Month: March 2015

Writing Challenge Submissions


I’ve participated in two writing challenges this week. I find it hard to do one usually, but for some reason my muse was with me this week. I don’t usually share my challenge responses on my own blog, but I thought what the hey, this week I would.

The first challenge I participated in was Esther’s,who this time used a photo as inspiration here’s my entry: (more…)

The Reading Like a Writer Series #4 Do You Really Need the Classics?

Do you need the classics #4

Don’t judge¬†me…I’m about to admit a really dirty secret… I’ve never read a classic.


There, I said it. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. I know it’s awful, believe me. But I did say no judging. It frustrates me that I’ve never read a classic, but I just can’t. Oh, I’ve tried, more times than I can count. I have picked up Pride and Prejudice about 16 times! The last time, I even got a third of the way through. In fact, I have tried to read dozens. I mean damn, reading a classic is practically on my bucket list I am so determined to finish one. (more…)

Writespiration #29

Writespiration #29

I think it’s an interesting thought, to recognise and even inflict situations on our characters that make them act completely out of character. We strive really hard to ensure consistency with all our characters, I fret over it constantly, trying to ensure their features, attire, and behaviours are consistently consistent! But doesn’t it make for really believable characters when they act completely out of character because ‘of something’ ? I think it makes them more rounded. The hard part is working out what would make them react like that! (more…)