Month: March 2015

The Secret To The Quickest Edit You Can Do

Quickest Edit

I have these awful words that plague me. I call them crutch words.

‘Crutches’ are pesky words that appear when I am in the zone writing a first draft.

They creep like monsters at midnight into my work…over and over and over again. They are an annoyance, an irritation, a PLAGUE on my prose!

The most frustrating thing about crutches is that they are ‘go to’ words. By that, I mean, I don’t even realise I am using them, they are salient in my mind so throw themselves at my metaphorical stage like school girls at a Take That concert. UGH.

So how do you fix them?


Writespiration #32


If this Writespiration inspired you then jot a few words, a poem or a story and post below and I will post them with a link to your blog in next weeks post.

Here’s mine:

What is Love? By Sacha Black (more…)

Writing Challenge Entries #2


I figured I would continue to post my entries every week, seeing as I keep submitting them to fellow bloggers challenges, and it’s a nice place to keep a log of them. Last week I did three challenges, if you fancy a challenge you should definitely enter, they are only quick and it always helps to exercise your writing muscles. (more…)

The Shocking Truth About Creativity

The Shocking Truth About Creativity

***Warning*** Audience Participation Required!

What is it that makes us creative? I mean other than the obvious grey matter, neurological synapse firing and conscious and subconscious minds?  (more…)

Interview With Author Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

The next author in this series is my wonderfully talented Uncle Ruary. Which makes me even more honoured to feature him in this series.

Ruary has two books currently published see the photos below, or you can visit his website to find out more. (more…)

The Dexter Effect – How to use your inner ‘Psycho’ to write better – The Crafting Characters Series #5

Psycho copy

My aim here, is to see if I can convince you to get up close and personal with your own inner psycho…

Have you ever watched Dexter? If you haven’t, you should. It’s great, Wiki says:

Dexter is an American television drama series. Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood spatter pattern analyst for Miami Metro Police Department who also leads a secret life as a serial killer, hunting down criminals who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system.’  (more…)

Writespiration #31


I took this photo in Nepal, the children playing with tyres on the uneven road still moves me. If you’re inspired by the photo write a few words, a poem, or a story and I will post them with my next writespiration.

The last writespiration #30 had some submissions, first up: (more…)

9 Surprising Reasons You NEED to Stop Asking For Constructive Criticism Part II

Constructive Criticism is Bad! #2

In part one, I outlined why I didn’t like constructive criticism. As a brief summary,

You damage yourself, It makes you feel like shit, Criticism is negative, Criticism slows you down, Asking for criticism shuts your brain down, Giving constructive criticism makes me feel like crap, Just because society says so, isn’t good enough, Writers deserve respect not criticism, It’s ok not to be criticised. (more…)

Interview With Award Winning Author Esther Newton

Esther Newton Author Interview

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

I had the pleasure of meeting Esther through the writers bureau, where I am studying a creative writing course and she is my really, truly fantastic tutor. :). Esther is an award winning writer, tutor, author, novelist, and generally awe inspiring freelance writer, so of course I had to ask her for an interview. To which she obliged… (more…)

Writespiration #30

#30If this inspired you let me know, if you managed a poem or short or flash story post it below and I will publish it on my next writespiration. (more…)