevermore. This is where we get the class name Arachnid from.

You can find out more about the myth here.


Below is the rest of the photos I took trying to get a good one. I have a macro lens for my iPhone, which means I had to get up close and personal with a ball of spiders – you can imagine my delight. Why I chose this as my first shot I have no idea!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days. (Sorry I’m cheating and going to do it once a week!)
2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.
3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!


      1. I don’t blame you. There was a big gray and orange hairy spider on the playground at work today. I ran away yelling at the kids to get away and they thought I was playing a game, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Now I know why you asked how big my new friend is…
    I’m considering whether I should join in on this; as I’ve a pretty full schedule already. On top of that, I lost my ADSL modem in a thunderstorm yesterday. Full story in the weekly blog on Sunday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yikes, spiders! I lived in Australia for many years and, as you can imagine, there are some pretty big spiders out there. The worst was when I woke and wondered idly what the bundle of twigs hanging over the top of my blind was. Then I realised it was a giant spider and I was OUT OF THERE! My husband woke up and I was already in the hallway outside the room shouting ‘Get rid of it!’ It was a wolf spider and about the size of my hand. I feel for you with the one under the visor, I would always check them before I got in the car and probably still should, if your photo is anything to go by!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the delay – long week. HOLY SHIT. I actually went and googled wolf spider! REALLY wish I didn’t. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that would have been at that size. I think I would have genuinely had a heart attack. At any rate I would have lost my voice screaming and most definitely have been further away than the hall! Did your husband get rid of it? if so HOW?????


      1. Snap!! Hideous. I’ve since spoke to my Aussie friends who say they’ve been renovating their house and it’s unleashed a world of huntsman spiders on them! Her BF just stamps on them! I raised an eyebrow at this point exclaiming that the spiders are bigger than his shoe what if he missed! He said he doesn’t and that its gross because actual guts spill on the floor. There was not one part of that conversation I enjoyed, and definitely not the photos!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yes, huntsman spiders are not fun at all! We had a nest of them in our wardrobe once… That’s Australia for you, everyone has at least one horror spider story!


      1. Yes, it’s just the thought of having to deal with all of them together rather than just the one large spider.

        When I first saw that monster it reminded me of a giant spider. It was the scariest monster I’d seen on that show. It certainly beat watching people dressed up in monster rubber suits running around!

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  3. I loved the stories 🙂
    Wonderful pictures, especially considering your phobia – you must have had to get pretty close for those!
    I have no fear of spiders (I’m actually quite fond of them) but can understand why so many do. They are really quite fascinating creatures.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nah I love ’em, which won’t surprise you but this is a brill post (a) because of its bravery and (b) because if the holy fuck response to the one behind the vanity mirror. The Textiliste shared a flat at uni with an arachnaphobe. One day the T returned from lectures to find said friend screaming fuck off at the kitchen sink whole pouring boiling water into it. Turned out there was a tiny spider there, ruthlessly broiled. Until the carcass was removed no dinner was going to get cooked!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahahahahahaha ‘holy fuck response’ hahahaha yeah, you could say that! There was definitely some F’s being thrown about in amongst the yelps and shrieks. Loved the T’s story – but…. ‘small’ is probably subjective…. I fear I may have thought it was massive too! :p

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Woweeeeee! Fabulous post my lovely friend! Love love love it! Amazing pics and great stories, and thanks for all the wonderful myth stories! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your response to spiders reminds me a little of one of my first flash fiction pieces “Spider Attack”
    I can just imagine how frightening a spider coming at you when doing your brows would be. A spider appeared from under the visor when my brother was driving alone and he ran off the road and wiped out his car. Gave him a big fright!
    What a nice thing to do for Ali to look up some mythology re spiders.
    I like your idea of a weekly, rather than daily response. Geoff has tagged me. I’ve thought to do a daily response but might be over-reaching myself!
    I do love your spider photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Norah I will go have a look at your flash when I finish writing this.

      Oh my gosh – was your brother ok?? To be fair though I probably would have done the same if I was driving, and especially Aussie spiders! Big scary beasts them!

      Lol Ali didn’t look up the mythology. I did. Because Ali tagged me and she’s so interested in mythology I thought I would look some up in her honour 😊

      Yeah I knew I couldn’t do it daily so figured I wouldn’t even try. No point making blogging a chore – were meant to enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew you looked up the mythology in Ali’s honour. Sorry for not responding to that clearly. And I agree about blogging – we certainly are meant to enjoy it! That’s what it’s all about. I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂


  7. You and Geoff chose me for this challenge. It looks like fun, so I’ll do it, but I think I may get to it in July. This month is just crazy.

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