Writing Challenge Entries #5

Writing challenge entries

Another week flown by… My weeks are merging into one, dissolving in a mess of words sleepless nights and anxiety. But nonetheless I have completed the usual challenges

First up, Esther’s weekly writing challenge, this week was even harder than last week: This week’s challenge is for a ten-word story, using the words ‘Easter’, ‘bucket’ and ‘cat’.

Easter, that weekend when cats poop in the egg bucket.


Next Charli Mills, althought she does a weekly prompt and this weeks was: April 1, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about the day the earth turned brown. How did it happen? What else might be going on? It can be dramatic or even humorous. It can be the greater globe or a localized ccurance. It can be an aftermath or a revival. Follow where the prompt leads you.

I decided to follow on this piece of flash from one of her previous ones, ‘symptoms‘.

The Cure by Sacha Black

“What do you mean you saw a rainbow, Tyler?”

“Before you were born, and before the world became this slush of vintage browns and antique beiges, there used to be colour in the world. The Earth was flecked with colour and shaded with meaning.”

The girl just stared at me, brows deeply furrowed.


“I’ll show you if you promise to keep it secret?”

She nodded.

I led her to the back of the house and into the greenhouse.

“You see that? The tiny budding shoot? It’s the first of its kind for five years. I’ve found the cure.”


Keith Channing does a weekly Kreative Kue, it’s a photo, which you can find on his post, here’s my rather dark entry, somewhat reflective of my mood this week…

Game Show by Sacha Black

I stepped down into the box and landed on the roving floor. I felt sick instantly. The floor was covered in a liny pattern designed to disorientate you as were the floor to ceiling mirrors that endlessly reflected each other. I fell to my knees. Gasping for oxygen.

“Focus on one spot, Sally, focus on one spot.”

I closed my eyes and took a slow breath. The sickness abated.

Wafts of smoke started to seep into the room from the cracks between the mirrors. I could taste the fire licking at the outside of the box. I started to sweat. The clock was ticking. “Three minutes, Sally, that’s all you got,” the game show host said with his blinding white smile. The room started to spin; my stomach churned against the movement.

“I take it back. Let me out now, this isn’t funny,” I shouted into the air.

No one answered. No one was going to answer. This game wasn’t called ‘One Chance’ for nothing.


My own weekly writespiration, this week was inspired by Esther’s 10 and 20 word stories, so was a story in a sentence:

That look, those eyes, it told me everything; we were over.


And last, but definitely not least is the wonderful Ronovan, who I hope is getting better. His weekly Haiku challenge this week was to include the words Vie and Reach in a Haiku.

I really honestly have to be the single worst Haiku writer in the bloggisphere! I am hoping that by struggling through week by week, eventually I might actually write a good one! HA.

I must vie against the doubt,

always reach for more,

don’t let the doubt own you, yeah?!


  1. Powerful prose, this week! Wow, the Game Show really gave me a chill. I remember the relative innocence of The Price is Right and how nervous-excited contestants could get. It’s like we are always creating more elements to up the nerve-factor. Your short story shows that.

    The cat story cracked me up!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok now I am blushing! I love that it gave you a chill. I wanted it to be a bit unnerving 🙂

      Ooh the price is right! Love a game show. I had a kind of life or death version of one called the crystal maze in mind but I’m not sure if you would of heard of it over there?

      Haha I adore cats still miss mine and they are all as nutty as their owners!


  2. Well, as for the Haiku. 7/5/7. As far as syllables go. Although normally we go 5/7/7 but what I like is you stuck with a pattern, you got your message across, and you wrote. You also had two complete sentences formed. You had a great message and use of the prompt words. For me it works. And the most important part, you look good while doing it. Now for the writespiration, you were supposed to keep the look our secret. Now everyone knows.

    Liked by 1 person

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